Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Talk To Ma Hands

All these from The Star, 29th Nov 2006:

"Expect 10 sen to RM1 rise in toll rates on five major highways next year..." (in which, a layman's term for 'next year' would simply mean this coming '1st Jan 2007', mkay)

"US crude oil settled at US$60.32 per barrel, trading from US$59.26 to US$60.35..." (our petrol prices were hiked up when it was US$72 per barrel, mkay)

So, okay. With that reduction of crude oil per barrel, it's just beyond me why electricity and water tariffs still had to be increased since the kerajaan now should have more money to 'bail' them out for the sake of the rakyat.

And oh... also from the same paper, a letter from a loyal citizen (loyal, presuming that a smart citizen like this lady would still want to love a country who doesn't really love her back unconditionally):

"Why must we pay through our noses for projects that could have been done at half their costs? The excuse for the toll hike was that the Government had to compensate concessionaires to the tune of RM68mil last year and RM76mil this year because the toll collected was insufficient. Yet the Government can spend RM100mil to send two astronauts into space to play batu seremban, spin tops and make teh tarik..."

Tak ke lawak namanya tu???

And why a debt-free and able country like Singapore still do not send astronauts into space is also beyond me.

Oh, hang on a sec. Them S'poreans berpijak di bumi nyata, me thinks. They work themselves darn hard first to get their Science Center right and canggih and really educative and on international-standard before reaching for the stars, right. Make the rakyat pandai, first. And then they can all talk space language... right down from a toddler, up to the vegetable mongers in their Pasar Borongs.

And what's this... a third istana on the drawing board??? England has THE Buckingham Palace, America has THE White House, we already have THE Istana Negara, and another one in Putrajaya, mind you. As much as I love and respect our Rajas and Sultans, I seriously think that the reason for the workings of the third istana sebab dah tak muat untuk upacara-upacara istana is like... hellooo. You allow your sub-ordinates to bakar rumah-rumah peneroka bandar in Kg. Berembang without proper compensation and yet you are allocated money to build a third palace to accommodate your Royal guests? For them to donate the compensation, izit?

Ohmannn. It's........ sad. And it's so clearly not right somewhere here, no...?

I feel so cheated, lah peeps. These people, right... I thought we voted them for them to work and slave for us. Looks like we are the ones slaving up for them, mate! And we don't even have the proper legal channels to remind them of their oaths and promises.

Ni mesti jenis spesis pemimpin yang tak takut kena soal dalam kubur esok ni. Allahu a'lam.

And please eh, those who (think) they have the so-call rational explanations to lecture me, spare them from me and my comments space please, eh. Or kalau dah tak tahan sangat, you may just talk to my hands, baby, coz my face just ain't listenin'.

'Coz you certainly do not know the real hard facts that's been covered-up from you.


What's In A Name

Jangan kau tanya kenapa adik aku tak rupa macam aku malah lebih cantik (she looks so uncanny like mom... me, dad). Sensitif. Hmph."

When my first baby brother was born, I actually had the first hand of 'approving' the names chosen by my gramps. My baby bro had three names to choose from: 'Ahmad Nur', 'Ahmad Nurfarhan', or 'Ahmad Nurfarhi'.

I chose 'Ahmad Nurfarhi' 'coz "...yang lain tu bunyi macam nama perempuan arr," the 9-yr old me said. Can't really recall the makna of the chosen name though.

Udi, Farhi's younger bro, was first named as 'Ahmad Norrashdan'. Last-last minit kat registrar, tukar jadi 'Ahmad Norrushdi'. Pun aku dah tak ingat apa makna nama dia dah.

What I know is, me & my sis' names don't really have any makna in Arabic... though adding a letter 'h' in one part of my name would make my being as 'Cahaya Yang Berkebolehan'... chewah.

One fine day though, during my pimply and horrifyingly-ugly teenage years , I asked my Mom over our names.

'Mi, how did you and Ayah come up with my name eh?

Nama kombinasi Umi & Ayah tu...

Ohhh. Hmm, nama Celi pulak???

(Without second thoughts...) Dulu masa Umi Ayah kat ITM, Umi ada sorang dorm-capt ni, nama Sherliza. Cannnnntiiiiik sangat dia tu. Dari nama dia lah nama Celi came up... Noor Sherliza.

Hmm... okay... padanla Celi cantik.......... (voice trailing off)

(Realising what she just said) Eh... mana ada sebab tu...bla bla bla (And she tried to explain to make me feel better, but to this very day aku dah tak ingat apa dia kata. I suppose, aku dah sedih dah masa tu. Huak.)

I mean, dorm-capt dia tu wujud sebelum aku dilahirkan... so, naper dia tak gunakan nama dia kat aku, ek?


Nevertheless, aku amat-amat bangga that my adik-adik semuanya cantik-cantik dan handsome-handsome dan bijak-bijak belaka. Bangga yang teramat! So kalau mak aku nak re-namekan Celi jadi Siti Nursherliza pun, aku tak kisah sebenarnya. Heh heh.



Testing Testing Bee Yem Double Yew

w a c c c h h h a a a a a ! ! !


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy Birthday, Celi!!!

Today's my baby sister's 26th Birthday.

Dulu kan, I had to wait for her for SEVEN YEARS woo..!!! Boring woo, jadi anak tunggal. Kids in the neighborhood dah ada adik-adik nak dibuli... and yet me? Still main lego sowang-sowang...

Tapi lepas my sister, I guess my parents had more fun and teknik pun sudah baiiiikkk so berderet-deret plak anak keluar...the next two adiks were one in every two years. Habis hilang childhood akak, kena jaga adik-adik tecik... heh heh. But man, I look back dengan penuh kasih sayang, though. I missed those times, in fact.



My universe-loads of love and prayers and kisses and heart to you... semoga hidup Kak Celi akan sentiasa diberkati Allah s.w.t dan senantiasa ceria serta bahagia setelah pelbagai cabaran yang kita dah tempuh.

"Kadang-kadang Allah sembunyikan matahari, Dia datangkan petir dan kilat...kita menangis dan tertanya-tanya ke mana hilangnya sinar, rupanya Allah nak hadiahkan kita pelangi..."

