Monday, October 16, 2006

More Excerpt on Special Doctor

From New Straits Times today.

'Bogus Doctor' Still Has Her Trust
16 Oct 2006

KUCHING: After enduring three years of acute pain, housewife Raja Khalthom Raja Abdullah was a happy woman again two months ago after finding a "doctor" who managed to treat her spinal injury.

But, she is now in a dilemma after the "doctor" was unmasked as a bogus practitioner when his clinic in Shah Alam was raided by the health authorities recently.

The 49-year-old mother of two is now unsure of what to do as she will no longer be able to see him for her follow-up treatment next month.

The bogus practitioner, who is known to his patients as "Che Man", has since bolted. He is wanted by the authorities for practising medicine without a licence.

Director-General of Health, Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican, had said that "Che Man" was only a registered practitioner of traditional medicine and should not have been practising modern medicine and performing surgery.

But to Raja Khalthom, "Che Man" was the only one who had managed to make her feel better.

"The Health Ministry can call him what they like, bogus doctor, bogus surgeon, whatever. He managed to treat me when no other doctor I had consulted could.

"Even though I know from newpaper reports what happened to him, I would still risk my life and see him for treatment if his clinic is reopened," Raja Khalthom said in an interview in her Taman Samariang home here yesterday.

She said there were dozens of patients like her who were in a quandary after the clinic was shut down.

Raja Khalthom suffered a slipped disc in 1988 while she was in South Korea with her husband, Kamal Husin, who was on a diplomatic posting.

She underwent surgery in South Korea and everything was fine until a few years ago when the problem recurred.

"I was told by a government doctor that I would have to learn to live a life of pain.

"I was also told that I could undergo further surgery, but it would cost me over RM11,000 for the titanium rod which would be inserted into my spinal column," she said.

But before she could go for the surgery, her husband heard about "Che Man" from his sister, who also suffered from a back problem.

"We knew he was not a doctor in the true sense of the word. He never referred to himself as one.

"But we believed alternative medicine is acceptable in this country, so we went to see him.

"The surgery was quick and cheap," Raja Khalthom said.

"I was on the operating table for about half an hour, and it cost me only RM700. Within three days, I was driving.

"I believe ‘Che Man’ has a special gift, otherwise he would not have had patients who are very important people and even foreigners."

Raja Khalthom said the Health Ministry should have looked
at "Che Man’s" performance before taking action against him.

There you go. Apa yang Kakak ni cakap, akak sendiri dah cakap dalam entries lepas. Kakak ada baca blog saya ke eh??? Macam ciplak je... heh heh.



Zetty said...

hari tu masa baca paper abt this, i dah kot tempat yg Kak Lin cakap tu. Hmm, rasanya ada yg dengki ni...sebab tu ony after one complain yg tatau valid ke tidak tu, diaorg dah raid.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Kami pung rasa ada lahanat pendengki punya keja. Dah beribu-ribu orang yang Doktor ni tolong, pasti ada orang akan jealous, kan.

By the way, dah dapat kad dahhh!!! Tenchuuuuuuuuuuu!!!



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