Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Guitarist Heybat di YouTube

Read an article from The Star yesterday about this South Korean lad having a really big huge hits (like, close to 9million hits the past 8 mths!!!) on the YouTube, with him playing the rock version of the classical wedding song Canon by Johann Pachelbel.

So, click here for a major jaw-dropping awesome moment...! Well, to the guitar enthusiasts, at least...

Aiyoh, giler, I tell you. Rasa nak kawin semula supaya bley pasang lagu ni masa berarak instead of guna kompang..!


1 comment:

Udi said...

Haibat²! Kak Lin, yg nih Trace Bundy main gune acoustic guitar. This was the first video i saw before watching yg korean boy nih. Mmg udi suke gler die men. :


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