Monday, September 18, 2006

Abang's Operation: Part 4: Finale

... continued from Part 3

Okeh, people. Finally.

You know…

… don’t ask me how come Abang’s kidneys and pundi kencing ada di area above the pusat and not di pinggang or bawah near the crotch instead;

… don’t ask me how the batu-batu were outside the kidneys and the pundi kencing, or how the nanah was outside the pundi kencing and not inside;

… don’t ask me how the Doc “cantum” semula lapisan-lapisan perut Abang balik (yang I bet was saturated with lemak, mind you) with nary a stitch;

… don’t ask me how Abang tak rasa sakit langsung even though dia boleh rasa the scalpel that went through him or masa Doc alih-alih ‘barang-barang’ dia;

… don’t ask me how come there was no blood oozing out;

… and no, don’t ask me lah any miracles bogging your head that you need answers to… ‘coz we ain’t got the answers, people!!!!

Seeing is believing lah, people… subhaaanallah. Allahu Akbar. Itu hadiah Dia pada Dr. CM, and kita as hambaNya sekadar berikhtiar, you know. Kita berikhtiar atas nama Allah dan kerana Allah. Dan kita bersyukur ke atas kurniaan Allah terhadap hamba pilihanNya iaitu Dr.CM. Dan kita hanya bersyukur kepadaNya kerana menyelamatkan kita dan bukan kepada Doc.

Also, here lies my theory, too:

When Doc kasi Salaam ke kepala Abang and badan Abang,or even masa Doc kasi Salaam during Doc tujah the scalpel into Abang and yet none of us were expected to sambut the Salaams: my theory was that Doc was actually relaying the Salaam (and seeking permission) to our mind and body cells instead, so that ‘they’ give way for Doc’s manipulation onto them without causing any pain to the tuan badan and afterwards providing the whole entire system a very speedy recovery.

And also with this theory barulah it makes sense to me why the place was so equally packed with the non-Muslims as well, coz dorang tidaklah perlu berpaling against their beliefs. They only have to witness for themselves the miracle of Allah through this one Muslim doctor. Allahu a’lam.

Before I end this very lengthy, sort of, ‘documentation’ of Abang’s op, please allow me to share a couple of stories out of some from those Abang&I got to know from the PRI, in hopes that this could further give hope and confidence to those who either have lost hope or in search of a quick alternative, cheaper and painless fix.

There was this one Indian guy who came to PRI for his heart problem. He was supposed to have a bypass after already gone for two angioplasties at the IJN (for those yang tak tahu the angio procedure, please Google eh, tenchu. ). But he says, he tak sanggup already nak buat bypass. Age is catching up, and he tak sanggup nak go through the post-op healing process. Hence, upon recommendation, he went to see Dr.CM instead. So masa dia jumpa Doc, dia hanya beritahu Doc yang dia ada heart problem. Doc sentuh-sentuh dada dia, and told him precisely that the guy had undergone two angios previously. Doc told the guy not to worry as he could help remove any blockages so that the guy could escape bypass surgery.

After the procedure in PRI, the guy went back to the IJN for his routine checkup. Dengan kuasa Allah, the scan did not show any signs of blockages and that he was given the green light not to have any bypass surgery whatsoever! Masa Abang borak-borak dengan the Indian guy tu, the guy was on his monthly 3-mth post-op check-up at the PRI and the guy looked very healthy and happy, Alhamdulillah.

Another was a Malay guy who had an advanced tumour in one of his kidneys. He went to SJMC for medical, and was told that his kidney had to be removed coz the tumour tak boleh dikeluarkan from the kidney. This guy pun, upon recommendation and ikhtiar, went to seek second opinion from PRI. Bila Doc check, Doc kata dia boleh ikhtiar keluarkan tumour tu. And dengan kuasa Allah, Doc managed to! So, after the op at PRI, the guy went back for his routine check-up with SJMC. Dengan kuasa Allah, wah, doctors sana sudah pening kepala coz they couldn’t find anymore tumours in the guy’s kidney! And so his kidney is spared, ladies & gents. Up till now, Alhamdulillah.

Okay peeps, dah la tu. Letih siut karang panjang-panjang ni. 11 muka on Word over a span of a week, woh.

Tapi aku and Abang hope that this ‘documentation’ provides enough information, hopes and confidence to those who seek, ya. Cuma, ye lah, we both agak rasa ralat dan terkilan that we didn’t get to experience this sooner, or else we might be able to recommend this place to Zetty and family for her arwah Daddy. Nevertheless, ajal maut di tangan Tuhan,kan… dan kita hanya mampu berikhtiar dan berjuang so much…

I attach also a snapshot of some sakit-sakit yang the clinic says Doc doesn’t do. Darn the clinic doesn’t do buang lemak procedure (see item No.10 at below pic). Kalau tak aku dah pi buat the procedure dah sebelum posa ni supaya raya tahun ni boleh melaram pakai baju boutique, hello. hehehehe.

However, Abang & I believe that these are only the ‘ground rules’ of penyakit-penyakit yang dorang tak ubati… we advise that you should still try and go and make an appointment and check for yourselves whether or not Doc can or can’t do, ya?

Yang benar serta ajaib itu datang hanya dari Allah s.w.t… yang tak benar adalah dari kami hambaNya jua. Allahu a’lam.

With much love, for world peace and health.


A week after: 13-09-2006 8:09pm


Zetty said...

bergenang air mata saya kak lin. kalaulah saya tau of such place from the beginning....

ajal, maut di tangan Allah. takde rezeki kitaorg untuk ikhtiar cara ni.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

yup zetts. The week I got back to work tu and read your blog and got to know about your dad passing over the previous weekend, i called up Abg Zul and cried... We were both so ralat, you know. Tapi, pasti ada hikmahnya Allah tentukan keralatan macam ni. Kita belum nampak lagi, tapi pasti ada hikmahnya...

Our prayers for the strength of you for your family, mkay?

Ahmad Nurfarhi Rosley said...

Hmm, mmg dah ajal kan kak Zetty. Ayah yg baik mmg selalu cepat dipanggil, yg kureng sket kene tunggulah, kan kak Lin.... hehehe... uih, jahat tul fahy..

Abg Zul dah okay dah ker? Alhamdulillah la tau pasai Dr.CM tuh, eh, abg Zul tak ambik Takaful Ikhlas dr Saed kerh.. hehehe...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

1. umur abg zul dah terlalu mature to get insurance yang ber-premium rendah
2. insurance cover ke pi berubat kat tempat2 gini??? i donch chink so lahh...


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