Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Talk To Ma Hands

All these from The Star, 29th Nov 2006:

"Expect 10 sen to RM1 rise in toll rates on five major highways next year..." (in which, a layman's term for 'next year' would simply mean this coming '1st Jan 2007', mkay)

"US crude oil settled at US$60.32 per barrel, trading from US$59.26 to US$60.35..." (our petrol prices were hiked up when it was US$72 per barrel, mkay)

So, okay. With that reduction of crude oil per barrel, it's just beyond me why electricity and water tariffs still had to be increased since the kerajaan now should have more money to 'bail' them out for the sake of the rakyat.

And oh... also from the same paper, a letter from a loyal citizen (loyal, presuming that a smart citizen like this lady would still want to love a country who doesn't really love her back unconditionally):

"Why must we pay through our noses for projects that could have been done at half their costs? The excuse for the toll hike was that the Government had to compensate concessionaires to the tune of RM68mil last year and RM76mil this year because the toll collected was insufficient. Yet the Government can spend RM100mil to send two astronauts into space to play batu seremban, spin tops and make teh tarik..."

Tak ke lawak namanya tu???

And why a debt-free and able country like Singapore still do not send astronauts into space is also beyond me.

Oh, hang on a sec. Them S'poreans berpijak di bumi nyata, me thinks. They work themselves darn hard first to get their Science Center right and canggih and really educative and on international-standard before reaching for the stars, right. Make the rakyat pandai, first. And then they can all talk space language... right down from a toddler, up to the vegetable mongers in their Pasar Borongs.

And what's this... a third istana on the drawing board??? England has THE Buckingham Palace, America has THE White House, we already have THE Istana Negara, and another one in Putrajaya, mind you. As much as I love and respect our Rajas and Sultans, I seriously think that the reason for the workings of the third istana sebab dah tak muat untuk upacara-upacara istana is like... hellooo. You allow your sub-ordinates to bakar rumah-rumah peneroka bandar in Kg. Berembang without proper compensation and yet you are allocated money to build a third palace to accommodate your Royal guests? For them to donate the compensation, izit?

Ohmannn. It's........ sad. And it's so clearly not right somewhere here, no...?

I feel so cheated, lah peeps. These people, right... I thought we voted them for them to work and slave for us. Looks like we are the ones slaving up for them, mate! And we don't even have the proper legal channels to remind them of their oaths and promises.

Ni mesti jenis spesis pemimpin yang tak takut kena soal dalam kubur esok ni. Allahu a'lam.

And please eh, those who (think) they have the so-call rational explanations to lecture me, spare them from me and my comments space please, eh. Or kalau dah tak tahan sangat, you may just talk to my hands, baby, coz my face just ain't listenin'.

'Coz you certainly do not know the real hard facts that's been covered-up from you.



adik said...

inilah konsep 'malaysia boleh'.. semuanya nak buat.. 'malaysia boleh' buat itu, buat ini.. nak tunjuk terrer lah konon.. but at the same time rakyat gak lah yg menderita.. semua prices naik, naik, naik.. eii.. geramnyer...

bukan akak sorg je perasan pasal nih, even ada article kuar pasal pentadbiran mesia kat australian newspaper lagik.. kalau nak adik leh forwardkan (if i still keep the email though)..

apa2 pun i totally agree witchu..

Roti Kacang Merah said...


if you still keep the email, do forward it to me ek?? Am sure Abg Zul would really love to read it, heh2

the "y" said...

What is a malaysian space traveller called?

A Canornot!!!!

New istana, where aaahhh??? opposite indian hicom izit??? Maybe u should ask abg to piket up a tree in that rizab lah...

I wan to read that article also... u forward the email to me...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

the "y"

canornot??? HAHAHAHAAAAA Gewwwwd one!

adik said...

i had found the article online.. please go to -->

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Thanks, adik!!! Dah even cutpaste and saved the site ke laptop AbgZ*l dah!!! Thanks again!!!

adik said...

u're most welcome kak l*n.. :-)

Anonymous said...

To MdmRotiKacangMerah,alkum!BroLans here from Putrajaya.(No dear, we have never met b4 :-) )Stumbled into your blog while I wuz looking for somethin for my assignment.From your writings u must be an arkitek :-) Orang archi memang kreatif menulis!! (I was once an archi student way back in 1983...arrgh...kini dah tua ke? Abg Zul u tu yg kartunis ke?(Sorry BroLans byk tanye,hehe)I will definitely drop by your 'zone' from time to time.Keep up the good work.Wslm AufWiedersehen

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Hi BroLans, aslmkm! Glad you liked my inconsistent rantings! Welcome to Roti Kacang Merah's Lair!! heh heh

Are you and architect too???

Yup, AbgZul my hubby is The Cartoonist *grins*. don't forget to buy his book, ah??? *grins*

Do drop by selalu-selalu!



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