Friday, September 01, 2006

Monster House!

Hari Ahad malam Isnin lepas, aku, Abang dan adik-adik pergi tengok Monster House di MINES.

The show started at 7.40pm, and the darn theater at MINES tak dak advert macam kat tempat lain. So, when dia kata 7.40pm mula, 7.40pm tu lah dia mula. Mana nak dinner lagi, nak solat maghrib lagi... adui la, berpeluh-peluh makcik berlari nak keep up pace dengan adik-adik makcik yang muda belia tu, to and from the surau.

We missed quite a bit on the earlier part of the show, but nevertheless, aiyoh people... after the show, ALL six of us cannot stop raving about the movie lah!!! Kelakar dan seronok giler!!! The characters have character (and very memorable ones are they, too!); the plotline ada edge; the lines are witty, not cliched or boring; the kids watching the movie not only laughed hard but scared in their pants too... best best best!!! Yang paling penting, Abang gelak punya lah besaq, satu theater boleh dengar dia gelak! Bila orang dah berenti gelak pun, dia sambung gelak balik! So, kalau seekor, eh, seorang kartunis boleh gelak besar tengok katun orang lain, you better believe the darn thing's good, mkay??

You guys can read further about the movie from my brother's entry in his blog on Monster vs Ant, ok?

So, semalam masa cuti Merdeka, instead of going to Kajang to visit my cousin and my new baby nephew, Abang & I pi catch Monster House for the second time, this time at Leisure Mall. And still kami gelak gelak gelak gelak!!! We love all the characters in it - the 3 kids DJ-Chowder-Jenny (our fav is Chowder!), the babysitter Zee, the boyfriend Bones, Mr.Nebbercracker and the (house)wife Constance, the gaming-craze Skull, the policemen... aiyak, even the lil blonde girl on a tricycle at the beginning and the end of the movie!!! Cute giler budak tu... her 'r' pun tak mature lagi ('Mistew Nebbewcwackew', 'twick or tweat!', 'thank you mistew!!')!

Alah, pi tengok sendiwi ah! Kalau dapat tengok sambil-sambil makan aiskwim stobewi, lagi best! hahaha

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