Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Eid Mubarak 1427H

First day at work, expecting the ‘net connection to be smoother after Raya… but nnnoooooooo. Dah la sebelum Raya langsung tak sempat nak wish semua and bermaaf-maafan dalam blog ni. No way in hell masa tu akak nak tunggu depan komputer with the connection so lembap. Smenggu nak cuti tu, penat ya Rabb. 8 jam kat ofis memang tak cukup. Konsultan-konsultan aku sampai ada yang tak tidoq berhari-hari la, buat keja last minit untuk kami (Eh, sorry eh, aku bukan client Zetty yang jahat yang Zetty selalu cerita dalam blog dia tu, dan Zetty juga bukan consultant aku yang terpaksa buat kerja macam tak de kehidupan. Heh).

Tapi semalam akak samung cuti… M.C. Sakit pinggang yang teramat kamelar since Sabtu malam. The usual twice-or-thrice annual occurrence since umoq 14. Doc kata maybe sebab kali ini banyak nah traveling (Second day Raya balik Kedah, til Friday). Elehai, macam la ni first time aku travel. Biasanya aku pi klinik and ambil injection je for instant muscle relaxant. Tapi kali ni aku guna pills aje… tak se-instant injection, tapi boleh lah.

So jadi, akak rasa, masih tak terlewat if I could still wish everybody a Salam Aidilfitri and also maafkan segala kata-kata akak kot ada yang terkasar dalam dan luar blog ni, ya? Al-maklum, akak ni kadang-kadang mulut tak insuran langsung. Dengan Abang kau je akak boleh kawntrawl sket. Heh.

Jom, jom, mula posa 6 jom.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006


You would always think that you have had closure, or at least enough to pick up where you have left and carry on. Alas, there is never any written rule from any part of the universe to dictate the best occasion for any certain closure to ensue, nor the nature and the kind of temperament it entails.

Whence in due course leaves you so obscurely confused and bitter.

The only comfort you get is this visceral knowledge that, as resolute as he/she may sound, that other part is also equally perplexed by it all. Just perhaps.

Faham? Tak?

Tak pa. Hanya yang faham sahaja yang akan faham.

Dan jika hingusan berlaku di liang yang tak bernafas maka ia akan senantiasa mengalir tanpa boleh disekat-sekat. Darn it.

Kalau internet connection mengalir-ngalir tanpa disekat macam hingus aku di liang yang tak bernafas ni, kan ke bagus.


Gustav Klimt's
The Kiss

"...I heard he sealed it with a kiss
He gently kissed her cherry lips
I found that so hard to believe
Because his kiss belonged to me..."

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Happy Anniversary, Umi & Ayah

Tiga puluh lima tahun yang lepas, tarikh 17 Oktober 1971, adalah tarikh Umi & Ayah disatukan menjadi suami isteri yang sah.

Happy 35th Anniversary, Umi & Ayah!!!

Our whole of universe' prayers for your health, well-being, love and rezeki...

We love you lots. Always. More than you two will ever ever know.

Nak tulis more on Umi Ayah, tapi kerja tengah banyak...

Plus aku rasa aku macam nak demam. Dari malam tadi hingus leleh-leleh. Bangun pagi, hidung dan mata gatal-gatal. Masuk ofis, bersin-bersin. Tekak dah mula sakit.

Habbbbbis. Hannnncur.


Monday, October 16, 2006

More Excerpt on Special Doctor

From New Straits Times today.

'Bogus Doctor' Still Has Her Trust
16 Oct 2006

KUCHING: After enduring three years of acute pain, housewife Raja Khalthom Raja Abdullah was a happy woman again two months ago after finding a "doctor" who managed to treat her spinal injury.

But, she is now in a dilemma after the "doctor" was unmasked as a bogus practitioner when his clinic in Shah Alam was raided by the health authorities recently.

The 49-year-old mother of two is now unsure of what to do as she will no longer be able to see him for her follow-up treatment next month.

