Thursday, December 28, 2006

go take a HIKE

From Malaysiakini:

Litrak’s RM80 mil profit and still counting...
Beh Lih Yi Dec 29, 06 4:28pm

The operator of the popular LDP highway is making a healthy profit and it can do without a drastic increase in the toll rates, charges the DAP. More
* 43 percent rise in profit
* ‘Don’t wait till we go to streets’

A minimum of 60sen hike at the LDP highway come this 1st Jan 2007. From RM1.00 to RM1.60. That's a minimum of facking 60% hike, L&G. Ingat tu ya. A MINIMUM of SIXTY percent.

Dengan nama Allah s.w.t, aku tak halalkan sesiapa yang profit from this... baik Boss Litrak, Boss JKR, anak-anak cucu-cucu diorang, even their pet cats or dogs or ayam hutans.

Apatah lagi, bak kata Pak Syekh pada Halim Saad di suatu hari sedekad yang lampau bila Halim Saad minta naikkan tol di PLUS:"...kau rasuah orang, rakyat yang kena bayar???". Yes, of course tol naik juga lepas tu. But see what happened to Halim Saad??? Bungkus. Sebab rakyat tak halalkan his doings.

Doa rakyat yang teraniaya sangat didengari oleh Allah s.w.t. Kalau kau tak bungkus sekarang, pasti kalian-kalian akan mati dalam kehinaan, like your already-dead comrades.

Aku dah baca SK terbaru dan belek the Litrak document. The concessionaires tak larat nak tanggung kos pembinaan hence minta tolong dinaikkan tol??? Puhleaze. Tahun 2007, naik a minimum of 60 sen. But get this, L&G... tahun 2015, akan naik lagi a minimum of RM1.00. That's another 62.5%. So, go lah figure where most of your gaji would go to.

Happy Prosperous New Year, everyone. Dan Selamat Hari Kena Korban.



Anonymous said...

typical words of a person with limited knowledge. assalamualaikum. we're all humans, hamba tuhan,commenting on others whilst we are not perfect are not a doing of a muslim. everyone has a job to do,and yes although there are prices to pay,it is not right to criticize people when we ourselves do not know the whole truth. if it is at all true they commit such sins,the punishment is between them and god. islam preaches on forgiveness. kalau nabi maafkan umat sendiri,what are we then.. if u at all know halim saad now for instance,hes a very religious man.. and i certainly dont see him being 'bungkused'.. other than that,mengfitnah itu pun dosa. so how many sins have we normal beings committed today as of this moment? doa rakyat teraniaya,doa anak yatim,semua didengar tuhan, insyallah.

Roti Kacang Merah said...


w'salam warahmatullah.

first and foremost, let's be brave and not hide your I.D, shall we.

secondly,u're right. it's not right for me to criticize Halim Saad for not knowing the real truth behind him having to 'contribute' to the pockets of orang-orang atasan and then asking the toll to be increased to make up his loss of profit.

alhamdulillah dia dah jadi religious. they all usually do, by the way. but why let go of the Yayasans that he's built to help people just because of piety??? Just look at Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary ~ he's religious, he's pious, and Allah blesses him for opening-up a Yayasan and sincerely helping the needy and the poor kat Kedah sana. Go see for yourself.

thirdly, yes, betul, Islam preaches forgiveness. Nor does Islam preaches that pemerintah yang zalim perlu dibiarkan sahaja menzalimi orang lain. If you, Ms./Mr. Onani, and your decendants, mampu nak hidup dalam keadaan macam ni, dipersilakan.

but do gain more knowledge before telling off people that they lack one.

Allahu a'lam.


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