Friday, October 13, 2006

The Raid

God I am so overladen with work at the office, but the news about the raiding to that Pusat Rawatan premise by the health authorities terlalu mengganggu fikiran aku dan juga Abang. They label him as so-called ‘bogus surgeon’.

No, we are not disturbed at all about him being ‘bogus’. Definitely not, since we have first-hand experience with him, and it was from the start that we know that he is not a qualified practitioner… qualified in the sense that he is not registered as a practitioner of modern medicine (Hello, you tell me, what sort of registration does he categorize himself under if he treats people with a certain kind of ‘gift’ but still practices procedures more akin to modern treatment???).

You know, what we’re highly disturbed is that, seeking alternative medical treatment is part of basic rights, and looks like another basic rights is being deprived from us, amongst others. You know how many other ill people, near and far, are hoping on this alternative treatment??? And what about those who have been inquiring from us further, based on my entries on Abang’s previous op???

Hanya orang-orang yang desperate to get well and have sought conventional practice and yet tak sembuh2 sahaja yang tahu betapa kecewanya tindakan ni. Orang-orang yang sihat yang masih ada lagi banyak alternatif lain, tak akan rasa apa-apa by this raid.

You know, my husband has been trying to seek treatment for his discomfort from a government hospital since March 2006. After one check-up, the doc soh dtg balik in another 3 MTHS' time for another check-up. Bila datang balik another 3 mths, they give him a date for another 3 mths' time for scanning et al. Lepas pi scan segala hari tu (early October. Yes, we still seek the modern so-called qualified treatment. We have never disregard them and never will), depa soh dtg balik in December to analyse their findings. Ya Allah.

Bloodyhell people….that f*cking long a time, okay... pardon my French. Where as kat Pusat tu, Abang datang check, analyse and diagnose the first day (in August), and then disuruh datang balik in a month’s time to operate, and voilah! Empat hari lepas tu dah boleh pi kerja. And Abang dah tak de discomfort di pinggang and all. Kalau nak mengharap hospital tu, tah-tah batu-batu karang laki aku dah tersumbat-sumbat kat salur kencing dia by now… na ‘udzubillah!!! Yang susah, bukan laki aku sorang, tapi dengan aku aku sekali tau! Gila punya sistem.

By the way, according to the papers, the health authorities took action after receiving one complaint. ONE complaint??? What about the COUNTLESS COMPLAINTS of the misconducts of the so-called qualified and registered practitioners???

And anybody sueing that ‘bogus doctor’ yet??? I don’t think so. Oh, so far, kami tak pernah lagi dengar cerita ada orang mati on his operating table or dia ada tertinggal barang-barang dalam perut patients, by the way, ya.

And so, what about the endless suits against ’genuine doctors’ or GPs??? And those yang Tuhan ambil nyawa while being operated on??? F*ck, man... excuse my French. Rajin dan pandai yang tak bertempat depa suma ni tau.

Tunggu ah bila depa dah terlalu frust asyik sakit and tak de improvement buat rawatan biasa, and desperately seeking for trusted alternative treatment yang not only can save them their time but their pain as well. Baru padannnnn muka kauuuuuuuuuu.

For all you know, even that one complaint pun could be a f*king bogus…pardon my French again, done by a qualified doctor yang tak mahu periuk nasinya dicemar.

At least, buat la research dulu. Pasang orang. Interview those yang dah pergi rawat including the VIPs yang dah berjaya and alhamdulillah survive the treatments rather than having to go through those painstaking procedures by the conventional medicine. You know how painful it is most of the treatments and conventional operations, kan??? Sedangkan orang-orang non-Muslim pun recognize the Doc’s gifts, inikan kita sesama Islam sendiri nak buat dajal. Begitu lah cetek dan berlagaknya kita akan kepandaian kita yang konon-konon diiktiraf.

Tapi kan, sebenarnya, apakah definasi ‘bogus’ di sini. Abang kata, adalah sebenarnya hanyalah mereka yang tidak berdaftar dan diiktiraf. Well, Doc tu berdaftar, tetapi hanya sebagai ‘traditional healer’. Hence, tell us what sort of category does this kind of Doc falls under: someone who heals traditionally but is bestowed by Allah with other ‘special’ talent. Hence, kalaulah category ni ada, maka, tidaklah lagi doctor tu dipanggil ‘bogus’, bukan???

Tak pe, lepas raya, sila beli suratkhabar Abang mkay. Abang kata dia nak cover and defend the Pusat Rawatan. And for people to realize and know that practically almost all of their basic rights is being controlled… including the rights to receive treatment as deemed suitable by the individuals.

Sorry, aku tak puasa arini. So, aku tak kisah langsung nak guna the French word, ikhlas tanpa ada hasutan iblis. Just to illustrate and exaggerate further how marah and disappointed we are. Very.

And I'm sure I'm speaking on behalf of hundreds others.


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