Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Aku Si Ikan Paus

Oh ya. One for the record.

I finally went swimming!!! Last Friday night, it was. So, yeay!

I was so in need of mental uplifting of some sort. I badly needed a venue to vent out my all. Abang looked pretty reluctant to join actually, tapi sebab dia dah eksyen sebelum ni yang dia okay je bila-bila masa boley join, so he was practically forced to join, heh2. So there we were, at the pool, at 8.40pm.

(Ya, malam. Sebab segan dengan jiran-jiran and to colleagues yang ada residing there, mah)

I started off warming up… one short lapse (that’s lapse between the width of the pool – which is the shorter distance). And then another two short lapses.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Abang getting into the pool, splashed water up on his head and down his neck, stood at the edge of the pool for the next 5-7 minutes, and got out! Not even trying to get his body underneath the water!!! Apa nih?

Bila Abang climbed out, by then I’ve completed my two long lapses. Frust lah jugak… ‘coz there I was enjoying the water but Abang dah keluar pool.

Dia kata takut demam sebab esok kerja. I was like, “Eh? Kalau swimming pelan-pelan or aerobics dalam air pun leh demam ka? Swimming kan exercise?” He just kept quiet and waited until I completed six short lapses before we headed back up to our unit (I wanted to do ten tapi… pant pant pant mintak nyawaaaaa mintak nyawa).

I tell you, that first swim made me… exhilaratingly high! I got out of the pool feeling all woozy and lightheaded. Macam ikan(paus) baru keluar air. Terawang-awang atas udara. Malam tu tidur so the very the nyenyak. And giaaaaaan nak masuk air semula!

Tapi true enough, Sabtu esoknya balik dari kerja, Abang demam! Not too sure if it was due to the upacara berendam the night before, but I wanted to believe it was due to his lack of proper rest.

And me? Malam tu pukul 9pm, aku turun gak sengsorang ke pool while Abang sat in to watch his ManU vs Fullham live.

This time, it was four non-stop long lapses and ten non-stop short lapses.

Puas hati aku. Tapi tu pun tak puas sebenarnya. Tapi dah penat. Ikan paus ni dah tua.

But am aiming my old routine, though – 10 long lapses and 40 short lapses. And more, if God permits. I hope by then Abang can keep up with my, ehem, stamina. Takut demam je plak nanti. Heh.

So, who's joining me? Anyone?


Adi Sakit Lagi

Umi sms-ed on Friday noon,

Umi suspect Adi takleh kuar tahi lagi – dari pagi dia cuba tapi xde taik pun. Tapi dia ok je at d moment.

And I thought, aiyak, not again. The last time he cannot ‘yak, berapa hari dia kena admitted and berapa ratus duit aku terbang. Tapi, takkan nak biarkan dia sakit,kan?

Sabtu aku call, dia tak ‘yak lagi.

Ahad aku call, dia tak ‘yak lagi.

Semalam petang masa Abang picked me up at 7pm, aku call Umi. Umi kata dia dah belikan Adi makanan lembut. Dia makan tapi muntah balik.

My vet cousin Niza told Umi to buat enema sendiri to Adi – ambil gloves and celup minyak and minyakkan anus dia. Tapi tak de sapa kat Bangi sanggup nak buat.

Aieeeey. Tak keruan aku. Kesian Adi! Nak balik Bangi pula, dah lewat. Vet Bangi tutup pukul 9pm. Abang pula kena be back at the office for final editing by 8.30pm.

So, called up Farhi, minta tolong dia hantarkan ke vet dulu for observation or apa-apa lain yang patut. Maybe esok paginya aku boleh pi Bangi and ambil Adi and bawa pi vet Cheras.

Around 9pm, Farhi called from vet Bangi. “Dorang dah check Adi. Adi kena batu karang. Treatment would be RM500, plus admission and all. Nak ke?”.

Like, do I have a choice??? Takkan nak biarkan Adi sakit, kan?

So, Farhi warded Adi, with RM100 downpayment I owe him. But I have all the doubt for this vet. ‘Coz depa bukan real vet hospital, know what I mean.

But what choice do I have at that hour???

Called back Niza and told her about Adi kena batu karang and also the treatment cost. Niza told me that dia dah agak dah that Adi may kena batu karang masa Umi call previously. “Sebab dia sakit nak wiwi, dia tahan lah dari ‘yak. That said, this is a normal occurrence in cats, Kak Lin,” she told me. She explained to me what the vet would do to Adi and all. And Niza advised me to send to vet UPM instead – murah tu satu hal, plus real vets would be attending Adi and in a more conducive surrounding too.