The bogus practitioner, who is known to his patients as "Che Man", has since bolted. He is wanted by the authorities for practising medicine without a licence.

Director-General of Health, Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican, had said that "Che Man" was only a registered practitioner of traditional medicine and should not have been practising modern medicine and performing surgery.

But to Raja Khalthom, "Che Man" was the only one who had managed to make her feel better.

"The Health Ministry can call him what they like, bogus doctor, bogus surgeon, whatever. He managed to treat me when no other doctor I had consulted could.

"Even though I know from newpaper reports what happened to him, I would still risk my life and see him for treatment if his clinic is reopened," Raja Khalthom said in an interview in her Taman Samariang home here yesterday.

She said there were dozens of patients like her who were in a quandary after the clinic was shut down.

Raja Khalthom suffered a slipped disc in 1988 while she was in South Korea with her husband, Kamal Husin, who was on a diplomatic posting.

She underwent surgery in South Korea and everything was fine until a few years ago when the problem recurred.

"I was told by a government doctor that I would have to learn to live a life of pain.

"I was also told that I could undergo further surgery, but it would cost me over RM11,000 for the titanium rod which would be inserted into my spinal column," she said.

But before she could go for the surgery, her husband heard about "Che Man" from his sister, who also suffered from a back problem.

"We knew he was not a doctor in the true sense of the word. He never referred to himself as one.

"But we believed alternative medicine is acceptable in this country, so we went to see him.

"The surgery was quick and cheap," Raja Khalthom said.

"I was on the operating table for about half an hour, and it cost me only RM700. Within three days, I was driving.

"I believe ‘Che Man’ has a special gift, otherwise he would not have had patients who are very important people and even foreigners."

Raja Khalthom said the Health Ministry should have looked
at "Che Man’s" performance before taking action against him.

There you go. Apa yang Kakak ni cakap, akak sendiri dah cakap dalam entries lepas. Kakak ada baca blog saya ke eh??? Macam ciplak je... heh heh.


Friday, October 13, 2006

The Raid: II

Masuk-masuk kereta masa Abang ambil aku dari ofis tadi, tanpa “Hi” or whatsoever, Abang terus kata, “As of now, NST should be reading your entries on your blog about my op.”

“Annesty who???”

“NST New Straits Times lah”.

“Ohhh, NST. Heh heh. Really??? Hmph. About time,” I said.

By the way, read here for NST’s write-up on the raid to the Pusat Rawatan. On the hardcopy, it was frontpage, woh. Hebat tak hebat.

Abang told me that he had a good last half of his day today, calling the hotline at the ministry (tel: 03-8883 1363) and also trying to get hold of the health reporter of the news in NST… Abang wanted to tell them the truth, that they are all giving the wrong picture about the practice, and giving the wrong impression on the Doc who had helped Abang and sooooooooo many countless others. (Read Abang's statement here.)

You don’t call someone ‘bogus’ of what he’s done for flamin’ 10 years and yet he never ripped his patients off for more extra money. He should be called, a ‘Special Doctor’ who has all but sincere in helping. Hello people kalau betul lah dia jahat, dia tak de le nak mintak duit as sikit as RM250 for a normally RM5k op; or RM4000 for an RM11k procedure. He could’ve extorted more, you know (and I bet people are still willing to pay the price in order to be healthy again).

You don’t call someone ‘bogus’ if you go raiding a place without first finding or witnessing the kind of work he’s done, the vast variety of people he’s helped whom have owed their health to him.

Masa Abang call the ministry hotline, they couldn’t even tell Abang what sort of procedures or whether they’ve personally experience anything at the clinic before deciding that the clinic is up for raiding-material. See how rajin and pandai tak bertempat they are???

That Doc has operated an average minimum of 6 major ops in a week (plus another maybe 10 minor ones per week), times that to 52 weeks a year, times 10 years. And yet tak dak pun orang mati katak atas op table dia??? Tak dak pun orang sue dia on negligence basis??? In fact, the whole of the guests in the waiting area were allowed to witness with their own eyes, what or how the Doc did during the ops. And these patients datang bukan dari dekat… dari Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Utara Malaysia, Sabah Sarawak… my goodness, the amount of hope that they brought with them to be healthy again where they were previously told back home that the conventional cure could be of little help...