Abg Z*l&I love you so very much, kiddo... Hell, you my one and only sister, kid.

Love ya.


Jangan kau tanya kenapa adik aku tak rupa macam aku malah lebih cantik (she looks so uncanny like mom... me, dad). Sensitif. Hmph.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Of Being Fat (And Not Rich)

On Mon, 27 Nov 2006, Yin wrote:

Dear Steven,

Just a short note.

I think you have the best cartoonist.

I have to say I enjoy every one of his cartoons. They never fail to draw a chuckle from me.

Sad to say, other cartoonists have grown fat (and rich) and are largely irrelevant. Your guy is the obvious heir. He should put them together in a book.

Please pass my appreciation to your cartoonist.


On Mon, 27 Nov 2006, steven wrote:


He is actually putting out a book. To be published by our publishing arm, Kinibooks, it should hit the streets next month, if not in the New Year.

I'm forwarding your note to Z*r. I'm sure he appreciates your feedback.

Steven Gan

...So, peeps... moral of the story is: Jadilah kurus tetapi kaya.


Friday, November 24, 2006

Abang's Demo

Today at 2.30pm, Abang will lead his pack of demonstrators at Suhakam's office in Jalan Raja Laut nearby. Joining him, among others would be Tian Chua, Abg Zul Noordin, Azmin Ali, Jasmine, Ginny, Abg Nasir ISA, Isham Rais... and the rest of his loyal comrades.

Why the demo? The clipping from the StarOnline below would explain.

Am I worried? Damn right I sure am.

Aku siap suruh Abang park his car at my office... so at least the car is within my reach for me to ferry it around should anything happen, na'udzubillaahimindzaalik.

I won't be joining the demo since my job position does not allow me to. I am not against the government per se, b'cause in my (naive) interpretation, the government is administered by a group of people despite of their affiliations to any parties, belief or race... not just by the people from the winning party. Nevertheless, whatever my husband is fighting for namely in the name of freedom of speech and press, I am behind him 120%. That's basic human rights, maa... freedom of speech and press.

Sejahat-jahat U.S or U.K pun, they can criticize the administration. All in the name of betterment, apa. Daripada ditayangkan very highly-strung racist assembly yang tak membawa apa-apa kebaikan pada masyarakat secara keseluruhan, no?

Walau apa-apa pun, I pray that they would all be alright and hope you guys out there would pray for us all, too. Sesungguhnya untuk setiap perjuangan yang murni, Allah akan lebih mengetahui akan kebaikannya dan akan membalas seadil mungkin. InsyaAllah.

Star Online, Wednesday November 22, 2006

Still No Word On PKR Request For Paper

KUALA LUMPUR: An application from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) to publish its own newspaper has still not been approved.

PKR information chief Tian Chua said the party had applied to the Home Ministry for the permit in May last year.

“We have tried all avenues to get some sort of answer from the ministry but all the reply we got was that the application was still under study.

“I cannot see how the ministry can approve so many permits for commercial magazines but did not even look at PKR’s application,” he said.

The party will hand over a memorandum on the matter to the Malaysian Human Rights Commission on Friday.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Thanks to Farha & Suhida, for the vunnnderful email.

I'm sure lots of you out there may have received this sort of email before. Tapi, bagus ni. Bagus banget. As a sheer reminder, especially to us living amongst the fast-paced life in big huge cities...


Have you ever, at any one time, had the feeling that life is bad, real bad, and you wish you were in another situation?

You find life make things difficult for you, work sucks, life sucks, everything seems to go wrong...

Read the following story... It may change your views about life:

After a conversation with one of my friends, he told me despite taking 2 jobs, he brings back barely above 1K per month, he is happy as he is.

I wonder how he can be as happy as he is considering he has to skimp his life with the low pay to support a pair of old parents, in-laws, a wife, 2 daughters and the many bills of a household.

He explained that it was through one incident that he saw in India.........that happened a few years ago when he was really feeling low and touring India after a major setback.

He said that right in front of his very eyes he saw an Indian mother chop off her child's right hand with a chopper. The helplessness in the mother's eyes, the scream of pain from the innocent 4-year-old child haunted him until today.

You may ask why did the mother do so; had the child been naughty, had the child's hand been infected??

No, it was done for two simple words- - - TO BEG! The desperate mother deliberately caused the child to be handicapped so that the child could go out to the streets to beg.

Taken aback by the scene, he dropped a piece of bread he was eating half-way. And almost instantly, a flock of 5 or 6 children swamped towards this small piece of bread which was covered with sand, robbing bits from one another.

The natural reaction of hunger. Stricken by the happenings, he instructed his guide to drive him to the nearest bakery. He arrived at two bakeries and bought every single loaf of bread he found in the bakeries. The owner was dumbfounded but willingly sold everything. He spent less than $100 to obtain about 400 loaves of bread (this is less than $0.25 per loaf) and spent another $100 to get daily necessities.

Off he went in the truck full of bread into the streets. As he distributed the bread and necessities to the children (mostly handicapped) and a few adults, he received cheers and bows from these unfortunate

For the first time in his life he wondered how people can give up their dignity for a loaf of bread which cost less than $0.25.

He began to tell himself how fortunate he is. How fortunate he is to be able to have a complete body, have a job, have a family, have the chance to complain what food is nice and what isn't nice, have the chance to be clothed, have the many things that these people in front of him are deprived of...

Now I begin to think and feel it, too! Was my life really that bad?

Perhaps... No, I should not feel bad at all... What about you?

Maybe the next time you think you are, think about the child who lost one hand to beg on the streets.

"Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, it is the realization of how much you already have."

"When the door of happiness closes, another opens, but often times we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been opened for us."

"It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives."

"The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way."

"The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past, you can't go on well in life until you let go of your past failures and Heartaches."


Syukur Alhamdulillah...



Malam semalam, ketika dalam perjalanan balik dari Keramat….

Nak dengar citer tak?

Tak nak, tak nak.(sebab aku tahu Abang akan cerita jugak)

Masa Abang Darjah 5 dulu, kami ada sorang kawan, nama Yaakob.

