Monday, January 01, 2007

HAPPY 2007!!!


My horoscope for next year from The Star does not dictate quite well pertaining career and health, but I’m pretty optimistic. Dengan du’a dan ikhtiar, insyaAllah Allah akan berlaku adil, sama ada hasil yang baik atau tidak, pasti ada hikmah!

My resolution for next year? To sit for my Professional Part 3 exam, if that constitutes as resolution lah, heh. Resolution on shedding pounds and earn more money??? Hmph, tengoklah. Cumanya, aku nak mendisiplinkan diri balik for my twice-weekly swimming-workouts that I’ve left some 3 years ago. Yang penting, fit. Tadi pun dah beli goggles baru untuk azam baru. I might as well start tomorrow morning.

You can, budak dompot, you can…

My prayers? Is for world peace; dan kekuatan mengharungi dugaan Allah. For love & respect; for contentment in the family; for acceptance and blessings in whatever us the anak-anak do; for kebahagiaan dunia dan akhirat buat semua…

Dan semoga the fate of both Abang&I changes in ways that anywhere we park our car, people would not simply choose our car to park behind us even though there are ample parking space around us. No joke, people. Ndak je kami buat sticker that says…

Looking for a parking space?
OUR behind is always free to park!
We LOVE to be stuck in our car,
waiting for YOU!

Patience and wisdom to all!!!



Anonymous said...

happy new year to u and abg zul. i really like la the new yr wish sms u sent to me.

Roti Kacang Merah said...


I also very like the new year wish that i got from my friend. very spirit-uplifting, kan???

Happiest Year to you toooooo!!! Muahs!


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