I tell you, daripada hangpa pi raid tempat Doc tu berdasarkan only one single complaint, baik hangpa pi raid jugak sekali hospital-hospital lain yang ada complaint berlonggok-longgok nu!!! Baru masuk akal, bukan ka.

Abang also mentioned that ada medical doctor called up that same NST reporter and marah-marah about the raid, apparently disappointed because she herself had sent or recommended quite a number of her patients on the Pusat Rawatan whenever her conventional medical knowledge could be of no help to their ilnesses. How could and what rights do the authorities have to shut the alternative door for the patients???

Imagine the hopelessness of these people, fighting over their health. Some, fighting over their lives. They saw this glimmer of hope to get well and better. And now there’s none.

Alangkah baik kalau the health authorities pi check dulu, investigate, and bila tengok sendiri macam mana Doc tu dapat tolong so ramai orang, the ministry should try and help and work hand-in-and, and tolong kasi tempat yang lebih selesa ke apa ke. You know, everytime ada brain-drain, you lot nak blame orang-orang yang ada brain and gifted macam ni yang nak lari pi keja tempat yang lebih appreciate gifted brains. You lot tak moh protect orang-orang macam ni, maybe because you lot sendiri pun memang tak dak brain, apatah lagi gifted.

Boy am I soooo relieved that I followed my instincts to document Abang’s operation, plus tah naper Allah nak gerakkan aku post an entry on luka-luka Abang hari Rabu baru ni (see "How's Your Hubby?"). Kalau NST ada baca entry-entry on the op tu and put it on paper, hopefully orang dapat buka mata sikit. That miracles DO happen.

Daripada hangpa pi raid klinik tu, baik hangpa pi study macam mana Doc tu ada the gift. Hello, ever thought about tapping new resources??? Jangan pulak nanti ada Mat Salleh scientist or investigator yang datang and lebih appreciate, and bila depa the Mat Salleh start nak bentang investigative paper on the Doc’s gift, baru lah kita nak terkial-kial claim and approve yang Doc tu rakyat kita dan kita sungguh appreciate talent Doc tu dan kita patut anugerah ‘Tan Sri’ pada Doc tu… you know, the normal drama bullshit.

Actually, di sini aku jugak nak ambil kesempatan to urge those ex-patients of the Doc to come forward and call up the ministry hotline 03-8883 1363 or even email je the health reporter Annie Freeda Cruez at anniefc@nst.com.my and share them your miracle stories… just like my Abang did today.

So there. Hari ni hari bebel bletiaq aku. Tapi aku nak buat semua faham dan belajar dari apa-apa moral di sini… that jangan tuduh sebarangan tanpa usul periksa.

Sebab tu dalam Islam, nak tuduh orang berzina pun kena ada empat saksi. Nak raid tempat-tempat pelacuran pun, kena ada kerja-kerja recci dulu. Silap-silap, orang-orang nak raid sarang pelacur pun ada sama-sama guna pelacur before raiding.

So, melainkan you lot dapat complain yang the Doc has caused deaths, then perhaps maybe si tukang raid tu patut pasang orang jadi pesakit dulu… then baru lah fikir nak raid ke tidak. I’m sure the VIPs yang dapat rawatan tu (as claimed in Star report), upon knowing this matter, would also come forward and bambu kome semua for barking at the wrong tree.


The Raid

God I am so overladen with work at the office, but the news about the raiding to that Pusat Rawatan premise by the health authorities terlalu mengganggu fikiran aku dan juga Abang. They label him as so-called ‘bogus surgeon’.