Yaakob apa? Yaakob Latif ke? (nama KL’s First Mayor, ni. Konon aku nak wat lawak...)

Tak, tak. Yaakob apa tah. Anyway, satu hari, dia datang sekolah, tangan dia luka-luka.


Cikgu tanya, “Awat tangan hang luka-luka tu Yaakob??”


Tanpa berfikir, dia jawab, “Toka keghak, Cikgu!”


Haa, tu lah! Kami sekelas dok fikir, apa bennnnda la mamat ni merepek. Pastu, cikgu tanya la lagi, “Haa?? Toka keghak??? Penyakit ka apa tu, Yaakob?”


Rupa-rupanya, Yaakob tersalah cakap. Sebenarnya, kegha tokak (kera tokak)! Dia ada bela kera panjat pokok kelapa, jadi, kena gigit dengan kera belaan dia!


Mengingatkan aku.

Masa aku baru mula kerja di organisasi ni, aku dan penolong aku Jefri kena pi lawat tapak-tapak projek yang dah ‘dihumban’ ke aku selaku arkitek baru.

Dengan driver office, kami pun mulakan perjalanan… the first among 5 sites.

“Mula-mula ni Cik nak ke mana dulu???”. Masa tu aku belum kawen lagi maa.

Dengan selamba je aku cakap, “Kita pi Jalan Keling Gentang dulu ah ‘bang…”

Jefri dah gelak-gelak sakan kat seat belakang. Tapi abang Driver faham.

“Baekkkk,” kata brader driver sambil senyum-senyum tahan lawak. Maklum, aku masa tu pegawai baru, brader driver ada rasa segan nak gelakkan aku kot.

Aku tak bermaksud nak racial slandering, maa… tapi tersalah cakap. Sebenarnya nak pi Jalan Genting Kelang nu. Sorry lar…


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kuih SeRemp-It

Hari ni dah 29 Syawal. Esok dah bulan baru. Sebulan lagi bulan Haji. Ish, kejap je kan. And ish, aku sempat buat PuasaNam selama 2 hari jek tahun ni... dok tangguh, tangguh. Makin Syawal nak habis, masa tu lah jabatan-jabatan sibuk nak buat 'open house' lah, aku tak sihat lah, aku takleh puasa lah.

Tapi Raya Puasa baru-baru ni, bagi aku, seronoknya ada lebih sikit... sebab Raya pertama aku beraya dengan 'extended family' i.e keluarga Abang di Pendang. Kami balik Pendang on 2nd Raya after first celebrating in Bangi.

Huiii hingaq tak hengat beraya dengan keluarga Abang. Bessst! Yang aku rasa paling selesa adalah sebab bukan aku sa-orang je yang bersaiz German Dompot kat sana, tapi orang lain juga, termasuk anak-anak saudara Abang. Maka jadilah kami sekaum ~ German Dompots bermuka Paki (arwah Abah Abang asal dari Pakistan). So, in Pendang, size does not matter coz everybody's on the same boat...heh2.

Kalau beraya kat belah aku lak, saudara-mara aku asyiklah nak kutuk-nyakat-tegur saiz badan aku and Abang... macamlah tak de benda lain yang nak dibuat bahan perbualan ~ like, tucing-tucing aku ke, kerja aku ke, kerja Abang ke...

Aku paling suka anak-anak sedara Abang. Depa refer Abang as 'Pak Ngah'. Semua anak-anak saudara Abang pandai-pandai belaka. Dan yang paling penting, depa semua taiiiiiyaaaangggg kat Mak Ngah depa ni...hehehehehe. Tu pun sebab Pak Ngah dorang memang sayangkan dorang sejak kecik lagi.

Dalam semua anak-anak sedara Abang yang 20 orang tu, ada 4 orang se-beradik yang tak reti-reti nak panggil aku Mak Ngah or Cik Lin, and panggil aku Kak Lin instead. Tak pe tak pe aku suka aku suka sebab jadi muda gitu.

Empat beradik ni (Shafiq 20, Syamiem 17, Shasha 14 and yang bongsu umur 6) adalah anak-anak kakak kedua Abang, Kak Tun. Hari kedua kami di Kedah, Kak Tun buat open house. Ada banyak biskut-biskut Raya yang sedap.

Hmmm... sedapnya biskut-biskut ni...! Rajinnya korang tolong Mak buat biskut!

Eh semua tu kueh tunjuk ja la Kak Lin. Ada satu ja hat Mak buat.

Ya ka? Kueh hat mana satu?

Alah, yang mudah tu... serundit, serindit ka apa nama dia..

Kueh Serindit? Ropa macam mana tuuu???

Shafiq mencelah:
Ihhh addddaaa ka nama dia camtu, Miem. Kueh Serendit lah!!!

Shasha pulak mencelah:
Eh bukaaaaaaaannnn. Bukan lahhh. Nama dia lain sikit! Hmm, Serempit ka. Eh, bukaaaan... tapi sikit-sikit maaacam Serempit lah...!

Hmm... kuih Semprit kot...??

Shafiq, Miem & Shasha:
Haaaa... itu lah diaaa. Sempriiiit!

Hahahahaha. Bestkan diorang? Heh heh.


Monday, November 20, 2006

Family Day@Cameron Highlands: 1

Abang's office had a Family Day at the Cameron Highlands from 16th (Thursday) till 18th (saturday) November 2006. Why they did it tengah-tengah bulan masa orang tengah kering kontang??? Pannnnnnnjang ceritanya, 'Cu. In short, ini sahajalah masanya yang semua orang boleh berkumpul since their fortnightly-deadline next week Monday ditunda ke another week Monday.

Aku memang suka suka suka naik highlands... sebab sejuk, mah. Aku ni kan species Polar Bear... banyak lemak, hence bukan untuk hidupan di Tanah Rendah seperti di Kuala Lumpur ini. The last time I went there was in 2004. So, I was really looking forward for the trip. Kena pula this is considered Abang's&I first 'honeymoon' trip sejak nikah. Nikah dengan Ketua Editor slash Editorial Cartoonist kenalah sacrifice honeymoon, kan? Deadline tak macam orang lain. Almost every weekend aku dijanda-i.