By the time I called up vet Bangi to tell them I’d be picking Adi in the morning, dorang dah bius Adi to sleep and dah proceed with the procedure to put catheters inside him. Aiseh.

Pasrah je aku sekarang ni. Malam ni kena pi jenguk Adi. Kucing sulung aku tu, you. I fought so much for that cat to be accepted in the Bangi household – so much heartaches and tears. Now that he’s becoming the main fixture and everybody’s friend there, asyik jatuh sakit lah pulak. Kesian dia.

I could've brought Adi to live with us at the condo, dah cuba in fact, but Labu dowan to fren-fren Adi, like, AT ALL. Which made both of them so bloody aggressive sampai kami pula yang luka-luka kena gigit and cakar. Sigh.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Spiralling Down

rusty and
reeling down

Yes I

the point of
it over
there is no point for
to end?

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Unconditional BFF

When you are physically, mentally and spiritually down and out, apart from God, cats can certainly be the best remedies. An antidote of sorts.

They can somehow sense that something is bothering you and that you are not your usual loving self.

They would put extra effort in trying to attract your attention, distracting you from your deep painful thoughts, jumping and calling and sidling up to you at your feet, forcing you to pick them up in your arms or onto your lap to love ‘em and stroke ‘em and kiss ‘em.

They would lie beside you, or even clamber on top of you when you’re lying on your back, sniffing your sadness and help lick your tears dry, their bodies purring against your chest, as if murmuring, “It’s okay. It’ll be fixed. You’ll be okay. And we love you even more nonetheless…”

And they would slumber very near you, not leaving your side, and you’ll feel this distant warmth of invisible hands caressing your arms the whole night long, driving away your desolation and misery.

And with that, they can so be your total unconditional BFF. Your Best Friends Forever.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Contacts@CIMB Jalan Melaka KL, Anyone?


Whoever has really good contacts in CIMB Loan Department, ESPECIALLY in CIMB Jalan Melaka, K.L.... it would really really be much obliged for me in helping out my retired folks to clear their application…am begging “Please…”.

Aiyoh, when things are being taken over by machines, kan... nak cari orang yang betul-betul can be trusted but yet in the authority to mitigate the decisions made by the machines pun the very the susah….


Itupun I have a great friend in my friend Maria Zunita (haa, I’m THAT grateful to her ni, announcing her full-name in bold letters, lagi) who actually is trying her level best to get out of her way to help out, walaupun she is no longer a loan officer in Aprilbank (go figure which bank uses calendar name) and now working with her developer-sister.

Really dah segan dengan Maria, actually. Such a great friend lah, she (and wonderfully single, too!!! Any great single, sincere and loving guys as takers???). Kalau siapa-siapa boleh tolong sama recommendkan a great contact(s) in CIMB Loan Department, ESPECIALLY in CIMB Jalan Melaka, K.L…. it would really really be much obliged for me as I'm helping out my retired folks to clear their application…am begging “Please…”.

…Please… thank you.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Six Weird Things

I been tagged. By DocYana. To tell the world the six weird things about me. I wouldn’t normally do *grins, and nose getting longer*, but since Grey’s Anatomy is currently the theme of my life at the moment, any tagging by a Doctor is an honour for me!

I’ve listed down, and found I actually have MORE than 6 weird things about myself. Tak sangka! I thought I was normal, I really do. Hur hur. Ish apa ni tiru Rotidua punya gelak. Tak ori langsung. Heh.

So, here are the top six best weird things about me:-

No. 1
Ever since a toddler, I gentel selimut or any other cloth that has gentel-worthy properties, and still do at this age of 34, yup. So does my sister, Sherli. (Farhi gentels his pusat ~ not sure though whether he still does it at 25, heh; Udi used to gentel hujung bantal. Any bantal for that matter. Also not sure whether he still does).

As of now, my selimut gentel is the Malaysian Airlines purple cover that you get on flights, which I been using for the past 5 years I think. I have two of the selimuts, but only one is gentel-worthy, which is the one I am currently using (or gentel-ing?) at home, and I would take it with me whenever I travel outstation. No, I don’t bring the selimut to the office and gentel selimut in the board room or at sites. But of course I’d do it if it’s a non-laughable habit, wouldn't you???

