Thursday, September 28, 2006

Goodbye, Endek Akam

Endek has just passed away.
~ Umi, 01:37, 27-SEP-06

My auntie Endek Akam a.k.a Khamsiah binti Abdullah, who is also kakak atas Ayah, passed away rather peacefully yesterday midnite after years of battling with breast cancer. It wasn't breast cancer that killed her, though. The cells somehow spread to her lungs, and she became asthmatic all the time for the past few months. She was in the hospital for quite a while before she asked to be sent home. The past one week she's been home, in and out of nazak phase. And finally on Wednesday 27 Sept 2006 (4 Ramadhan 1427H), dia berangkat pulang bertemu Allah, with suami, anak-anak dan cucu-cucu ada di sekeliling.

She even came on my bekwah last year, just to be with us on my big day walaupun masa tu dia demam-demam tak leh bergerak banyak...

Ayah ada 17 orang adik-beradik... 3 meninggal masa dorang baby. So, I was brought up knowing all the 14 adik-beradik.

Ni kematian pertama dalam adik beradik Ayah. Mak Ayah ('Nenek Labu', as we would fondly remember her as, coz kampung Ayah di Labu, Negeri Sembilan) passed on in 1978; Atuk Labu in 1990. And now, Endek Akam pula menyusul.

Endek Akam was buried at Seksyen 21 Shah Alam. Strange lah, MBSA guna tractor to kambus balik the tanah. We all felt like that lacked the final respect, lah. I mean, the men in the family were all so prepared to go down there to carefully lay down the earth and kepal-kepal that final tanah by the family members, and yet... Ntahlah. MBSA nak cepat kot, coz ada 3 lagi liang sebelah liang Endek. In fact, belum habis baca talqin, satu lagi jenazah sampai. Tak sempat kami nak siram-siram air mawar segala...

Nevertheless, everything went so very smoothly for Endek and the family, Alhamdulillah. Meninggal di bulan Ramadhan pula tu. Itu lah rezki Endek.

Deaths never fail to give profound effect on me. Dari dulu I been praying kalau Allah nak ambil my nyawa, hopefully let it be between Khamis and Jumaat in a Ramadhan. And I cannot stop from wondering whether I would be missed and remembered; whether I'd have guests and visitors to pray over me. It gets too surreal at times. Allahu akbar.

Tapi yang paling sedihnya, aku masih lagi tak insaf-insaf...

Takziah and deepest condolences to Pak Endek, Abg Zizi&family, Abg Fuzi&family, Taufik&family and Intan&family... all our love.


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