Anyway, kami berkonvoi 3 kereta. Kereta Abang (4 orang), Kereta Wanti (2 dewasa, 1 kanak-kanak) and Kereta bebudak bujang (4 orang). Kereta Tian Chua (4 orang) datang later in the evening.

Kami naik ikut Tapah. Beautiful small meandering roads amidst lush greens... tapi bila bertembung dengan lori angkut tanah ka, bas ka, mula la seriau. Since they were all coming downhill, bawak cek main laju ka.

On the way up, ada banyak penempatan orang asli. Tetiba tengah-tengah rumah-rumah rembia orang asli, ada kedai Kedai Runcit Kumar. Wah, hebat dia ni, buka kedai runcit di tengah-tengah 'dunia lain'. But I reckon store tu also serves those JKR maintenance crew yang selalu ada at the slopes sepanjang-panjang jalan naik untuk betulkan slope lah, potong rumput lah, sapu sampah lah...

The first pekan was Ringlet. Aik... another Kedai Runcit Kumar. Hmm.

Our apartments were in Tanah Rata. Wah kat sana ada lebih banyak lagi kedai runcit Kumar lah, kedai makan Kumaran lah...

Maka kami satu kereta buat satu andaian: Mungkin inilah asal usulnya nama Cameron Highlands. Asalnya ialah Kumaran Highlands. But for the sake of commercial purposes especially when spelling and pronouncing the name when promoting the place internationally, they decided to change it to Cameron Highlands instead. Hinggalah ke hari ini. Heh.


Kami ambil gambar punya lah banyak... especially Tian Chua and Jasmine. The second night we were there after 'family' dinner and post-dinner outing, Tian buat slide show on his laptop. He even showed me his photos during the previous Turkey trip especially those architectural photos that he captured... and he introduced me to Google's Picasa2 programme. Aiyoh that programme manyak canggih lah! Tian says, it's way easier and faster to download photos using Picasa than using Flickr or Yahoo, plus you can share online some more. Canggih, canggih.

Tapi entah-entah aku sa-orang je dalam dunia ni yang tak pernah guna Picasa. So tadi aku pun try search for article on Picasa and found one di StarOnline. Rupanya Picasa ni baru lagi, ya?

Tak pa. At least aku kongsi untuk semua kat sini.

Tapi kenapa aku cuba run the programme, it keeps saying "picasa2-current.exe is not a valid Win32 application" eh??? Help me, anyone?


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Labi...After 6 Months

Aku tengah belek-belek gambar-gambar tucing yang baru dan lama. And my,my... sekejapnya Labi membesar dan dah jadi macam akak - dompot tetapi kiut.

I'll be off-work tomorrow and day after. It's Abang's office Family Day in Cameron till Saturday. Apa lah depa buat tengah-tengah bulan...lepas Raya pulak tu. Aku nak gak shopping souvenir kat sana untuk bebudak ofis aku, kan?

So, malam ni kena hantar itu dua ekor 'budak kucing' pi boarding at the Taman Segar Vet Hospital for three nights. Kesian lah depa... they are both so manja and accustomed to just Abang and I that everytime after they are being boarded, they'll come back home all stressed out and yet more manja as if saying "...please don't leave us again...please..." :-(

Padanlah Mak Ayah aku dulu berat hati nak tinggalkan aku kat asrama masa aku umur 13 tahun...

Labi, at maybe 2 weeks old, 22 May 2006

Labi, 12 August 2006

Labi (left) & Labu (right), 12 Nov 2006

Tiyut kan Labi...???


Baghal Bebenor

Something that gotten through my email this morning, thanks to Pika. The very the memalukan civil servants. Aiyoh. Mintak maaflah kalau akak ni laser, tapi takkanlah kamu ni baghal sangat kot? Lawak betul lah kamu ni... heh2.

True story...

A taxpayer called up the LHDN (Inland Revenue Board) in Terengganu, and asked for Form B. The LHDN clerk who answered the call asked for the address to send the form to. The conversation goes:

"Boleh bagi alamat encik?" (Can you give me your address?)

"Hantar ke Ranhill Worley." (Send to Ranhill Worley)

"Ranhill... eja macam mana?" (err... How to spell Ranhill?)

"R.. for Rumah... A for Ayam.. N for Nangka.... H for Holland .. I for itik... L for lain-lain...." (spelling)

"Ok.. nanti kami hantar ke alamat tu." (OK, we will send to that address...)

After waiting for a week, the form arrived - have a look at the address on the envelope!!!


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ayam Bandar

Maria baru call. Dia baca my LBP entry, and recommended Apple Cider with honey. Not instant relief, but in due time, katanya.

Yonne pun ada beritahu, since dia pun ada back-pain, he takes Hurix Ginseng Plus. And he swears by it.

Tapi yang sangat mengganggu aku la ni adalah hakikat bahawa the pain-killer shot I been taking for instant muscle relief has been steroid??!!! Maria la ni beritahu tadi. Arrrkkkk. How can I be so daft... ubat muscle memangla steroid!!! Baghalll.

Dah la aku ni mak tembun, amek lagi steroid kat area nu! Kecik-kecik dulu pun aku dah penuh steroid untuk asthma aku. Steroid steroid steroid. Baik aku join ofismet aku masuk Bina Badan (dia juara Bina Badan Bahagian Wilayah woo).

Mak aku selalu 'umpat' aku gini:
"...dia tu, bukannya gemuk apa. Gemuk ubat... macam Ayam Bandar...kikikiii..."

Dah, dah. Tak mboh amek shot shot dah. Kalau tak nanti lama-lama aku tukar jadik Ibu Ayam plak. Heish.


Coming Up Soon: Buku Abang

By the way, InsyaAllah, by early of December, buku Abang akan siap and will be sold in all major MPH bookstores. Kalau tak ada aral melintang, perasmian buku will be done in MPH Midvalley, so, tungggguuuuuuuuuuuu.

I particularly like this book 'coz his drawings are much more mature with brilliant renderings and the jokes punchier.