Maybe because of prolonged use and washes, my current selimut gets to be berbiji-biji and yummy enough to be gentel-ed. No, no, I do not like selimut busuk, ok. Those are two different items, euwww! I wash my selimut monthly, ok. Lepas basuh, laaagi best untuk digentel, and it’s all mine, mine, MINE!

And Abang? He is sporting enough to turn a blind eye on this, hahahaha. Cuma kadang-kadang he would tease me, “Tidur ke, berzikir?” I hope I could stop this embarrassing habit once I’ve got kids. Or at least my kids would turn out to be like me so that we could share our selimut gentel, ngeeeh.

No. 2
Whenever I’m deep in thoughts or concentrating on something, I would bite my lips till it bleeds. Since small, you. Once when I was 8, Ayah even took me to the Children’s Clinic to consult the doctor on my habit. The doctor smiled, and said kena letak air hempedu je, kasi bibir pahit, baru boleh berenti gigit. And Ayah never did what the doctor asked, of course.

No. 3
Since I was a teenager, I been a total sucker of the fullmoon. I would sit outside, do long walks, just to be under its light. I would shift on my bed, buka langsir luas-luas, and sleep in its glorious ray. I’ve climbed hills and crags at 3am to catch the fullmoon casting over the entire city of Edinburgh. I loved the fullmoon over a snow-covered field. Aiyoh, melting melting. I’ve seen fullmoon over the lochs up in the highlands, fullmoon over the sea in Batu Buruk Trengganu, fullmoon at Edinburgh Castle, fullmoon over Gunung Ledang. The sight of it all. Sigh.

I’ve even designed my master bedroom, should I become rich and wealthy one day, complete with a super-sexy bathroom and deck that would be openable to allow the moonlight in. I’ve studied the path of the moon ~ that from March till October, it rises almost directly from the east, but between October till February it shifts and rises almost towards the north. I’d stop driving in the middle of the night and painstakingly try taking photos of the moon. Susah woh.

The closest of friends and beings that know me would think of me everytime they see the moon. My favourite stone is the Moonstone, and I own a Moonstone pendant and a Moonstone ring.

When I die I think maybe I should jadi a Pontianak. A good, kind, nice-smelling and beautiful Pontianak, that is. Not to terrorize anyone; just to gaze into the fullmoon. I promise. heheheheheheheheeeeeee

No. 4
Eversince I was 20, I have a way of eating my Kit-Kat. Dulu, Kit-Kat lah cokelat wafer paling sedap di dunia, aku rasa. Sayaaaaaang nak habiskan cepat-cepat. So, you know that Kit-Kat comes in two strips or four strips, right? I’ll eat it not only one strip at a time, but I’ll bite the chocolate ends first, just enough not to bite into the wafer. And then little nibbles of the chocolate on each sides of the strip, and then baru lah gigit and makan the wafer. That jimat cermat, ok.

And still do!

No. 5
I have very little patience in knowing the ends of a book or even films. With that, most of the times I’d read my magazines from the back; or even read the first 10-page of a novel, and then read the last 10 page or even the last chapter, and then go back to the front to continue reading. That’s why I dig Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. Go find it on VCD or DVD to understand whot I mean, heh.

And that’s why I don't mind reading the plots to the 3rd Season of Grey’s Anatomy from their website, which is currently aired in the U.S. Which means, I don’t mind spoilers. I guess, I just do not like being unprepared to bad surprises.

No. 6
I have a thing about dropping babies or cats off the balconies or high-level windows and see them jatuh macam mana. Crazy woman.

So there. Ahh, lega. Macam a session with the shrink lah pulak.

So now I’m tagging Farhi, Rotidua, Lana, Famygirl, Sempoii and Si Kenit Aminbakish.

Rules of the game: Each player of this game starts out by telling 6 weird things about themselves on their own blog, as well as state the rules clearly. At the end, you will need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list out their names. After you do that, leave them a comment on their blogs letting them know you tagged them.

Tag, you're it! Be a sport, now! *grins*


Post CNY

Huwaaaaargh. Ngantuk.

Most of my consultants’ offices are still closed for the week. My Big Boss also cuti the whole week. My Second Big Boss, Mr.S, ajak ramai-ramai pergi karaoke di Sogo this noon. It’s been quite a while since we last went for one, so, hurrah!!! So off we walked to Sogo tadi, only to find out that the rooms were all fully booked. Chin’beng betul, membazir je lemak akak terbakar berjalan dari ofis and back saja-saja je.