No, we are not disturbed at all about him being ‘bogus’. Definitely not, since we have first-hand experience with him, and it was from the start that we know that he is not a qualified practitioner… qualified in the sense that he is not registered as a practitioner of modern medicine (Hello, you tell me, what sort of registration does he categorize himself under if he treats people with a certain kind of ‘gift’ but still practices procedures more akin to modern treatment???).

You know, what we’re highly disturbed is that, seeking alternative medical treatment is part of basic rights, and looks like another basic rights is being deprived from us, amongst others. You know how many other ill people, near and far, are hoping on this alternative treatment??? And what about those who have been inquiring from us further, based on my entries on Abang’s previous op???

Hanya orang-orang yang desperate to get well and have sought conventional practice and yet tak sembuh2 sahaja yang tahu betapa kecewanya tindakan ni. Orang-orang yang sihat yang masih ada lagi banyak alternatif lain, tak akan rasa apa-apa by this raid.

You know, my husband has been trying to seek treatment for his discomfort from a government hospital since March 2006. After one check-up, the doc soh dtg balik in another 3 MTHS' time for another check-up. Bila datang balik another 3 mths, they give him a date for another 3 mths' time for scanning et al. Lepas pi scan segala hari tu (early October. Yes, we still seek the modern so-called qualified treatment. We have never disregard them and never will), depa soh dtg balik in December to analyse their findings. Ya Allah.

Bloodyhell people….that f*cking long a time, okay... pardon my French. Where as kat Pusat tu, Abang datang check, analyse and diagnose the first day (in August), and then disuruh datang balik in a month’s time to operate, and voilah! Empat hari lepas tu dah boleh pi kerja. And Abang dah tak de discomfort di pinggang and all. Kalau nak mengharap hospital tu, tah-tah batu-batu karang laki aku dah tersumbat-sumbat kat salur kencing dia by now… na ‘udzubillah!!! Yang susah, bukan laki aku sorang, tapi dengan aku aku sekali tau! Gila punya sistem.

By the way, according to the papers, the health authorities took action after receiving one complaint. ONE complaint??? What about the COUNTLESS COMPLAINTS of the misconducts of the so-called qualified and registered practitioners???

And anybody sueing that ‘bogus doctor’ yet??? I don’t think so. Oh, so far, kami tak pernah lagi dengar cerita ada orang mati on his operating table or dia ada tertinggal barang-barang dalam perut patients, by the way, ya.

And so, what about the endless suits against ’genuine doctors’ or GPs??? And those yang Tuhan ambil nyawa while being operated on??? F*ck, man... excuse my French. Rajin dan pandai yang tak bertempat depa suma ni tau.

Tunggu ah bila depa dah terlalu frust asyik sakit and tak de improvement buat rawatan biasa, and desperately seeking for trusted alternative treatment yang not only can save them their time but their pain as well. Baru padannnnn muka kauuuuuuuuuu.

For all you know, even that one complaint pun could be a f*king bogus…pardon my French again, done by a qualified doctor yang tak mahu periuk nasinya dicemar.

At least, buat la research dulu. Pasang orang. Interview those yang dah pergi rawat including the VIPs yang dah berjaya and alhamdulillah survive the treatments rather than having to go through those painstaking procedures by the conventional medicine. You know how painful it is most of the treatments and conventional operations, kan??? Sedangkan orang-orang non-Muslim pun recognize the Doc’s gifts, inikan kita sesama Islam sendiri nak buat dajal. Begitu lah cetek dan berlagaknya kita akan kepandaian kita yang konon-konon diiktiraf.

Tapi kan, sebenarnya, apakah definasi ‘bogus’ di sini. Abang kata, adalah sebenarnya hanyalah mereka yang tidak berdaftar dan diiktiraf. Well, Doc tu berdaftar, tetapi hanya sebagai ‘traditional healer’. Hence, tell us what sort of category does this kind of Doc falls under: someone who heals traditionally but is bestowed by Allah with other ‘special’ talent. Hence, kalaulah category ni ada, maka, tidaklah lagi doctor tu dipanggil ‘bogus’, bukan???

