Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Birthday, Aban Ahi!!!

Today's my 1st baby bro 's 24th Birthday. Big bro to Udi, him. Farhi’s the first boy in the family, hence obviously the apple of everyone’s eyes when he was born.

Adik-adik... Celi, Udi, Azhar, Said, Farhi & Da

Umi & Ayah actually had a choice on Farhi’s birthdate ~ either 31st Dec or the 1st Jan. Since Ayah wanted his first boy to be the manja one, Ayah chose Farhi to be born on the 31st Dec instead. Man that choice made a huge difference between the two dates in two different years, ok.

Farhi was a late-bloomer when he was small ~ he could only read when he was almost at the end of Primary One, with the teacher providing Umi reading-cards to tutor Farhi every single night. And boy was he chubby too!!! He could eat seven tungking ayam goreng sekali ngap; sometimes, he even had nutella as part of his lauk! Gila budak tu, heh heh.

But he grew up, not only being one of the top students in MRSM Jasin, but also manage to do express matrix in UTM, and able to score well enough to transfer credits and skip the first year for his Chemical Engineering degree! Oh I remember how he cried for not having the strength to finish his degree, but he still manage to score Second Degree Upper. How lah he does it???

And, oh ya… he’s all slim and slender and handsome now. Like Lelaki Metroseksual gitu. And now that he’s concentrating on his work as a small-time I.D Designer cum contractor, his muscle definition is all buffing-up well, too! Hebat, gitu!

Farhi’s a sensitive and soft-spoken guy who can be aloof the first time you knew him. But once he feels he has good vibes about you, then he could be the best and trusted mate one could ever find. In all my life as his sister, I’ve never seen him pukul binatang apatah lagi orang; very very very rarely raise his voice when he’s angry; and will cry silently whenever he sees any of his family members suffer. He’s so reliable… he and his ‘brother’ Said were the one yang sangat berpenat lelah preparing my room and the house prior to and post-wedding of my Do last year.

Oh did I mention how a gentleman my brother is??? There was this one time when he was 19, I think, and had his friends over in Bangi. They planned to go out along with this one girl that he had a crush on. The girl, cute and donning tudung bulat, also lives in Bangi. Farhi had me driving him to the stall where the girl’s dad work, and minta izin the father to bawa the girl out with other friends! Bapa mana lah tak cair… terus the dad said “…boleh… tapi jangan lupa solat ya ‘Nak…”!!!

Ish, again, I could write a book on him and the rest of my adik-adik, lah… but all in all, I just wanted to tell him how proud I am with everything that he’s achieved, big or small; and how proud I am of how he’s grown up to be and who he’s become; that I always have faith in whatever he puts his heart to.

Aban, you may now be at the crossorads of your life, but I know, with Allah’s will, UmiAyah’s prayers and your will-power plus friends and us who believe in you, you will succeed, insyaAllah!

So, anyhow...


I’m proud of you for standing in the things you believe in, Abang Farhi. Be strong, mkay?

Here's our universe-loads of love and prayers and kisses and heart to you... semoga hidup Ahi akan sentiasa diberkati Allah s.w.t. and blessed with the surrounding love always!!!

We love ya, kiddo!!!



Uddie said...

Happy Brithday A.*hi!!I still remember mase kecik kecik u r the one who taught me to view the qorld upside down. tonggeng sambil berdiri. Then udi suke giler. And A.*hi yg ajar tepekkan Muke kat cermin keta sampai ayah marah sbb cermin keta kotor..hahah.. *sigh* bestnye zaman kecik kecik..btw, Tcare and Gluck!muah muah muah!Luv ye loads!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

hahahahahaaaa ye ker aban camtu dulu??? kelakarrrrr hahahahaha

Uddie said...

owh ye udi lupe..Lagik satu yg buatkan udi saaaaayang A.*hi sbb dulu mase udi darjah 4 ke 5 ntah, udi wat model rumah ntok one competition. (cant remember what competition)..tapi i wass soooo behind the schedule that the next day dealine i still had not it done. Then mlm tuh udi meraung nangis kuat², Umi & A.*hi dgr and tlg udi siapkan that instant. hehe...... Best btol tactic udi, bkannye nak mintak tlg, tapi meraung kuat²! *sigh* klakar lar plak!haha... Tengkiuk A.*hi... (btw, x menang pon d competition tp superb!!)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

ahi & uddie

ish, i regret for not watching you guys grow up lah..... i really do!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ak Lin! Thanks udie.. muah muah muahhhh 1000000xx hehehe...

Ala, gamba2 tuh maser berambut, arghhh rambut panjang lagi!!! nooooo!!! hahahaha...

Ak lin, Fahy tak best student ah kat Jasin dulu... gagagaga.... Udie jer best student kat SMSS tuh, tapi dorg tak declare sbb jeles my lil brother pandai dr dorg yg masuk dari form 1 tuh. Adek aku pandai lagi wooo... hahaha...

Fahy paling ingat kalau mase time mandi petang jer. Fahy and Udie sure mandi paling lama, main bubble lah, main air lah, main cuci2 toilet ah, nath hape2 lagi lah imiginasi. Kalau zufar dtg umah, dia pun join skali. Kitaorg takkan kuar until kulit kecut or shower curtain jatuh... hahahaha...

Haa, fahy tolong wat projek udie ker? tak ingat ah.. gegege..

Muah, love you guys a lot.. muahsss.... thanks Ak lin, tahnks Udie, thanks Ak Cheli... uhuks.. muahss.. last one.. mwahh...


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