Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gilmore Girls

Abang kaki bola. EPL especially... not so much of the World Cup mania though. Kalau tengah ada berita di tv atau suratkhabar atau radio atau mana-mana media about Manchester United, you better not try strike any conversation with him or even play nude with him or be gross by sticking your finger in your nose and meddle with the 'harta-harta' in it... coz he won't bother.

So, on EPL nights, I would be 'widowed', condemned and confined to the bedroom with LabuLabi and reading material. Forget about watching DVDs or movies or CSIs or whatnot... coz he ain't budging from that two seater, baybeh.

BUT. Of course there's a but and an exceptional to everything, me correct or not? hehe.

Since the Gilmore Girls Season 5 is back on the telly for the past 2,3 weeks (Saturdays, TV8, 10.30pm)... with very heavy heart Abang relents, and off he goes to catch his f'ball stars somewhere kat kedai mamak kat luar nu while i hog the tv remote control all to myself for that night... mine, mine, MIIINNNEEEE!!!! bwahahahaaa.

Why, I hear, do I go ga-ga over The Girls??? Coz I wanna be like them. Coz when I have a daughter of my own one day, I wanna be like Lorelai Gilmore to Rory. How? Go lah watch... preferably right from the Season 1 to understand better. And aiyoh, how lah to be a gorgeous mother like that? I want I want I want.

Okay here are some sites on The Girls you may want to drop by and have a peek:

1. Articles on The Girls in StarOnline 1
2. Articles on The Girls in StarOnline 2
3. Did You Know...? about The Girls in StarOnline
4. Gilmore Girls Official Website (where I've downloaded their Gilmore-ism ... quotes -and the sources- that they used in the series)
5. Gilmore Girls Fan Club
6. Gilmore Girls TV Scripts (yes, I've downloaded all of 'em. yes. yes i have.)

So... ummm... Gilmore Girls (M) Fan Club anyone???



Zetty said...

me! me ! me!

I want to be in the Gilmore Girls (M) Fan Club.

i lurveee Gilmore Girls.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

hey ya Zetts!!!

Sukaaaa kalau Zetty happy!!! hug hug hug!

Lepas ni kalau kita tgk Gilmore Girls, you remember me and i remember you, mkay??? hehehe


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