Tak pe, lepas raya, sila beli suratkhabar Abang mkay. Abang kata dia nak cover and defend the Pusat Rawatan. And for people to realize and know that practically almost all of their basic rights is being controlled… including the rights to receive treatment as deemed suitable by the individuals.

Sorry, aku tak puasa arini. So, aku tak kisah langsung nak guna the French word, ikhlas tanpa ada hasutan iblis. Just to illustrate and exaggerate further how marah and disappointed we are. Very.

And I'm sure I'm speaking on behalf of hundreds others.


Thursday, October 12, 2006


You know, sometimes.

It makes you wonder.

No matter how meticulously careful and conscientious you've become, treading through your course of life after some turbulent rides.

And just when you thought you've managed to pull through, paving through paths you think they're visibly safe.

Unsuspectingly, an imminent crossroads looming upfront.

Taking you back to the junction to that course of life. Where you realised that you've actually been wandering in circles.


It makes you wonder.

Sometimes, you know.

Whether you're fated for the same kind of destiny...


And you just feel like sleeping.

For a long, long time.

It's so nice to be Labi

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"How's Your Hubby?"

Ada orang tertanya-tanya, apa khabar Abang... macam mana dengan luka Abang... etc.

Some tanya sebab sceptics to my story from day one... others because they are interested to know more about this alternative treatment.

So here... I attach a complete set of photos from day one to just recently for your perusal.

By the way, Abang was operated on the 6th September 2006.

07 Sept 2006;

09 Sept 2006; 8:19am

13 Sept 2006; 8:09pm

04 Okt 2006; 11:31pm

There you go... magic. Mana pi luka tu dah?? Allahu a'lam!!!


Thursday, October 05, 2006


Kome seme nak tau dak berapa pasang kasut aku yang dah terkopak dalam masa dua minggu terakhir bulan lepas?

Not one, not two, but fllllamin' four pairs, folks. Satu black flat pump (circa end 2004); satu beige heels (late 2005); satu brown sandals (Raya 2005); and a black sandal (early 2004) ...which is alllllmost dead for good.

Itu lah dia Murphy's Law dalam erti kata yang sebenarnya.

But my luck takes that I work vewy near to Sogo... where the sales is practically all-year round. Dan Abang pulak asyik berseloroh, "Tiap-tiap hujung bulan kata nak beli kasut bila gaji masuk. Dah 4 pasang kopak pun, tak beli-beli gak lagi."

Ya, ya. Aku ni ada 'sakit' sikit... tak macam pompuan lain, aku malas pi shopping. Try try, tak muat. Try try, tak cantik. Try try, muat dan cantik tapi mahal. Eiii... self-degrading and humiliation, you. Tapi aku bersyukur sebenarnya that Allah jadikan aku tak muat dan tak cantik... kalau sentiasa muat dan sentiasa cantik, alamatnya..... habis hancur punah ranah.

Tapi semalam, lain cerita. Ambik, cuba, angkat. Ambik, cuba, angkat. Hah... EMPAT pasang kasut sekaligus. Alah tau lah kalau orang lain beli 4 pasang sekaligus tu, tak menghairankan. Tapi ni aku la. Nak beli dua pasang setahun pun, payah tau!

Kasut mahal yang Abang belikan awal tahun ni pun, aku punya lah suka kasut tu sampai aku pakai til lunyai hancur reput alas tapak kat dalam kasut tu, sampai aku malu kalau kena buka kasut untuk cuba kasut lain. Semalam dah kena dah dengan sekor budak kecik ni... dia lalu tepi kasut ofis lunyai aku, and dia bitau mak dia, "eiii Mommy Mommy, what shoe is thiiiis?". Aku gelak malu je. Mujur mak bapak dia ada... kalau dak, Auntie luku Sayang, tau. Sayang tak sayang mulut, neiii.

Dan bila sampai rumah, habis aku buang semua kasut-kasut lama yang durjana tu!!! Puas hati aku.

