Friday, November 10, 2006


Two Mondays ago, I took a medical leave for my lower-back pain.

Two days ago, again, I took a medical leave for the same pain. Only this time I agreed to receive a shot for the pain. Unbearable (the back pain. Not the shot, lah). Kebetulan pula my 1st day of menses. Like, oh my God, the whole structure of my back macam tak boleh duduk without being unsupported.

Today, felt like going home. The very the tak tahan. But too much work. Aiyoh, too too much work. Can't even bear the thought of having to go through those horrible open-house jams tomorrow and day after... that endless sitting, cramping up in the car under the blistering hot sun. Have listed down at least seven houses to go to on both weekends. I'll be darned, man.

Now that reminds me, Intan's mother yang mengurut aku awal bulan puasa dulu, ada beritahu that the cushions between my disk dah haus... or whatever.

Anyhow, had further readings on the net on this Low Back Pain, or LBP.

At one site, it says:

You are at particular risk for low back pain if you:

- Work in construction or another job requiring heavy lifting, lots of bending and twisting, or whole body vibration
(Ya don't say...)
- Have bad posture
- Are pregnant
- Are over age 30
- Smoke, don't exercise, or are overweight (hmm...)
- Have arthritis or osteoporosis
- Have a low pain threshold
- Feel stressed or depressed

There you go, am in four out of the eight risky categories. Baru padan dengan muka aku.

Macam mana aku nak sental bilik air-bilik air aku weekend ni nih...



rotidua said...

suruh che abang je sental bilik air.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

bila I dah hysterically mengamuk sebab tak tahan bilik air kotor, baru dia nak tolong sentalkan kot. heh2.


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