Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Birthday, Udi!!!

Today's my youngest baby bro's 22nd Birthday. He's now in his 3rd Year doing Mechanical Engineering in Bath University, U.K.

He's a anak bongsu yang tak perangai macam anak bongsu. Very rajin, especially di dapur. Very very very very likeable... mana-mana dia pergi, ada je dapat kawan-kawan perempuan baik adik-adik atau kakak-kakak yang in turn become his admirers. Even my dad listens to him more than he does to us, ever. I suppose, Udi's got that certain aura of influencing and convincing people easily.

He and his Abang Farhi are very very close. I could only recall once that they ever got into a fist-fight: masa tu Farhi in Std.6 and was in great stress to finish up his Dinosaur Scrap-book project for school, while Udi was in Std.4. One late evening, secara tak sengaja Udi terganggu work-path Farhi in the study-room downstairs. Suddenly all of us upstairs terdengar some huge commotion and Udi screaming angrily in tears at his brother. All of us rushed down and nampak Farhi and Udi tengah bergumpal atas lantai, Farhi silently crying sebab marah adik dia ganggu. My dad being the punisher, tanpa usul periksa terus rotan dua-dua.

Ish, aku cerita balik ni pun, aku jadi sedih. Malam tu, aku tak tidur sebab tolong Farhi with his work and asked Farhi to rest instead.

I reckon, that was our first time seeing Farhi snapped. He has been such a cool Abang to Udi, and when that happened, it spelled out warning to us all. Tapi them being close, soon after the fight, Udi and Farhi dah berbaik dah. Malam tu jugak!

Udi (left) & Farhi

Udi pula memang dari kecil jenis forgetful... tertinggal bekal, lah... pensel, lah... and getah pemadam, jangan nak cerita lah berapa kali hilang sampaikan my mom had to ikat the eraser to his pencil case with tali!

But the advantages of him being forgetful??? He forgets any hurt or pain easily, hence forgives instantly. Maybe that's why my dad listens to him, kot. And he's the only one yang boleh terima and berbaik-baik dengan both his sisters' exes. hehe

Like his brother, he has that creative streak in him. Them two and the sister Celi used to make colourful plasticin houses and gardens on white polistyrene boxes; they used to make cincin out of unused wire and sell them to friends; and oh ya... Udi was also juara khat bahagian daerah, woo. He had that streak from our grand-uncle, Tok Su Dir, yang memang pandai khat. I remembered helping him putting up his 99 Nama Allah for a khat exhibition... yes, all 99 individual placards: he wrote the names, while I outlined and shadowed them. And he and the Abang Farhi used to make extra money by making stage props at primary school... with the help of the Kakak Tua, of course, hahahahaha.

I remembered a week before his UPSR exams, Udi would wake up extra early every morning to baca The Yasseen right after Subuh before getting ready to school. And that boy also scolded us everytime kalau kami beli makanan terlebih untuk buka puasa... like Ustaz-ustaz gitu, hehe! Back then too, he was the only one who doesn't listen to music, even! Tapi sekarang.... sama-sama hantu, ngengengeeee.

I swear I could write an autobiography on all of them. Oh have I mentioned that I just don’t have enough words to describe how they are all my most pride and joy??? I think I have, but I don't mind saying it again. I love you lot so so so much, okay. Not as much as a dog loves a bone, but enough to berganti nyawa if I have to.

So, anyhow...


Here's our universe-loads of love and prayers and kisses and heart to you... semoga hidup Udi juga akan sentiasa diberkati Allah s.w.t... and stay you!!! Hope the winter in Bath would not be too cold for you to celebrate your Day!!!!

We love ya, kiddo!!!


Selamat Hari Natal juga kepada sesiapa yang menyambutnya! Dan juga Selamat Hari Gatal kepada all newly-weds out there! haha


Alain Farhi said...

Salamat Pagi

Is Farhi your last or first name? If it is your last name check my website.

Alain Farhi

Roti Kacang Merah said...

hi alain farhi

no... our last name is not farhi.

farhi's my younger brother's first name.

thanks for dropping-by, tho!!!

Anonymous said...

Mesti dorg dok carik farhi nyer salasilah lg tuh..

Hepy Besday Udii... muah muahs muahss...

Uddielar(saper lagik) said...

heheh...Tang gaduh gaduh tuh x ingat dah la k.*in...hehehe...dah lame kiterang x gaduh...ader lar dlm 10 tahun or lebey kot.. Tp yg udi ingat, mkn gado gado hsemate udi wat!Sedap gilosssss!! Org turkish pon suke, sbb mase tuh terserempak due bdak turkish yg blom mkn, so ajak le derang mkn kat rumah..haha...
Nway, yg udi teringat sampai skarang ialah terbakar kan tangan k.*in dgn rokok starter dlm keta. K.*in marah tp nampak rilek and cam x marah sgt je mase tuh walaupon nampak sakit giloss..hehe..sorreh!! mase tuh udi darjah 4 and tangan masih gatal lagik nak ngusik ngusik. A.*hi lar yg ajar!!hehe..
Errrmmm...thanx k.*in and a.*hi!! Luv ye loads!!muahsssssss...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Ada ke tgn kak lin terbakar dgn starter rokok??? hahahahaaa lupa gilos!!!

mwamwahs!! hope your day was great yesterday, despite kedai and transporation semua cuti!!! hehe


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