I woke up at one freakin forty-five a.m this morning due to the heat, and been up ever since. Abang was supposed to get up at 3am to watch UEFA knock-out live match between ManU and Lille, but didn’t. So it was me instead, dozing in and out in front of the telly, tolong tengokkan the match untuk Abang, with Labi snuggling up beside me. I saw Giggs effortlessly free-kicked a goal at minute 83, knocking-out Lille at 1-0. And for the first time I saw ManU’s French-Senegalese Patrice Evra whom Abang thinks Labi has a liken of, hahahahaha, boleh? And oh, I wiki-ed Evra, and he has the same birthday as Abang, only 19 years younger and 6” taller, heh.

That reminds me that I just found out last week that I’ve the same birthday as Grey’s Anatomy’s “Alex Karev” Justin Chambers (1970). As with Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora (1959), Suzanne Vega (1959), Michael Rosenbaum (1972. Lex Luthor in Smallville), Lil’ Kim (1974), Giorgio Armani (1934), Mark Lester (1958. Oliver Twist of the original version Oliver! musical) and the late Yul Brynner (1920. The King in The King &I).

Perhaps, I could be as famous too then, no?


Oh, how was the long break, by the way???

Ours? Well we were supposed to balik Pendang jenguk Mak on Saturday. Yes, THAT Saturday the 17th, the day before CNY. Bad, bad choice of day to be traveling, but we didn’t know ‘coz neither of us have done traveling out a day before CNY.

I had been “late” for two weeks, and “it” had to come out on that fateful Saturday. Pagi-pagi lagi I knew I would be in total pain by the end of the day, but I just kept quiet tak moh kasi Abang risau.

Early that morning, I cleaned the house, tukar pasir kucing, sidai and angkat baju, packed our stuffs, and off we sent the kats for boarding. By 12.30, we were at the highway off Jalan Duta, and, like, omygod, the jam began some 200m right after the tolls! Gila ke. Aku dah mula rasa tak sedap badan, and told Abang I wanted to take a nap. Soon after, I woke up to Abang making a bee line to the exit. He cannot tahan. He decided to go back to rest and start the journey at 6pm instead.

At 6pm, we were back on the road, this time plannya nak ikut jalan jauh.

Hello, SEMUA nak ikut jalan jauh, ok. It took us 1.5 hours from KL to Komuter Rawang, boleh? Abang decided to stop at the commuter station for dinner since it was already 7.30pm. My lower back was already in pain big time by then. When Abang saw I had difficulty even to step out of the car and walk, he decided to call the balik kampong off.

Good decision, y ‘all. That night, Abang had to papah me to bed, even to help me betul-betulkan my bantal. My back was killing me. I refused to take any painkillers this time coz everytime I took them previously, my period macam tak habis keluar. Scary lah.

Sunday was my recuperating day, with Labu Labi sidling-up to me and more of Grey’s Anatomy DVD. Tu pun tak habis tengok sebab segan dengan Abang ("Ish, how could you watch a marathon of anything? Tak rasa nak muntah ke? I do."), so we ended up watching other movies jugak hehehehehe.

Monday was an outing day for the first half and Abang’s drawing day the next half.

Tuesday was my final Grey’s Anatomy marathon while Abang finalized his articles and news for his next week’s deadlines.

(I just surfed Grey’s Anatomy full-list OST, and guess what I found? They even had Ning Baizura in the Episode 20 of the current season! Semalam kat NTV7 was already Episode 22. Balik ni nak buka balik that Episode 20, tak kira tak kira tak kira. Bangga ni, Anak Malaysia ada nyanyi dalam Grey's Anatomy woh.)

And then there’s today, my gaji buta day… hehehehehe.

By the way, the extend of damage of last Saturday’s jam was like, from Jalan Pudu to Bukit Beruntung took almost 5 hours.

And Azmin got out from his house at 12.30pm and only reached Taiping at 6.30pm.

Eiii. Giler.

Never, never again.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

My V's Day With Abang

My first Valentine’s Day with Abang, we were a month old. Not that we’re celebrating it, but we did spend the day at Chocz KLCC, ohhhh heavenly sinful!

My second Valentine’s Day with Abang, we were in our green 2-month marriage life. Not that we’re celebrating it, but I was away in Genting Highlands, having a course. Early-learning phase; quite a lot of tears back then. Kesiaaaaaan ke Abang.

