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Goodbye, Bakti

Abang, Dato’ Yeop (Ketua Rombongan Abang), Abg Zul Noordin, Ayah
Akad Nikah, 24th December 2005


Anak lelaki Dato’ Yeop Adlan name Bakti meninggal di Brisbane Australia pada Sabtu 20hb Januari 2007
22-Jan-07, 22:47

Bakti Adlan Yeop Adlan...

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At The Kargo...

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Yesterday right after work, Abang, Abg Zul Noordin, Hafiz (Abang’s cameraman) and I went straight to KLIA to join Dato’ Yeop and his brother Lt. Jen. (Rtd.) Tan Sri Ahmad Saroji at KLIA Kargo to receive Allahyarham Bakti, supposedly to be arriving on MH136 at 8pm.

Tan Sri Ahmad Saroji had also arranged two TUDM vans ~ one Van Jenazah, and another a full-load of men ~ to assist.

Once there, entering the Kargo Area took more time than getting Bakti out of the Kargo. Abang Zul managed to pull more strings to ease all those final nitty-gritty paperworks to be done for Bakti to be released, even before we reached the Kargo Terminal. Ya lah, Bakti dah pergi 10 hari dulu dan kalau boleh kita nak mempercepatkan segala-galanya.

But of course, tak siapa boleh lawan cable yang Ambassador Dato’ Yeop and bekas Panglima TUDM ada lah, kan. Nevertheless, one would be surprised of how many fans Abg Zul Noordin had acquired all through out his stint as Penceramah Bebas.

We managed to get in at 8.30pm, and by 8.50, we were all out of the building already. That fast, kan?

(Usually, it could take even up to 2 hours for all those required parties to verify the body and papers to be signed before the body could finally be released.)

While Dato’ Yeop, Tan Sri Saroji and Abg Zul went to make a police report for permit pengkebumian, the vans and us shoot off back to the awaiting crowd at Masjid TUDM Subang.

We heard from Abg Zul that once they reached the KLIA Police Station, hanya kena tinggal sign aje. Report semua dah siap buat, Alhamdulillah.

We reached Masjid TUDM Subang by 10pm. MasyaAllah orang sangatlah ramai. Car-park penuh. Aku agak, ada 500 orang yang hadir… mainly saudara-mara, jiran-jiran, kawan-kawan Dato’ Yeop, orang-orang istana, Old Boys MCKK and of course Majlis Tertinggi PAS and KeADILan.

Abg Zul, Dato’ Yeop and pengurusan masjid went into the Bilik Mengurus Jenazah to pry open the compression steel box (which is required so that perut jenazah tak meletup during flight due to pressure) which was inside a very nice mahagony-coloured casket. They transferred Bakti back into the mahogany casket, quickly carried him to the Masjid for a final Solat Jenazah.

THIRD Solat Jenazah for Bakti that we know of. First by the Muslim Society of Brisbane, second a Solat Ghaib by kawan-kawan masjid Abg Zul di Masjid India, and third, in the Masjid TUDM.

By 10.40, semua bertolak ke Tanah Perkuburan. Abg Zul managed to arrange Dato’ Yeop and Datin Mimi to be with Bakti in the van through-out the journey to the kubur for their last quality time together. We (Abang, Abg Zul Noordin, Hafiz and I) decided not to go sebab pastinya akan ada terlalu ramai orang.

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When we visited them last Sunday, Datin was crushed; Dato’ still maintained his composure. Datin had Abg Zul and Abang promise to keep Dato’ Yeop busy, since Dato’ Yeop only hangs out with the both of them. And yes, Dato' Yeop has been putting up a brave front since Day One. Just how he’s been trained and groomed as an Ambassador ~ to maintain calm and composure in the face of adversity. It would only be in due time that he would collapse and burst...

Our hearts go out to the whole family. Bakti was the only son who was very very close to both parents. A very filial son who never raised his voice not even once to either parents. Dato’ Yeop looks highly on his 24-year old son, writing him long emails everyday, expressing his thots and regaling Bakti just about anything under the sun. Datin would never fail to talk to Bakti at least once a week, and in return Bakti loves his Mummy ever so dearly.

Unfortunately, we never get to meet Bakti in person, alive. Seems like we never get to at all now.

I really cannot imagine those friends of mine (Mdm. Zakiah, Uncle Thomas, Norzie & Abg Razak, Dato’ Yeop & Datin Mimi; etc.) who had lost their children. It’s like… masa kau lahir, kami sambut; masa kau mati, kami juga yang hantar kau pergi. Pastinya rasa macam nak ikut serta masuk ke liang lahad masa tu, kan…?

Al-Fatihah buat Bakti Adlan… dan segala kekuatan buat keluarga beliau. Aaaamin.

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Author said...

From the Player Profiles of the PGA International Golf Institue, Australia, written by Arwah Bakti himself:


Full Name:
Bakti Adlan bin Yeop Adlan Che Rose

Nick Name:
"Bak," "Dweeb," "Bubu," all of which were given to me by my sister.

2nd of June, 1982


Greatest Golfing Moment:
First learning about the game from my father when we were living in Mexico.
Doubt I've ever been happier on a golf course since...

Favourite Food:

Favourite Movie:
If I only had to pick one. "Dazed and Confused."

Favourite Hobby:

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
Havana, Cuba.

On the golf course?? I don't really have any.

Favourite Golf Course:
Tour 18 in Houston, Texas. They've replicated 18 of the best holes in the US on one layout.
A lot of fun, I'd recommend it to anyone.

Favourite Player:
Retief Goosen, Karrie Webb.

Career Ambition:
To be involved in golf, one way or another.

Event/Person most influential to your life & why?
My father as he is my guardian, mentor, the authority and my best friend in life.

What advice would you pass on to a younger golfer?
All golfers begin their journey with a pure, unblemished addiction for the game, remember it and cherish it, you'll never come close to having that again for as long as you play.

Life Motto:
It's all a cycle, and as history repeats'll soon realise, if nothing changes, why bother?!


goboklama said...


Anonymous said...

I was shocked and stunned to find out about this tragedy. I was friends with Bakti at UEA in Norwich, England and we lost contact after I left university. I wanted to get back in contact with him only to find this news. I am very sad and upset I couldn't get to talk to him again, he was a thoroughly considerate, kind and wonderful friend. My thoughts are with his lovely, kind parents and family. I will cherish the memories I had with Bakti and will always be my thoughts. Gordon Williams

Roti Kacang Merah said...

hi Gordon, I'm sorry you had to learn about Bakti this way. should you need a translated version of this entry, do tell. i'd be more than gladly to do it for you and bakti's friends in the UK.

Anonymous said...

To Roti Kacang Merah, Thank you for your reply and sorry for my slow one. I would very much like a translated version of this blog. I think of Bakti often and think about the kindness his parents showed to me while I was in Norwich. Thank you.

Aznam said...

A childhood friend back to the days (early 90s) when we were at Jalan I, Taman Melawati. He keep on sending letters, postcards back in the days when his dad was at Mexico, and to other countries as well. In 2005,I was studying in Muadzam Shah when my neighbour in Melawati told me that a guy named Bakti is looking for his childhood friends and he came asking from one house to another. I've tried to reach him back but didnt have much of the details back then.

Bakti is a good guy and always respect the elders. Until today, I still keep those letters, postcards and I've been telling my wife about him...and will tell my children one day how good this guy was.

Al Fatihah...


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