Monday, February 05, 2007


I’m getting the blogger’s block, I told Abang.

So why not write about blogger’s blog instead then? mused Abang.

Being a political cartoonist calls Abang to acquire the talent to exaggerate situations and paint caricatures over them. Those years have also trained him to have sensitive eyes over words or even logos and manipulating them to comical use whenever he could.

Like once he said, “For all you know, V!t@g3n may not really be a good drink for the kids ‘coz reading it backwards it reads N3g@t!v”.

Projek It!$ along the highway could probably mean Projek Siti(Nurhaliza) in disguise.

While OSAma Laden being considered a hero to some, we have our own self-considered (read:proclaimed) hero OSAmy Vellu, hiding behind some documents and religion (shame on you, sir), makan duit rakyat tanpa kebenaran tanpa batas tanpa halangan. How does one live without any moral-conscience, we both wonder.

Dan kalau nak tahu lagi apa observation and manipulation Abang with words and logos, kenalah beli his latest book of cartoon collections, heh heh.


Transparency International-Malaysia (TI-M), Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam, from The Star, Sunday 4-Feb-07:

“There is also the question of why there is a need to classify concession agreements under OSA because it is just an agreement between the Government and a private company that does not touch on issues like national security or sensitivity of the people.


It’s now 10am… good luck pada Tian dan rakan-rakan di Bukit Aman. Semoga Allah memberi laluan yang mudah kepada mereka yang memperjuangkan kebenaran, aaaamiin.

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