Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Absolute Love

I was reading the paper in the car on our way to Wangsa Maju after work yesterday, when I came across the news on funeral service of Steve Irwin.

I read aloud to Abang when the article mentioned about how Terri Irwin and the kids are coping over Steve's demise; and that how Terri, who has gone through a number of heartbreaking moments in her life, has been putting a brave front for the kids.

As I was reading that, I imagined Terri sleeping with the kids at night, terrified of the succumbed loneliness in her own bedroom she’s shared with Steve for 14 years. And how trapped and painful she must feel for not being able to get away from the house and the memories… well, that’s how some of us deal with pain, kan, to run away and start anew.

I sighed.

“You know Abang, ditakdirkan A*n hilang Abang, na’udzubillah… I don’t think I could ever lived in the same house again like Terri does… so many memories of you…”.

And softly, surely but without second thoughts, Abang replied, “…Abang pun…”.

We went silent. I reckon, there were lumps in our throats and tears welling in our eyes amid me still trying to pretend to read and Abang trying to concentrate on driving.

And in that instant moment, I felt absolute Love and Kasih to Abang, engulfing the entire interior of the car… and I’m sure he feels the same, too.



rotidua said...

we live, we learn...

terasa macam tak nak buat dosa kat hubby kan?

Roti Kacang Merah said...


ya betol betol.

and macam, dah banyaaaaaaaaaaak sangat buat dosa ke hubby, tapi dia sabaaaaaaar jek lagi...

Anonymous said...

Love you very much too....muah, muah!

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