Saturday, December 09, 2006

How Golf Was Born

It’s Abang’s working weekend, and I decided to go the office too to clear off my tray. Ya, ya, alone, in my office, with 3 roh tentera Jepun. Heh. Not very funny now, innit.

So I put on my DVD “Robin Williams Live On Broadway” that I bought sometime around last week but never had the chance to really sit down and watch it. On with the DVD, not watching but listening instead, while me clearing off clutters.

At one part, he was goofing around about being drunk with the Irish, the Japanese, and then the Scottish. The last one caught my ear (for very obvious reasons) and I found it hilarious since he actually got the accent almost right and then getting the F-word in every other sentence… exactly miming a typical drunk Scots!

And here’s what Mr. Williams thinks how golf was born in Scotland… out from a drunken Scots:


Here's my idea for a f*ckn’ sport.
A knock of ball and a gopher hole.

Oo you mean like pool?

F*ck off pool! No’ (“not”) with a straight stick… but wi’ (“with”) little f*cked-up stick!! I whack tha ball and it goes in a gopher hole!

Oo you mean like croquet?

F*ck croquet! I put the hole hundreds o' (“of”) yards away! It's great fun, there!

Oo like a bowling thing?

F*ck nooo! Not straight... I put shit in tha way! Like trees an’ bushes an’ high grass! So ya can lose yer f*ckn' ball! An’ go whackin’ away with a f*ckn' tyre iron!

Whackin’ away and each time ya missed ya feel like ya gonna have a stroke!


F*CK! That’s what we'll call it!!! A stroke, cause every time ya missed ya feel like ya gonna f*ckn' die!

Oo wait oo great...oo this is a better bet oo f*ck this is brilliant!!! ~ Ya know, right near in the end I put a flat piece, wi’ a little flag… to give ya f*ckn' hope!

But then I put a pool and a sandbackster, f*ck with ya ball again!!!

An’ ya’ll be there thrashin’ yer ass, jerkin’ away in tha sand, ahhhahahahahaaaa!!!

...Oo you do this one time??

F*ck, nooo!! EIGHTEEN F*CKN' TIMES!!!


And that, my friends, was how golf was first born in St.Andrews, Scotland… according to Mr. Robin Williams!

Great story, eh??? heh.

Missed them, drunk Scots...!



The 'Y' said...

I think we should name the hantu2 jepun aaa...
Hantu 1=??? San
Hantu 2=??? San
Hantu 3=??? San
FYI yg tak tahu kat luar sana 'san' is like 'encik'
My suggestion
Hantu 1=PengSan
Hantu 2=KaWaSan
Hantu 3=WaWaSan

Roti Kacang Merah said...

the Y

cccchoiiiiii. Lagi nak get personal with 'them' by personalising them!!! ish!


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