Friday, January 12, 2007

Thank You

Aiyak, I’m all both so excited and nervous for Abang's book launching tonight.

I reckon, I'll be very very happy if the book dapat sambutan, 'coz that simply means Abang's happiness and relief would be a hundred more times amplified than mine, and
that by itself would further amplify my happiness to see him amplifiedly happy. Eh, what lah.

For tonight, I've personally requested from Abang that I don't want and don't need to be that typical wife sitting pretty beside or nearby him. I think I'll be more comfortable helping the organisers around and layan the guests, while at the same time holding my breath to kempiskan my perut and tighten my booties. Heh.

Anyhow... for those who'd be coming over to memeriahkan lagi suasana, THANK YOU for coming and for the support, and I’ll see you there!!!

For those who couldn’t make it but ada niat untuk membeli buku koleksi Abang, dan apatah lagi pada mereka yang dah order buku koleksi Abang… THANK YOU JUGA for the support!!!

Ish… You are all God-sent lah, ya hear??? :’-)

Mucho mucho gracias and love,

* New article on the book from Harakahdaily!

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