Mind you, I wasn't a huge fan of Abang when I married him, mkay. So bila aku puji-puji gini bukan sebab dia laki aku tapi sebab memang line drawings dia besssst, so baik hangpa dengaq. Heh2. Yang paling penting, nanti ada gambar aku, Labu & Labi. Macam Ina tumpang glamer Mawi gayanya gitu.

Tunggu eh??

Hmm cukup ke time untuk akak turun 10kilo ek? Ek?


Monday, November 13, 2006


Fairuz and I passed!
Dedek, 14:55 13-NOV06

Congratulations to friends, namely Fairuz (yang dah pun mula bekerja di Dorset early last October) and Dedek yang telah berjaya lulus the FINAL LEG of being full-fledged Architects… passing your Part 3 and getting the initials “Ar.” infront of your names!!!




Now nama dorang jadi...

Puan Ar.Fairuz Haapiah, APAM
Puan Ar.Haryati Halim, APAM

APAM = Ahli Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia. Buruk betul nama, kan.. APAM. But... apam yang sooooo sweet!!!!

Aiyoh, am so fired-up lahhh. I was once so tired of studying for fecking EIGHT years and yet dapat gaji sama dengan orang yang belajar 3 tahun je… so I pushed aside my taking of the Part 3 sebab malas dah nak go through those filling-in the log books, scrutinized by examiners, undergoing orals and lectures and tutorials and exams… aiyoh aiyoh aiyoh, even sekarang ni aku pikiaq pun rasa letih.

Tapi, bila dah umur meningkat macam ni, baru terasa… hell, man. Ada lagi SATUUUUU aje step yang tak habis setelah aku harung bermacam-macam steps. What am I waiting for? I have a very non-demanding husband who encourages me to be the best, I’ve yet to have babies, and my cats LOVE being around books… so, apa tunggu lagi???

Hence, that’s it folks… Tolong doakan gue ya, agar ada kekuatan nak harung nak dapatkan Puan Ar.Rotikacangmerah, APAM by end of next year! Oooooh. Sweet, sweet, sweet!

And then, boleh lah aku jadi a registered Architect, tapi tak boleh suka-suka sign drawings to make money macam Fairuz and Dedek... sebab aku kijer gomen.

Eiih. Potong stim je.


Friday, November 10, 2006


Two Mondays ago, I took a medical leave for my lower-back pain.

Two days ago, again, I took a medical leave for the same pain. Only this time I agreed to receive a shot for the pain. Unbearable (the back pain. Not the shot, lah). Kebetulan pula my 1st day of menses. Like, oh my God, the whole structure of my back macam tak boleh duduk without being unsupported.

Today, felt like going home. The very the tak tahan. But too much work. Aiyoh, too too much work. Can't even bear the thought of having to go through those horrible open-house jams tomorrow and day after... that endless sitting, cramping up in the car under the blistering hot sun. Have listed down at least seven houses to go to on both weekends. I'll be darned, man.

Now that reminds me, Intan's mother yang mengurut aku awal bulan puasa dulu, ada beritahu that the cushions between my disk dah haus... or whatever.

Anyhow, had further readings on the net on this Low Back Pain, or LBP.

At one site, it says:

You are at particular risk for low back pain if you:

- Work in construction or another job requiring heavy lifting, lots of bending and twisting, or whole body vibration
(Ya don't say...)
- Have bad posture
- Are pregnant
- Are over age 30
- Smoke, don't exercise, or are overweight (hmm...)
- Have arthritis or osteoporosis
- Have a low pain threshold
- Feel stressed or depressed

There you go, am in four out of the eight risky categories. Baru padan dengan muka aku.

Macam mana aku nak sental bilik air-bilik air aku weekend ni nih...


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pekung Lintang Pukang

Kahwin, cerai, mati, kahwin, cerai, affair, mati, cerai, ma…

Itu je cerita hangat musim ni.

Siti & Datuk K menikah.

Hani Mohsin meninggal.

Nora Danish & anak Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib menikah.

Erra & Yusry bercerai.

MG Pillai, Toer, Steve Irwin & Abg Umar meninggal.

Nurul & Ajai bercerai.

Britney & Kevin bercerai… despite their own home-made docu of their love story still aired on Astro.

Eh…. Senarainya terrrrrlallllu panjang.

Ni bertambah pula konon-konon ada cerita model dari negara ceruk mana jadi mistress Menteri pastu proxy tolong sampaikan 'silent'-cash (CASH, beb) diiringi bodyguard-bodyguard menteri sendiri pastu bodyguard-bodyguard gelap mata plak tengok duit banyak kamelar sebab duit gaji dah habis belanja masa Raya (atau Menteri kedekut tak kasi bodyguard duit raya and bonus?) jadi depa pun ambil keputusan pi culik orang negara ceruk mana tu yang sepatutnya dilindungi pastu bunuh orang tu pastu letupkan dalam hutan ceruk mana pastu amek duit tu pastu bahagi-bahagikan satu untuk kau satu untuk aku dua untuk kau dua untuk aku tapi ada setan-setan lain yang tak dapat habuan terus jadi malaikat tolong beritahu apa member-member setan lain dah buat untuk cover Bapak Setan yang kebetulan pula dipilih rakyat untuk memimpin rakyat.

Moral of the story? Apa-apa pun kebenaran atau tidak cerita di atas, kita tetap akan jadi kita, Rakyat Setan.

Fuh. Macam citer CSI:Miami. Abang kata, ni bukan CSI:Miami. Ni CISSS:M’sia. Barulah kena.

Apa-apa pun, syabas buat kawan baik Abang, Abg. Zul Noordin serta team lawyernya kerana Sukma being acquitted from the DSAI case!!! Fuh, bertempek-tempek gambar Abg.Zul & Sukma kat NST, Berita Harian dan The Star semalam. Macam celebrity gitu. Utusan Malaysia je tak da gambar depa. Ruang tak cukup kot.

Moral of ALL stories? That Allah is above all to those who think of themselves of being high, mighty, powerful and hence invincible. Kalau Allah nak tunjuk and dedah pekung kau, Allah akan tunjuk and dedahkan jua. If you’re lucky, Allah will be gentle to you. If you’re not, then better pi lari masuk ribut Katrina dan tsunami nu, agar kau lesap terkubur dengan cerita-cerita hodoh kau. Buat malu keturunan je.