My third Valentine’s Day with Abang, we are both happy and contented with our lives. For now, that is. And for ever, we pray. Not that we’re celebrating it, but Abang had to spend the night on a very very important meeting with DSAI ‘til late. To compensate, he took me out on a yummy dinner at Nai Nuk Restoran Jalan Hamzah off Jalan Mahmud Kg. Bharu the previous night, and bought me two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy later on (‘Love you, Abang!!! Hehe). And so last night I spent watching the whole of the first season, with Labu and Labi. Such tranquility and relaxation, I tell you.

So…the world’s love, everyone!

And ooh, ooh, that new McSteamy... khello, khello!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yang Mahsyuk

Ada sorang minah ni, kawan rapat kepada kerani bawahan di pejabat, tapi dari jabatan lain. Selalu lepak kat ofis aku, tapi tak pernah nak ringan mulut menegur sapa atau bermanis muka dengan kami penghuninya. Aku yang rajin menegur sapa dan rajin bermanis muka dengan orang pun, dia tak pernah nak balas balik. Sehinggakan berbulan-bulan dia suka lepak sini, aku dan kebanyakan anak-anak buah yang lain di pejabat aku masih tak tahu apa nama dia. Sungguh kurang manis aku rasa.

Tadi, sedang orang di keliling sibuk uruskan pentadbiran ofis, dia main YM. Hari-hari lain sebelum ni pun orang tak pernah menegur yang dia salah kalau ber-YM di tempat kerani aku tu, takkan tiba-tiba hari ni dia tak boleh main YM pula kan?

Malangnya, hari ni hari panas hati aku, sebab kerani-kerani aku cuai apabila memfailkan surat-surat. Maka, certainly its’ a wrong timing baby to skive at our office at 3pm right underneath my big huge nose, YM-ing away your bloody time.

Aku sedang sibuk men-xerox surat di belakang dia. Namun dengan nada manis, aku menegur,

“Komputer you kat office tak de YM eh?”

“Hah???” (mungkin orang tak ajar dia bahawa adalah lebih manis kalau menyahut “Ya??” terutama sekali kepada kakak yang jauh lebih tua, apatah lagi kepada seorang pegawai pula tu.)

“Komputer you, kat ofis you, tak de YM ke?” aku ulang, mesra, maintain.

“Ada!” Tanpa berpaling barang sesaat pun.

“Ooo ye ke. Mmm, memang suka YM kat ofis orang, ya?” Aku memancing, lembut tapi harapannya pedas.

“Apa dia?” Tanya dia lagi, unperturbed.

“You memang suka YM kat ofis orang ke?” Sedikit tinggi dan keras kali ni. Rimas. Sebab mata kepala hati telinga dia adalah YM semata-mata pada ketika itu. Derianya buta, tuli dan bebal sudah.

“Tak ah. Rosak.” Jawab dia, selamba.

“Ooo. Ingatkan you suka YM kat ofis orang.” Sindir aku, tak pasti dia sudah mula terasa ke tidak.

Ada sorang minah ni, dari jabatan lain, selalu lepak kat ofis aku, tapi tak pernah nak rajin menegur sapa atau bermanis muka dengan kami penghuninya. Sungguh kurang manis aku rasa.

Dan sedikit pun aku tak kesal kalau aku tak popular.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Bloody Hampeh

Abang couldn’t stop laughing that evening.

It was Abang’s working weekend. He called up while driving home from work at around 4.30pm on Saturday, just to tell me that he’ll be back earlier than usual and asked me to bersiap-siap for an outing to the nearest cinemas. Instead of feeling ecstatic I told him that I can’t and don't feel like it ~ I was already in my swimsuit since 2pm, waiting for the petang to go redup sikit coz I wanted to go down to the pool for my long awaited swimming programme.

He laughed. He thought I was joking.

So, instead of going down to the pool, I, Rotikacangmerah, watched Kuntilanak on the DVD with my husband, with my swimsuit on, until it’s time for dinner. Hmph. Gagal lagi aku. Hampeh.


Those who’ve seen Blood Diamond and loved the film (including Djimon Hounsou yummeee) should watch The Constant Gardener and Hotel Rwanda too.

My heart goes to the third world people.

Jangan lupa click all the links. The very the menareks.


Friday, February 09, 2007

Fat Acceptance

Excuse me Sir, but I am your new fan. *grins*

Go see

and an article on him,
Scenes From A Beach


It Ain't Over Till The Fat Lady Swims

My resolution to kick start my twice-weekly swim that stopped pretty abruptly some 4 years ago still remains as the un-executed resolution as how it has remained the last 4 years. Ish, ish, ish.

