Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Post CNY

Huwaaaaargh. Ngantuk.

Most of my consultants’ offices are still closed for the week. My Big Boss also cuti the whole week. My Second Big Boss, Mr.S, ajak ramai-ramai pergi karaoke di Sogo this noon. It’s been quite a while since we last went for one, so, hurrah!!! So off we walked to Sogo tadi, only to find out that the rooms were all fully booked. Chin’beng betul, membazir je lemak akak terbakar berjalan dari ofis and back saja-saja je.

I woke up at one freakin forty-five a.m this morning due to the heat, and been up ever since. Abang was supposed to get up at 3am to watch UEFA knock-out live match between ManU and Lille, but didn’t. So it was me instead, dozing in and out in front of the telly, tolong tengokkan the match untuk Abang, with Labi snuggling up beside me. I saw Giggs effortlessly free-kicked a goal at minute 83, knocking-out Lille at 1-0. And for the first time I saw ManU’s French-Senegalese Patrice Evra whom Abang thinks Labi has a liken of, hahahahaha, boleh? And oh, I wiki-ed Evra, and he has the same birthday as Abang, only 19 years younger and 6” taller, heh.

That reminds me that I just found out last week that I’ve the same birthday as Grey’s Anatomy’s “Alex Karev” Justin Chambers (1970). As with Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora (1959), Suzanne Vega (1959), Michael Rosenbaum (1972. Lex Luthor in Smallville), Lil’ Kim (1974), Giorgio Armani (1934), Mark Lester (1958. Oliver Twist of the original version Oliver! musical) and the late Yul Brynner (1920. The King in The King &I).

Perhaps, I could be as famous too then, no?


Oh, how was the long break, by the way???

Ours? Well we were supposed to balik Pendang jenguk Mak on Saturday. Yes, THAT Saturday the 17th, the day before CNY. Bad, bad choice of day to be traveling, but we didn’t know ‘coz neither of us have done traveling out a day before CNY.

I had been “late” for two weeks, and “it” had to come out on that fateful Saturday. Pagi-pagi lagi I knew I would be in total pain by the end of the day, but I just kept quiet tak moh kasi Abang risau.

Early that morning, I cleaned the house, tukar pasir kucing, sidai and angkat baju, packed our stuffs, and off we sent the kats for boarding. By 12.30, we were at the highway off Jalan Duta, and, like, omygod, the jam began some 200m right after the tolls! Gila ke. Aku dah mula rasa tak sedap badan, and told Abang I wanted to take a nap. Soon after, I woke up to Abang making a bee line to the exit. He cannot tahan. He decided to go back to rest and start the journey at 6pm instead.

At 6pm, we were back on the road, this time plannya nak ikut jalan jauh.

Hello, SEMUA nak ikut jalan jauh, ok. It took us 1.5 hours from KL to Komuter Rawang, boleh? Abang decided to stop at the commuter station for dinner since it was already 7.30pm. My lower back was already in pain big time by then. When Abang saw I had difficulty even to step out of the car and walk, he decided to call the balik kampong off.

Good decision, y ‘all. That night, Abang had to papah me to bed, even to help me betul-betulkan my bantal. My back was killing me. I refused to take any painkillers this time coz everytime I took them previously, my period macam tak habis keluar. Scary lah.

Sunday was my recuperating day, with Labu Labi sidling-up to me and more of Grey’s Anatomy DVD. Tu pun tak habis tengok sebab segan dengan Abang ("Ish, how could you watch a marathon of anything? Tak rasa nak muntah ke? I do."), so we ended up watching other movies jugak hehehehehe.

Monday was an outing day for the first half and Abang’s drawing day the next half.

Tuesday was my final Grey’s Anatomy marathon while Abang finalized his articles and news for his next week’s deadlines.

(I just surfed Grey’s Anatomy full-list OST, and guess what I found? They even had Ning Baizura in the Episode 20 of the current season! Semalam kat NTV7 was already Episode 22. Balik ni nak buka balik that Episode 20, tak kira tak kira tak kira. Bangga ni, Anak Malaysia ada nyanyi dalam Grey's Anatomy woh.)

And then there’s today, my gaji buta day… hehehehehe.

By the way, the extend of damage of last Saturday’s jam was like, from Jalan Pudu to Bukit Beruntung took almost 5 hours.

And Azmin got out from his house at 12.30pm and only reached Taiping at 6.30pm.

Eiii. Giler.

Never, never again.



Zetty said...

kawan saya kan si fina...start driving dari puchong kol 8 malam...kol 5.30 pagi the next day baru sampai alor star. horror tak horror la kan.

good thing kak lin patah balik tu...kot tak kompem patah pinggang kekekee.

get well soon!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

umang horrornya!!! fina wee-wee macam mana??? dia sorang-sorang ke???

ish tobat dah tak moh kuar rumah ke mana-mana pun bila tiba sehari sebelum apa-apa raya!

thanks for your wish, dik! :-D

Abujoe said...

Ehhh, I told u to take the hurix ginseng plus... tak carik-carik lagi ke???

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abujoe: tak. asyik lupa je. heheheheheheheheheee. ok ok lepas ni wa carik hehehe


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