Okeh, lepas ni, handbag lak. Brown and Black (ya, ya... beg-beg aku brown, black or beige, je. No pinks of fuschias or pastel blues or flowery greens or whutever. Malas carik kasut -and the humiliation- to go with the bag, mahhhh). Next month lepas Raya punya gaji, that is.

Beli bag tak pe... no self-degradation would take place.


Fistula Spatula

One thing that reeks nostalgia for me during sahur in Ramadhan is to watch Oprah Winfrey at 5am, Monday - Friday. Apart from this hour, I never seem to be able to catch any of her shows on Astro. Mungkin sebab tak coincide with me being at home, or her shows coincide with my other favourite shows on Astro.

Until this morning's show (which I reckon was filmed in January 2005), I never knew that the 'fistula' was a sickness. It sounded to me like some perkakas lab before... like a 'spatula' of some sort. Me bloody ignorant, that's what I am.

Well, in the show, Oprah went to the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia, where they cure almost hundreds of fistula patients there. Some had to sell their homes to be able to get treatment; some had to walk miles in terrible pain and foul stench; others were rescued from their isolation.

I reckon, culture plays a part in it. Being impoverished nation, most of their people lack education and medical assistance is not within reach macam kat developed nations. They marry when they're very young (as young as 12), and when the women got pregnant, the family and husband would usually wait with her til she gives birth naturally.

And I mean, naturally. Like, there would be 4 to 7 days' of labour pain, which of course resulted in stillborns. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's during the very long unassisted labour that the head of the baby would press against the mother's pelvis, which would then cut off the blood supplies to the tissues around it, tissue mati & gugur, which in turn leave fistulas, or holes, between her rahim and pundi kencing or rectum. Then they'd have incontinence or uncontrollable faeces. And then the husband and family would isolate them, sometimes for years (like, in Oprah, a girl with fistula was locked up for 9 years!) or even thrown to the bushes because they stink.

Hence it's called 'Obstetric Fistula'.

Ish... aren't we all lucky that medical assistance can be obtained just about anywhere around the corner here in Malaysia??? Sakit PMS pun macam nak pitam-pitam (well, that's the nearest pain I could feel lah kan... tak pernah beranak lagi mah...), ini kan pula kalau sakit mecenggitu.

I also read the stories of the women with fistula from the Fistula Foundation
website. It seems like as if sakit ni macam perkara biasa je kat sana. Even on Oprah pun, the sufferers bercerita macam as-a-matter-of-fact je. Oprah (and the audience) pula yang terbeliak-beliak bijik mata in pure disbelief. Read on their stories here.

I guess, that's where education plays a huge part. A lot of these women plan to help educate the other women back at home with what they've learnt at the hospital. Culture, sometimes, can be so life-threatening and devastating, kan. For them, the practice of genital mutilation is common. Just like their use of the village doctor rather than the medical doctor during childbirth. Pasti ada sebab kenapa mereka tak modify this part of their culture in order to lessen pain.

Alhamdulillah kita tak dilahirkan di kalangan mereka.

There's 4,000,000 site if you Google 'fistula'. So, go read mkay.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What's Your Signature Colour

"...Rotikacangmerah, your signature color is Pink Chiffon

There's nothing saccharine about you — your sweetness is one hundred percent natural! A gentle, thoughtful romantic like you must be paired with a color that's soft and warm — but still has a subtle sophisticated sheen. That's why Pink Chiffon is the perfect color for you! You're probably known for making the most of every situation and trying to see the best in people. But while you may be cheerful and innocent at times, you're nobody's fool. You may see the world through rose-colored glasses, but you can still see, after all.

While you make wise insights time after time, it's probably your good nature and perpetual optimism that are what you're known for and what make you a joy to be around. Even those who sometimes make fun of your Pollyanna-like proclamations will turn to you when they need a friend and some cheering up. So keep pink, Chiffon. With you around, the world's a better place!..."

Aiyewww. Please, not pink lah weh. Sah sah Tickle Test ni tak berapa betul.



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