Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Heaven Can Weight

From now till 12th January 2006, I need to lose a minimum average of 667 grams per day.

Sounds easy-peasy, but possible ah???

Beloved Abang's respond to the above question this morning was this:

Bollllehhhh... tapi nanti Abang takut orang kata "Eh Z*r...? Kat dalam buku you, you kata you dedicate the book to your wife, tapi naper you bawak pompuan lain???" Haa, kan dah susah Abang nak menjawabnya!

Hmm betul gak tu, kan 'Bang...? Heheheheheheheeee.


Losing weight aside, I tell you Corntos Chips ni heavenz giler...! Tak tipu!!!



adik said...

erk.. dunno if it's possible unless you take under the knife of some sort or do lipo.. tee he he, juz kiddin'...

mmm.. pernah tengok dak 'what not to wear'?? ala, minah2 british tu, trinny and susannah yg pernah dtg Oprah a few times.. maybe u can take a few tips from them and pakai clothes yg mmg will make you look slimmer in a jiffy... (it really worked for me ;-).. )

just google up... ada satu website kat bbc, siap tanya a few questions and then bg advise on what u shud or shudn't wear according to ur body type..

cuba aahh...

Roti Kacang Merah said...


goody goody idea!!!

Hak ah those two, trinny and susannah tu. Dalam Oprah, selamba je pegang-pegang breast orang and ajar camner nak make the breast look smaller or bigger, sampai Oprah yang malu-malu hahaha.

Them British kengkadang can be quite crude and straightforward hahaha.

Okeh okeh nak google the website okeh okeh.

Anonymous said...

saya rasa deadline date tu betul la puan, it shld be 2007 kan?

Anonymous said...

alamakk..anon atas tu saya la. tatau kenapa nama tak kuar.

Anonymous said...

apa nih tak kuar jugak. last try. sorry.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

alamakkkkk. nasib baik awak bitau: Ye lar, "2007" patutnya...hahaha.

hmm buat gempaq kaklin je. ingatkan ramai benor yg meng-commentnya...!hehe

the "y" said...

Let see 667g x 30 days = 20.01kg
Waaa!!! 20kg aaa, well seeing is believing... why not make it 90 days or 120 days, then that would make u super fit and vavavom... boleh masuk m'sia most beautiful season 2... following the footsteps of our beloved ex pengarah's wife, ain't, ain't...
How to lose 667g a day? Marie France aaa? why dont u get the portable sauna, if i'm not wrong it cost about RM300 bucks, plus they give u a free rice cooker (to produce steam)... By the time u finish ur sauna, nasi sudah masak...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

the Y,

Aku suka yang last tu... "By the time u finish ur sauna, nasi sudah masak... ". Hahahahaha. Taruh butter + garlic + bawang merah + garam sket, jadilah nasi minyak. hahahaha goody idea oso. Can consider.


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