Monday, November 06, 2006

Dua Perkara

Dua Perkara aku dan Abang pelajari minggu lepas:-

1. Walaupun kucing-kucing anda (seperti Labu & Labi) tidak pernah dilepaskan keluar untuk bergaul dengan kucing-kucing lain, mereka masih perlu divaksinkan supaya ada perlindungan viral-infection ke atas mereka. Terutama sekali bila kucing-kucing anda (seperti Labu & Labi) akan dihantar 'boarding' ke klinik semasa cuti-cuti yang panjang dan akan dikelilingi oleh beratus-ratus lagi kucing yang lain yang entah sihat entah tidak sekor-sekor tu... maka perlu sekali kucing-kucing anda divaksinkan terlebih dahulu sebelum dimasukkan untuk boarding, ok?

Kalau tak, walau hanya selepas 3.5 hari bersama rakan spesis yang lain, kucing-kucing anda (seperti Labu & Labi) akan dapat penyakit-penyakit meragam, tak mboh makan, viral infection dalam tummy, muntah-muntah, berak-berak, kencet-kencet, gusi merah & sakit lantas tak boleh makan, dan depressed. Kesian diorang, tau. Dan amat menyusahkan sekali bagi anda, kerana setiap kali balik dari kerja atau bangun pagi nak bersiap-siap pergi kerja, anda perlu mencuci dan mengelap tempat-tempat muntah-berak-kencet mereka. Tapi, kesian diorang, tau.

2. Apabila ada di antara rakan non-Muslim anda yang masuk Islam (alhamdulillah) di rumah kawan-kawan ustadz dan bukan melalui Jabatan-jabatan Agama, sila pastikan rakan anda itu cepat-cepat pergi mendaftar secara formal di Jabatan-jabatan Agama yang berkenaan. Supaya rakan anda itu cepat-cepat dapat sijil / kad masuk Islam. Ada registration. Ada bukti. Supaya kalau ditakdirkan rakan anda itu pergi menyahut seruan Ilahi, segala proses pengambilan jenazah dan pengkebumian akan lebih mudah dan tidaklah berlaku lagi seperti kes Moorthy.

Setelah hampir 15 jam jenazah Abang Umar ditahan dalam bilik mayat, mujur ada terjumpa slip resit zakat di dalam dompet Abang Umar at the eleventh hour yang membuktikan bahwa beliau adalah seorang Islam maka perlu dikebumi cara Islam... Sikit lagi nak berlaku kes Moorthy kala di bilik mayat hospital. Tapi Alhamdulillah, Allah Maha Besar dan Berkuasa, 3 1/2 jam selepas Abang Umar dapat dikeluarkan pada pukul 7pm, jenazah Abang Umar selamat disempurnakan dan disemadikan di Kawasan Perkuburan Islam Teras Jernang, Bangi iaitu pada pukul 10.40pm. Disaksikan dan dihadiri oleh rakan-rakan seperjuangan yang maha ramai, termasuk yang non-Muslim juga, dengan tenang dan redha. Alhamdulillah.

Jangan lupa beli keluaran Suara Keadilan terbaru (esok, Rabu, 8 Nov 2006) untuk mengetahui kisah dan cerita lanjut mengenai Abang Umar. It'll be a feature dedication story (However, Abang's online version is here).

Do read also a very vivid and heart-rendering eulogy, Perginya Seorang Pejuang by Elizabeth Wong.


Friday, November 03, 2006


by S.Arutchelvan
[Penyelaras Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram)]

Pada 3.47 petang, saya menerima sms dari kawan saya Lee Kang yang berbunyi, "Tan died of heart attack today. Hav u heard of this?". Disekeliling saya pada masa itu beberapa orang komrad dari PSM dan wakil 15 orang peneroka bandar dari 6 kampung.

Kami berada di Pejabat SUK Selangor menanti satu rundingan mengenai isu pengusiran. Saya terkejut dan diam sahaja melihat sms dan tidak menunjukkan mesej ini kepada orang lain. Mesyuarat di SUK nak bermula pada 4 petang. Saya harapkan apa yang yang terpapar dalam telepon bimbit saya itu satu gurauan dan saya sengaja takut sangat nak confirm sms tersebut.

Setelah 15 minit, saya tak dapat tahan lagi. Saya telefon Lee Kang dan tanyakan dengan beliau beberapa kali samada berita ini adalah sahih. Beliau kemudian memberitahu dia dengar berita dari Eli- seorang lagi kawan baik ku. Sekali lagi, saya enggan bertanya kepada Eli kerana takut berita itu adalah benar dan tidak mahu menerima hakikat tersebut. Saya terus balik kepada rundingan saya dengan pihak SUK. Kawan saya, Selvam melihat kegelisahan saya bertanya apa dia. Saya tunjukkan sms dan berita kepada dia. Beliau turut terkejut.

Setelah mesyuarat SUK tamat pada jam 6 petang, saya sekali lagi meneliti handphone saya yang memang saya senyapkan semasa rundingan tersebut. Saya melihat tidak ada mesej baru dan saya gembira sedikit, kerana jika betul Umar Tan yang meninggal, mesti ada banyak sms yang masuk. Saya harapkan ada member lain yang akan beritahu bahawa mesej itu adalah palsu dan satu lagi spekulasi kosong, seperti banyak spekulasi lain yang sering dicakap-cakap oleh geng-geng reformis.

Saya kemudian telefon Pak Din pula, seorang lagi veteran Reformis dan Pak Din mengatakan dan mengesahkan memang Tan meninggal. Maka hakikatnya sudah menjadi realiti. Tan memang sudah meninggal.

Saya tidak faham mengapa saya sedih sangat. Saya terasa sedih semasa Fadhil Noor meninggal, semasa V.David meninggal dan semasa Rashid Maidin meninggal baru-baru ini tetapi pemergian Tan memang lebih menyedihkan. Seperti ada satu kehilangan besar dan gerakan perjuangan kita.

