Friday, January 05, 2007

It's A Nice World After All

It really is a nice day today.

Friends poured in through e-mails, congratulating me on behalf of Abang over his about-to-be-launched book and them being very very encouraging and supportive. 'So nice, kan.

Some people from the UM Architectural Department came over to discuss about our lands and the possibility for them to use the lands as their students' projects. At the end of the meeting, they said they never thought any Local Council can be so helpful and friendly until they met me. They even called me back once they've reached their office, just to thank me once again. 'So nice, kan.

And out of the blue my senior lady officer in the office gave me a surprise nicely-wrapped present! She said, "Take it as your advanced birthday present or something (which is in July, by the way), 'coz I cannot stop thinking of you when I saw this (prezzie)...!!!". 'So so so nice, kan!

Hmm, really really really damn nice day, kan??? Alhamdulillah............!



rotidua said...

nak keluar dah de buku yr abang? congrats eh!

btw, what is the prezzie? Nak tengok!

Roti Kacang Merah said...


Hak ah, this Friday's the launching day...jemputlah hadir, ya...???

The prezzie was something to be hung on the wall, "Cat Rules", which is an ode about having Cats.


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