Friday, December 01, 2006

Tricking The Eye

One of the earliest things we learnt during the first term of the 1st year Architecture course in the Edinburgh College of Art was about European history & art and art techniques.

One of the syllabus was "Trompe L'oeil" and Anamorphosis. Aku rasa, kursus senibina kat M'sia tak belajar sangat pasal teknik ni. Teknik-teknik ni are more renowned in the Europe because they are widely used in European paintings and murals in historical buildings to give false depth to boring surfaces or even to deceive the eyes on the spaces.

Aku sebenarnya dah lupa langsung pasal subject ni, until today, when I read an article written by my friend Fareed Hamzah of Cempaka Schools in the latest Majalah Arkitek. His school had a Trompe L’oeil program recently and they won themselves into the Malaysia Book of Records as being the 'biggest 3D-mural in Malaysia'.

We both exchanged sms… me puji-puji the mural (tengok la gambar kat bawah ni!) and his article, and both of us end-up missing Edinburgh a hell lot…

Anyhow, new lessons for you lot. Trompe L’oeil and Anamorphosis. Great for kids’ and students’ projects in the kindies, schools, unis or even at home. 'Coz aku pasti sangat budak-budak kita ni sangat talented tapi sangat kurang exposure dan galakan.

Trompe l'oeil on wall in Narbonne, France

Trompe l'oeil near Place des Terreaux in Lyon, with a vélo'v station in front of it. Photo taken by Steve Bennett, 23/08/05.



Shabar said...

Hi Faszt! I was missing life in UK too until I get the chance to visit there again. I was in Edinburgh last March. Not much of difference except for the shops..there were no more bally boutique, bhs, the many rows of edin woolen mill shops etc. though the train station is still like that. Also went to St. Andrews. Lots of difference! Terkezut tgk kewujudan starbucks in such a small town. Newcastlepun dah banyak berubah. London is pretty much the same though.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Alah, tak ingat lah you told me you were going to Edinburgh! Nak pesan sticker kereta!!! hehehe

Edinburgh tu, kalau dtg 20 tahun lagi pun would still be the same, due to the stringent planning regulation yang tak permit too much changes to the existing urban language!


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