Saya tidak kenal keluarga beliau, saya tidak kenal umur beliau, saya tidak tahu dimana beliau bekerja atau dimana beliau tinggal. Tetapi kematian beliau amat memeranjatkan dan seperti ada satu kekosongan tiba-tiba dalam kehidupan saya. Saya tidak faham mengapa? Nak dikatakan saya rapat dengan beliau dan selalu bersama beliau, memang tidak benar dan tidak betul. Maka apakah yang merungsingkan fikiran saya. Bagaimana seorang aktivis yang tak mempunyai jawatan tinggi memberi impak yang begitu besar?

Umar Tan adalah seorang pejuang reformis yang tulen. Ramai reformis yang lahir pada tahun 1998 tetapi ramai mereka mati begitu sahaja. Mereka tidak dapat bertahan lama, sudah berputus asa atau mula memikiran benda-benda lain. Tetapi dari golongan itu, ada segelintir kecil yang boleh katakan reformis "hardcore" yang tidak mahu menyerah. Masih memberi komitmen seolah-olah kita berada di bulan September 1998.

Tidak ramai yang akan mati sebagai reformis tulin. Tan adalah seorang pejuang yang gigih, berdisiplin, boleh diharap, akan menepati masa, seorang yang peramah, baik hati , amat komited, suka duduk bersama minum teh, akan sentiasa berani turun ke jalanraya, sentiasa berendah diri, tak angkuh, berani dan pandai bergurau. Beliau adalah seorang pejuang yang boleh diharap dan dipercayai. Beliau tidak memegang jawatan tinggi atau mempunyai pangkat. Namun setiap orang yang melihat mukanya akan mendapat satu bentuk keriangan. Inilah mutu dan tahap seorang pejuang yang susah hendak dicari penganti.

Saya sering tertanya-tanya, bagaimana beliau menyara hidupnya kerana saya boleh melihat beliau dalam hampir setiap demo dan aksi massa.. Bila kita duduk minum teh, beliau berlumba-lumba nak belanja kita pula.

Satu lagi kelebihan Umar Tan adalah saya tak pernah melihat beliau bermain politik kaum, malah beliau seorang yang amat popular di kalangan semua kaum dan agama.

Komitmen dan pengorbonan Umar Tan harus menjadi piawaian bagi setiap aktivis di tanah air kita. Beliau adalah seorang aktivis yang menyeluruh dan jika kita mempunyai lebih orang seperti beliau, perjuangan kita sudah pasti menjadi lebih mantap dan kukuh.

Saya mendapat berita bahawa beliau akan dikebumikan pagi esok dan apabila saya dan kawan-kawan hendak berlepas pada jam 10.30 malam, kami mendapat berita bahawa beliau sudah dibawah ke kubur. Saya tidak sempat ke Bangi kerana maklumat yang diperolehi tidak tepat. Namun pemergian beliau masih mengusik fikiran dan minda saya. Saya tak dapat tidur dan terpaksa saya menaip artikel ini.

Ada sedikit bisikan mengenai agama dan keturunan Umar Tan, siapa ahli keluarganya dan sebagainya. Bagi saya, yang meninggal adalah seorang manusia dan pejuang yang berjuang untuk keadilan dan kebenaran. Saya tidak kisah cara beliau dikebumikan, apa warna kulitnya, apa agamanya, apa makanan yang beliau makan. Bagi saya, Umar Tan lebih tulin daripada semua itu.

Besok, lusa dan masa depan, semasa saya turun untuk berdemonstrasi, satu muka yang sering bersama kita akan tidak ada lagi. Kekosongan dan ruang kosong itu susah hendak diganti…

Umar Tan (24 Oktober 1953 - 02 November 2006)
Demo Terakhir, 30 Oktober 2006

Marx pernah berkata, selagi ada ketidakadilan, selagi itu ada perjuangan menuntut keadilan. Selagi ada perjuangan, memang ada orang-orang yang bersinar seperti Umar Tan yang akan sentiasa bersama kita dalam perjuangan ini.

Selamat Tinggal Tan….Perjuangan ini akan kami teruskan.

3 November 2006

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Goodbye, Abang Umar

Aktivis reformasi Umar Tan (Tan Soi Kow) meninggal dunia akibat sakit jantung di Hospital Putrajaya 4pg hari ini, jenazah masih di hospital.
~ sms, 2-Nov-06, 15:40

Termenjerit aku bila Abang forward this sms to me, half an hour ago. Abg Umar is a dear friend to Abang... the most selfless being when it comes to perjuangan. Very respected among the reformists, he would go down doing the dirty jobs along with the other hard-cores. When it comes to berjuang keadilan, dia memang tak tahu takut, dan tak tahu malu. Mana-mana ada majlis perjuangan, formal or informal, dia lah antara yang akan berada di sebalik tabir.

Dia pernah masuk lokap 5 kali due to demos, fighting for just causes. 7 kali di tahan, 7 kali dibicara. Pernah kena dibicara sama-sama dengan Abang. In fact, in was in the lock-up in 1999 lah yang Abang mula kenal Abang Umar and their close friendship & camaraderie started. Abang cerita, Abang Umar dah so gotten used to be locked-up that the first thing he did bila masuk lokap was to sleep on the bunk... soundly pula tu! Masa tu je he finds time to take a breather, katanya. heh.

Abg Umar was a western chef before joining the group. So, kalau pi makan western food dengan dia, jangan la nak play-play... kalau ada perisa yang tak cukup, dia akan cuba jumpa dengan the chef-in-charge and diplomatically would exchange ideas about apa yang kurang in the dish.

Am not sure how old he was... maybe mid-40s. Kena beli next keluaran of Suara Keadilan (7th Nov) kalau nak tahu further details. Am sure Abang would dedicate a page for Abang Umar. Because susah nak cari pengganti Abang Umar. Buat kerja tak pernah mengungkit; buat kerja tak pernah komplen nor banyak tanya... walaupun kadang-kadang bigshots buli dia suruh dia buat itu ini.

Hell, this is my 3rd entry of the day, but I cannot tangguh this entry.

4am, hari Khamis bulan Syawal, kebumi malam Jumaat. Rezki dia, tu. InsyaAllah.

