Friday, October 13, 2006

The Raid: II

Masuk-masuk kereta masa Abang ambil aku dari ofis tadi, tanpa “Hi” or whatsoever, Abang terus kata, “As of now, NST should be reading your entries on your blog about my op.”

“Annesty who???”

“NST New Straits Times lah”.

“Ohhh, NST. Heh heh. Really??? Hmph. About time,” I said.

By the way, read here for NST’s write-up on the raid to the Pusat Rawatan. On the hardcopy, it was frontpage, woh. Hebat tak hebat.

Abang told me that he had a good last half of his day today, calling the hotline at the ministry (tel: 03-8883 1363) and also trying to get hold of the health reporter of the news in NST… Abang wanted to tell them the truth, that they are all giving the wrong picture about the practice, and giving the wrong impression on the Doc who had helped Abang and sooooooooo many countless others. (Read Abang's statement here.)

You don’t call someone ‘bogus’ of what he’s done for flamin’ 10 years and yet he never ripped his patients off for more extra money. He should be called, a ‘Special Doctor’ who has all but sincere in helping. Hello people kalau betul lah dia jahat, dia tak de le nak mintak duit as sikit as RM250 for a normally RM5k op; or RM4000 for an RM11k procedure. He could’ve extorted more, you know (and I bet people are still willing to pay the price in order to be healthy again).

You don’t call someone ‘bogus’ if you go raiding a place without first finding or witnessing the kind of work he’s done, the vast variety of people he’s helped whom have owed their health to him.

Masa Abang call the ministry hotline, they couldn’t even tell Abang what sort of procedures or whether they’ve personally experience anything at the clinic before deciding that the clinic is up for raiding-material. See how rajin and pandai tak bertempat they are???

That Doc has operated an average minimum of 6 major ops in a week (plus another maybe 10 minor ones per week), times that to 52 weeks a year, times 10 years. And yet tak dak pun orang mati katak atas op table dia??? Tak dak pun orang sue dia on negligence basis??? In fact, the whole of the guests in the waiting area were allowed to witness with their own eyes, what or how the Doc did during the ops. And these patients datang bukan dari dekat… dari Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Utara Malaysia, Sabah Sarawak… my goodness, the amount of hope that they brought with them to be healthy again where they were previously told back home that the conventional cure could be of little help...

I tell you, daripada hangpa pi raid tempat Doc tu berdasarkan only one single complaint, baik hangpa pi raid jugak sekali hospital-hospital lain yang ada complaint berlonggok-longgok nu!!! Baru masuk akal, bukan ka.

Abang also mentioned that ada medical doctor called up that same NST reporter and marah-marah about the raid, apparently disappointed because she herself had sent or recommended quite a number of her patients on the Pusat Rawatan whenever her conventional medical knowledge could be of no help to their ilnesses. How could and what rights do the authorities have to shut the alternative door for the patients???

Imagine the hopelessness of these people, fighting over their health. Some, fighting over their lives. They saw this glimmer of hope to get well and better. And now there’s none.

Alangkah baik kalau the health authorities pi check dulu, investigate, and bila tengok sendiri macam mana Doc tu dapat tolong so ramai orang, the ministry should try and help and work hand-in-and, and tolong kasi tempat yang lebih selesa ke apa ke. You know, everytime ada brain-drain, you lot nak blame orang-orang yang ada brain and gifted macam ni yang nak lari pi keja tempat yang lebih appreciate gifted brains. You lot tak moh protect orang-orang macam ni, maybe because you lot sendiri pun memang tak dak brain, apatah lagi gifted.

Boy am I soooo relieved that I followed my instincts to document Abang’s operation, plus tah naper Allah nak gerakkan aku post an entry on luka-luka Abang hari Rabu baru ni (see "How's Your Hubby?"). Kalau NST ada baca entry-entry on the op tu and put it on paper, hopefully orang dapat buka mata sikit. That miracles DO happen.

Daripada hangpa pi raid klinik tu, baik hangpa pi study macam mana Doc tu ada the gift. Hello, ever thought about tapping new resources??? Jangan pulak nanti ada Mat Salleh scientist or investigator yang datang and lebih appreciate, and bila depa the Mat Salleh start nak bentang investigative paper on the Doc’s gift, baru lah kita nak terkial-kial claim and approve yang Doc tu rakyat kita dan kita sungguh appreciate talent Doc tu dan kita patut anugerah ‘Tan Sri’ pada Doc tu… you know, the normal drama bullshit.

Actually, di sini aku jugak nak ambil kesempatan to urge those ex-patients of the Doc to come forward and call up the ministry hotline 03-8883 1363 or even email je the health reporter Annie Freeda Cruez at and share them your miracle stories… just like my Abang did today.

So there. Hari ni hari bebel bletiaq aku. Tapi aku nak buat semua faham dan belajar dari apa-apa moral di sini… that jangan tuduh sebarangan tanpa usul periksa.

Sebab tu dalam Islam, nak tuduh orang berzina pun kena ada empat saksi. Nak raid tempat-tempat pelacuran pun, kena ada kerja-kerja recci dulu. Silap-silap, orang-orang nak raid sarang pelacur pun ada sama-sama guna pelacur before raiding.

So, melainkan you lot dapat complain yang the Doc has caused deaths, then perhaps maybe si tukang raid tu patut pasang orang jadi pesakit dulu… then baru lah fikir nak raid ke tidak. I’m sure the VIPs yang dapat rawatan tu (as claimed in Star report), upon knowing this matter, would also come forward and bambu kome semua for barking at the wrong tree.


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