Thursday, February 15, 2007

My V's Day With Abang

My first Valentine’s Day with Abang, we were a month old. Not that we’re celebrating it, but we did spend the day at Chocz KLCC, ohhhh heavenly sinful!

My second Valentine’s Day with Abang, we were in our green 2-month marriage life. Not that we’re celebrating it, but I was away in Genting Highlands, having a course. Early-learning phase; quite a lot of tears back then. Kesiaaaaaan ke Abang.

My third Valentine’s Day with Abang, we are both happy and contented with our lives. For now, that is. And for ever, we pray. Not that we’re celebrating it, but Abang had to spend the night on a very very important meeting with DSAI ‘til late. To compensate, he took me out on a yummy dinner at Nai Nuk Restoran Jalan Hamzah off Jalan Mahmud Kg. Bharu the previous night, and bought me two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy later on (‘Love you, Abang!!! Hehe). And so last night I spent watching the whole of the first season, with Labu and Labi. Such tranquility and relaxation, I tell you.

So…the world’s love, everyone!

And ooh, ooh, that new McSteamy... khello, khello!



kak yeen said...

aaahh nak pinjam grey's anatomy season 1&2!!!!mueheeheheheh....

DocYana said...


You've been tagged. Drop by my blog and see what's it about...:)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak yeen: boleeeeeeh. bila nak balik for summer break???ngengengengee

docyana: i been tagged? BY A DOCTOR??? wow!!! cepat-cepat i dah complete the task dah hehehehe


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