At least, dia pergi tanpa perlu sengsara bed-ridden lama-lama. Pergi hospital malam pukul 11pm, by 4am Allah dah jemput dia dah.

Kita-kita ni, tak tahu lagi rezeki yang macam mana.

Abang Umar will be missed by all of us...



Anyone, Tolong Daku!!!

Since early last year, I been using Mozilla Firefox as opposed to the Microsoft Internet Explorer, all because sebab aku tak suka Taskbar kat bawah screen aku penuh-gedegang dengan surfed pages. Dengan Mozilla Firefox, new surfing pages can be opened in the same page. Makna kata, dalam satu page, can have ten tabs for different pages kalau kau ndak. Jadi, kat Taskbar bawah tu kemas lah sket.*

Jadi, aku tak pernah perasan yang kalau guna Internet Explorer, the sidebar of my blog ni akan tertolak ke bawaaaaaaaaah the blogpage (until the very last line of my entries, woh!) due to different resizing between Firefox and Explorer.

Padahal kalau view blog aku guna Firefox, semua teratur canteks gitu. Saiz font and arrangments of gambar pun agak cun. Bagi pandangan aku lar karn.

(By the way, Tok Rimau pernah 'sound' aku of the same thing dulu, but I never take note 'coz everytime aku buka blog -guna Firefox, that is- , mah blog's fine and dandy je. Sowee, Tok...)

Maka, semalam lah tarikh keramat yang aku baru terperasan akan perkara di para 2 di atas. Thanks to the siput-slow line yang memaksa aku guna Explorer instead sebab bila guna Firefox di kala line-kesiputan hidup aku telah terus-terusan merana.

Jadi, makna kata, all these while, those of you yang buka blog aku guna Explorer may have missed my weekly videoclips and monthly photos lah kot???

Aiyoh. Seyyy lor.

Okay, tak pa. Duly noted, and amended wherever possible. Aku siap letak "Please Note! This blog is best viewed with Firefox" lagi kat awalan sidebar aku tu.

Thing is, aku jenguk blog orang-orang lain, guna Firefox ka, guna Explorer ka, samaaaaaaa je pagination and font-size dorang? How ah?

Anybody care to advise and assist me? Please purdy please? Aku bukan Systems Architect mah... Aku Building Architect. Dok ghetiiiiiiiiiii.

Sekian sahaja, terima kasih kerana sudi mendengar dan menolong akan keluhan perasaan saya ini... huak.


* terima kasih juga kepada En. Yonne di Jabatan Arkitek yang mula-mula sekali mengajar aku akan penggunaan Firefox ini.

Air, Biawak dan Billboard

Y’all must read today’s Amir Muhammad’s pieces on NST’s Prime News page 14, aiyoh the very the kelakar lah his writings today. That’s why I loike reading his bits since zaman sekolah.

“Celebrating Higher Water Bills”, referring to the tariff hike, konon-kononnya how rakyat jelata Malaysia bersatu meraikan kenaikan harga air.

“Monitor Lizard Told To Resign” is obviously referring to the latest Datuk Z’s fiasco, but in the animalistic analogies.

“Billboard Feud Distracting Motorists” about the rampant billboards by the highways, the disappointment of the Mat Rempits as the billboards are distracting the public from the Mat Rempit’s deliberate road antics, and ultimately boiling down to the point where we are a nation “where freedom of choice exists, and hence proves that democracy is alive and well”.

Heh. Sampai la ni hati aku tengah gelak. Pandai betul dia menyindir. Disamakan Datuk Z dengan biawak pulak tu. Bagus, bagus.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bossing thy Bosses

Aku kan. Aku kan.

Aku have no kind words whatsoever to the internet connection the past few weeks till now.


Di dalam kelembapan yang amat banget, aku jumpa dellliciouuus No-bake Cheesecake Recipes
here... nampak especially yummy is the Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake mmm yum yum. Abang suka nah cheesecake, tapi aku belum ada baking oven. So kena make-do dengan no-bake recipes lah.

Aiyak, why lah only 1st November today! Lambatnya lagi nak 23rd.

Sementara nak tunggu gaji masuk nak beli pekakas cheesecake, kami kena makan makanan kering kucing dulu kot. Murah je makanan kucing ni. Sepaket besar boleh tahan 5 hari untuk kami, kot. Harga RM13.90/paket. Kalau makanan lembut dalam tin, setin untuk sorang sehari. Harga RM2.10/tin.

Oh. Oh. Lagi satu.

Untuk adik aku Ahy dan mereka-mereka yang suka design details, nah, pi klebet website
Kevin Mark Low, a Malaysian architect yang pernah jadi Design Director in GDP Architects. Simple tapi practical design-design Kevin ni. Dia paling suka design and build mailboxes. Katanya sebab mailboxes kat M'sia ni tak weather-proof for our tropical climate, hence selalu air masuk dan merosakkan surat kita!

GDP Architects ni, yang buat Universiti Petronas kat Tronoh, The Pavilion kat bekas tapak Bukit Bintang Girls School, Alamanda kat Putrajaya, Ministry of Finance kat Putrajaya, Ministry of Education kat Putrajaya, Hospital Serdang kat Serdang, ERL Station yang macam kerang siput kat Sepang, Menara Tun Ismail Md. Ali kat Jalan Raja Laut (sebelah Bangunan MARA), etc. Uii, GDP Architects tu ofis glamer, kauuu. Bebudak dalam tu semua otak unik-unik, balik rumah pun jarang kot. Depa ada R&D division, sebab tu details depa buat memang class.

Sekarang, GDP Architects is one of my consultants for our new project in KL Midtown. Such an honour to be working with design giants like them! Segan, woh. Bayangkan, aku ni client dorang. Nak boss around their Big Bosses pun, aku macam segan-segan gituk. Dulu masa in consultancies, aku selalu attend lectures by their Big Bosses. Tetiba sekarang kena suruh dorang buatkan kerja untuk aku pulak. La ni kalau aku nak ask them to do whatever they need to do for us, aku siap profusely apologizing for using their time first, baru aku minta. Aku ni kan penyegan orangnya, jangan tak tahu.

Kadang, I wished I could be as handal and as original as Kevin and the likes. Best lah, kan?



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