Friday, November 24, 2006

Abang's Demo

Today at 2.30pm, Abang will lead his pack of demonstrators at Suhakam's office in Jalan Raja Laut nearby. Joining him, among others would be Tian Chua, Abg Zul Noordin, Azmin Ali, Jasmine, Ginny, Abg Nasir ISA, Isham Rais... and the rest of his loyal comrades.

Why the demo? The clipping from the StarOnline below would explain.

Am I worried? Damn right I sure am.

Aku siap suruh Abang park his car at my office... so at least the car is within my reach for me to ferry it around should anything happen, na'udzubillaahimindzaalik.

I won't be joining the demo since my job position does not allow me to. I am not against the government per se, b'cause in my (naive) interpretation, the government is administered by a group of people despite of their affiliations to any parties, belief or race... not just by the people from the winning party. Nevertheless, whatever my husband is fighting for namely in the name of freedom of speech and press, I am behind him 120%. That's basic human rights, maa... freedom of speech and press.

Sejahat-jahat U.S or U.K pun, they can criticize the administration. All in the name of betterment, apa. Daripada ditayangkan very highly-strung racist assembly yang tak membawa apa-apa kebaikan pada masyarakat secara keseluruhan, no?

Walau apa-apa pun, I pray that they would all be alright and hope you guys out there would pray for us all, too. Sesungguhnya untuk setiap perjuangan yang murni, Allah akan lebih mengetahui akan kebaikannya dan akan membalas seadil mungkin. InsyaAllah.

Star Online, Wednesday November 22, 2006

Still No Word On PKR Request For Paper

KUALA LUMPUR: An application from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) to publish its own newspaper has still not been approved.

PKR information chief Tian Chua said the party had applied to the Home Ministry for the permit in May last year.

“We have tried all avenues to get some sort of answer from the ministry but all the reply we got was that the application was still under study.

“I cannot see how the ministry can approve so many permits for commercial magazines but did not even look at PKR’s application,” he said.

The party will hand over a memorandum on the matter to the Malaysian Human Rights Commission on Friday.


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