But mind you, it doesn’t mean that I don’t think about it at all. I think about it a lot. In fact, I think, rather excessively sometimes. I talk about it all the time to Abang, coaxing him to join me to the pool. Of course his answer would be, “Abang bollllehhhh…. Bila bila masa, cakap je!” (Wuek suda la ‘Bang. Dari dulu kata nak main badminton after the stone surgery, tak main-main pung, huhu.) And my fat arse just couldn’t seem to be arsed about executing it. Padahal, bukannya berpeluh under the sun ke apa. Berpeluh in the water, maa.

That’s what I love most about swimming. No matter how rigorous you do rounds of lapses, the water would cool you down instantly. Tak peluh; tak bau. Yet your meta would still be burning days afterwards. And I could swim for hours macam tak letih-letih. I guess the water helps on the buoyancy too, maa. Macam ikan paus tu. Best gitu.

Esok pagi, however, I plan to wear my suit right after breakfast, so that I do not have any reason whatsoever not to go for a swim an hour or two after food. Tak kisah la if that ‘after food’ may mean at 11a.m or 4p.m ka, kan? Yang penting, putting on the suit may put some pressure on me to move my butt down to the pool.

Last week, I had bouts of “kemengahan” even after light early dinners with Abang. Nak tidur pun rasa tak selesa, so I had to force meself awake infront of the TV, konon-konon nak ‘bakar’ apa-apa yang perlu dibakar dulu before slipping into bed.

One night, I dreamed of doing sit-ups and swimming, with a personal lady coach to boot! Hebat kan. Tapi, letih kau kalau tidur mimpi macenggitu. Bangun tidur esok paginya, rasa macam baru lepas exercise je. Tapi kalau mimpi macam tu at least 3 kali seminggu, kan ke best. Tiap-tiap kali bangun tido, hilang 3 kilo. Mudah keja akak, ye tak.

Dream on, cik.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Kitty Years

So, based on the table above, as of today...

Adi is 29 human-years + 4 human-months old
(adopted on the 28th Nov 2003 at approx. 1 cat-month old)

Labu is 16 human-years +
4 human-months old

(adopted on the 28th March 2006
at approx. 2 cat-months old)

Labi is 13 human-years + 4 human-months old
(adopted on the 22nd May 2006 at approx. 2 cat-weeks old)

Go here for your own calculating.

(If we were each a cat, I would be 105 years+4 mths old and Abang 122 years, you. That's way beyond ancient.)


Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii geyamnyiaaaa!


Monday, February 05, 2007

Yang Merompak & Yang Bercakap Benar

‘Tis certainly not a great place to instill “Berani Kerana Benar; Takut Kerana Salah” to your kids, is it?

Courtesy of Keadilanrakyat.org



I’m getting the blogger’s block, I told Abang.

So why not write about blogger’s blog instead then? mused Abang.

Being a political cartoonist calls Abang to acquire the talent to exaggerate situations and paint caricatures over them. Those years have also trained him to have sensitive eyes over words or even logos and manipulating them to comical use whenever he could.

Like once he said, “For all you know, V!t@g3n may not really be a good drink for the kids ‘coz reading it backwards it reads N3g@t!v”.

Projek It!$ along the highway could probably mean Projek Siti(Nurhaliza) in disguise.

While OSAma Laden being considered a hero to some, we have our own self-considered (read:proclaimed) hero OSAmy Vellu, hiding behind some documents and religion (shame on you, sir), makan duit rakyat tanpa kebenaran tanpa batas tanpa halangan. How does one live without any moral-conscience, we both wonder.

Dan kalau nak tahu lagi apa observation and manipulation Abang with words and logos, kenalah beli his latest book of cartoon collections, heh heh.


Transparency International-Malaysia (TI-M), Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam, from The Star, Sunday 4-Feb-07:

“There is also the question of why there is a need to classify concession agreements under OSA because it is just an agreement between the Government and a private company that does not touch on issues like national security or sensitivity of the people.


It’s now 10am… good luck pada Tian dan rakan-rakan di Bukit Aman. Semoga Allah memberi laluan yang mudah kepada mereka yang memperjuangkan kebenaran, aaaamiin.

Tian Chua’s Summoned under OSA

Ronnie Liu’s I was summoned to Bukit Aman

Tian Chua’s Join Us at Bukit Aman



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