Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ayuh Kita Re(la+dha)

Price of crude oil has dropped down to RM54.01 per barrel. And yet the price of our petrol stays the same.

Right, let’s be a very good Muslim about this ~ be very forgiving, redha and bersangka baik, that the multi-billion profit that some “sectors” are getting out of this :-

... would be put to very very good use in rebuilding the entire of flooded Johor and other states without having to depend much on the public funding and donation;

… that there will be major upgrading of the entire public system in K.L by at least providing more than just two gerabak for each Putra and Monorail service, plus free parking at the stations;

… that it’ll be used to build national highways without having to bow down to the concessionaires what-nots (which is just all excuses, by the way);

… to impose the minimum-wage in the national manifest;

To say the least!

On another note…

Just why the concessionaire document that details out the use of your money and my money is considered as an OSA (Official Secrets Act) and thus not supposed to be exposed to public knowledge is also beyond me. We worked, we toiled, we struggled… and we should merrily allow others to suck the bejuices out of us without our knowledge and permission??? Bah!

I found this Edinburgh City Council website, where they are now in the midst of working out a brand-new tram services for the Scottish City. I was amazed at how transparent their report to the public is, updating it every so often for the public to know and scrutinize. Siap ada Business Case lagi, boleh?

Ya, ya, Malaysia memang Boleh, but certainly bukan dalam hal-hal transparency nampak gayanya. Kalau tidak, pasti setiap highway and public services akan ada pembentangan yang sama to the public. Tak malu ke depa ni eh. And yet I am the one being called not a good Muslim? Pffft.


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