Friday, January 05, 2007

Stubborn Filth

I really hate the ceramic tiles in both of my bathrooms at home in Cheras. Really hate them. To a tee.

They're the typical ceramic tiles where, number one, the colour fades over a short period of time. And number two, the dirt just sticks onto them like your most ugliest taiklalat on your face!!!

Up to a point where I felt like pouring a thin layer of spirit on the floor tiles and kapoofff! lit it up on fire so that dah alang-alang hitam biar permanently hitam hangus terus, baru paaaaaaadanmukakauuuuuu.

The first time I moved into the apartment soon after I got married, I had risked my life by mistakenly mixing pure Clorox and Good Maid Chemical Remover together as supposedly powerful cocktail and sprayed them onto the tiles in both bathrooms. Man, the toxic fumes choked me big time! I was really on the brink of suffocation, then only I found out that there's a clear warning on the label of the Clorox bottle that says ~ "Do not mix Clorox with other chemical"!!! Memang saja carik pasal. Mujur Labu & Labi masa tu tak wujud lagi!!!

That was a potent mix alright, BUT donned like ninja in my white telekung, the scrubbing sure paid off... the stubborn stains came off!!! They (the stains) also, like, suffocated and toxified mah and hence so terrified so they chiow lor, haha. Tapi tobat aku tak ndak dah buat macam tu lagi!!! Mata sakit; kerongkong sakit; and the fume lingered in the whole house for a bit while even though all fans were at full blast and all windows were opened! Memang idiotic downright gila.

So, I went with the usual method: Spray pure Clorox (using the industrial spray, mind you!). Then, leave them bathrooms for maybe half an hour. And then start looking like a white ninja and scrub scrub scrub while still very much choking and eyes a-blinking on the fumes.

(I manage to improvise over time by including the use of my swimming goggles and the hazard mask while scrubbing, though. Lessen the sore throat and the burning of my lungs.)

The wall tiles shine beautifully after that, scums all come off from the groutings… but the bloody black watermarks on the floor tiles remain stubbornly intact, like permanently infused underneath the ceramics skin or something.

Bayangkan lah lantai yang masih nampak lagi kotor dan hitam gila, tapi grout antara tilenya putih melepak. Can ah like that? The very the sakit hati, you know.

I've even tried biological-and-environmental-friendly method from the internet ~ soda bicarbonate paste and vinegar. I need to save my health and Mother Nature, no? But aiyohhhhh… so much lah about being green. The paste and vinegar gave out some scary reaction okay… kindalike doing some mad lab-testing ke apa. And yet it did bloody nothing to the stain… in fact, did not even eliminate odour, plus the paste left some thin slimy-like film on the tiles. Aieeeeeey.

Help. Help. Help!

Any healthy, workable suggestions are very very much welcomed, please!!! (note: no use of VIM, please!) Abang said he might try going to one of the SmartShops somewhere and see what sort of magic wonders they may have. Got ah, you think? I really hope they have. Expensive pun, expensive lah.

‘Coz I so cannot tahan doing ‘business’ in a filthy-looking environment in my own home, which is ironic since the nature of thy ‘business’ itself is rather filthy, heh.


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