Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Bro the Interior Decorator

My 24-yr old brother Farhi (he just turned 24 last 31st Dec) was a 2nd-Class Upper Degree holder in Chemical Engineering from UTM Skudai, graduated when he was only 21, worked for two years and a bit in a very reputable American oil & gas company being the youngest Sales Engineer in the company dealing with tenders & contracts, and got paid very very well ‘coz he did very very well despite hating the whole entire prospect of the job (he did so well that the Bosses were so very reluctant to let him go, belanja dia makan tah berapa kali, even spared his post for a few months just in case he might want to return working at the company).

And now while sussing-out his life, he does part-time in Interior Decorating contracting job. Contracting job, mind you. Dirty hands and all. Not just designing, tau. And a one-man show at that, too! Respect.

I am very very proud of him being very strong-willed in his belief that there’s certainly no point in going on doing things that you’re not really passionate about… sometimes, at the expense of his ego and him feeling so worthless for not being able to continue contributing as the first son. I mean, you'll need a hell lot of courage and bravado to leave something really comfortable and secure, right?

As much as I am proud of his faith in his decision and passion (which is, doing interior d├ęcor & designing), I’m also waiting with bated breath, praying hard that his sacrifice would never ever let him down.

So far, it hasn’t (let him down), alhamdulillah. To my (architect’s) eyes, at least. And he's still quite young. Better start now than later, me thinks (try telling that to my exasperated parents, though!).

With that, people… do visit his works on his blog, and should you need any revamping-work on your home or room (or wherever), do have him in mind, ya? He has done a number of beautiful works the past months, but the most recent ones would be here and here.

Better still, if any of you are attached to any Interior Decorating company and in need of a very creative assistant, there are Farhi’s contact particulars at the side-bar on his blog, too!

Cheers, all!



goboklama said...

blog visited, soo..creative laa your bro. Wish I have the budget to revamp the boring rooms in my house.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

hi goboklama!
u can still discuss with him abt budgets if u feel like changing the looks of your everyday life! ;-) (your house is your life too, no?)


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