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Abang's Operation: Part 1

Okeh, here goes a veeeeeeeeeeery looooooooooong three-or-four-part series of an entry, depends on the kind of details I’d want to share. So, be warned mkay. Ini pun aku tulis sikit-sikit, curi-curi masa.

I’ve promised those caring (and inquisitive some of) people, who’ve been calling or txting me on the condition of Abang over the op Wednesday last week on how he’s doing, that I’d blog down my story so that I wouldn’t have to repeat the same script over and over and over… and also to allow them to review back anything that they may find unbelieveable or bizarre rather than asking me the same questions that I’d have to answer to over and over and over. Heh2. Me clever huh.

Lagipun, I need to document this. I do not want and do not intend to forget the details of this experience. And if I don’t write it down, I know I’ll forget the details very soon. We are all ageing, you know. *Tbtbtbththhh*


A week ago last Wednesday and Thursday, I took leave to accompany Abang for his kidney-stone operation in Shah Alam. Which hospital in Shah Alam? Well, first being first, Abang dah lama rasa uncomfortable around his pinggang area for quite a while. No, not because we had ‘it’ in ways yang memudaratkan pinggang dia kerana aku berat, ok… tapi sehinggakan aku nak peluk letak tangan aku atas perut dia waktu tidur pun tak boleh. THAT uncomfortable, lah. Sedih tau. Nak peluk laki pun susah.

So, earlier on this year, he had a full blood and urine check-up at the private clinic nearby. Bayar beratus-ratus. The result was that he has kandungan garam on the high side a wee bit. But otherwise, a clean bill of health.

But he was determined that there’s still something wrong ‘coz area buah pinggang dia was still uncomfy. So I sent him for a free check-up at HUKM, only to be told that he’d have to go for another appointment for the scanning test and what-not in another 3 months’ time (this coming 16th Sept). Giler betul la I tell you, so lama like that. Kalau ada appendix ke apa, boleh dah pecah dah tau dalam masa 3 bulan tu.

Anyhow, since his line of work ada lain macam sikit - major deadlines every 2 weeks (plus no one to substitute him as the editor), weekly cartoon deadlines plus an on-going compiling project - he cannot afford to have long breaks should he is found to have what he thinks he has… kidneystones.

So, we got to know this Pusat Rawatan Islam in Shah Alam where there is this one Muslim doctor who apparently has this gift from Allah to do wonders and miracles in a very short period of time, Allahu a’lam (like, no hospitalization required), and more affordable than the conventional cure. Yes, Abang opted for the alternative cure due to his line of work, and his choice not wanting to experience months of bouts of pain due to conventional procedures.

Actually, we’ve known this place from Abang’s Mak who went there a few times for quick knee operations a few months back, hence, we’ve been there a few times before and seen the wonders and spoken to many people on the wonders and ‘mildly’ experienced the wonders ourselves first-hand.

From the people we’ve spoken to, the ‘gifted’ doctor is actually a qualified surgeon in one of the public hospitals. But he never practices his ‘gift’ in the hospital for reasons that his ‘gift’ is not recognized medically. So, he practices his ‘gift’ thrice weekly in a converted shop-office lot in Shah Alam that he turns into a Pusat Rawatan Islam. Allahu a'lam.

My, my… I tell you. People would queue up infront of the Pusat Rawatan Islam(PRI) as early as 6.30am to be able to get nombor giliran once the PRI opens at 8am! And to top it all, yang datang bukan Islam sahaja… yang bukan Islam, like, 60% of them, you know!

So, anyway, a month ago, Abang went to check at the PRI. And with his gift, the Doc (Dr. CM) usik-usik je badan Abang and ‘diagnosed’ Abang as having batu karang dua biji besar dalam buah pinggang. He didn’t say it was anything serious. He just said that Abang was lucky that the batu karang haven’t dislodged in his urethra or pundi kencing. And he asked Abang to come back in a month’s time for an op procedure to get the stones out.

A RM4k procedure, plus ubat and the next 3-mth free follow-up check-up. Eh, cheap, what. A normal laser (or whatever) procedure in the hospital paling tidak harga RM11k minimum. Of course with me being in the public sector, should Abang opt for the normal procedure, it’ll be for free. But Abang tak nak bersakit lama-lama, you see. So, Abang pun set the date to be on the 6th September, which was last Wednesday.

You know… a week before the operation tu, AKU yang gabra. I kept asking Abang whether he felt the same, but he said no. In fact he was so looking forward for the op coz it means he’d finally be freed from his discomfort.

A day before the op, aku dah mula gabra gila walaupun aku tak tunjuk ke Abang. Nak nangis, nak jerit, semua ada. Tapi aku sabar, and doa banyak-banyak. Maklum, I kindalike know how the procedure would be like: Dr. CM would open up his patients, without anesthetics and yet no pain, and no stitching required whatsoever!!! Kau tak gabra ke orang nak operate laki kau macam gitu…!

Anyhow, Abang had to fast midnite Wednesday 6th September 2006, and as a support, I fasted too…well, sort of lah. Aku still makan roti bun pagi esoknya tu, hehe.

We woke up before 6am. I packed him a change of clothes termasuk kain pelikat and towel, prepared him bottles of plain water, and berdoa panjang during Subuh. By 6.30am we were already on our way to Shah Alam to beat the queue. There were quite many people queuing by the time we reached the place, but since Abang’s procedure has been assigned beforehand, he was slotted for the 2nd major op for the day which was due to be mid noon.

We didn’t catch the 1st major op coz we were out paying our bills. But when we came back by noon, aiyoh, penuh giler tempat tu, kau. It was a norm for the people there to make friends to each other and exchange stories, ESPECIALLY miracle stories done by Dr.CM. So, we had the chance to actually swap stories with a few number of people, which I would only elaborate later on, mkay?

So, tepat 12.30pm, Abang was called into the theater and he changed into kain pelikat in there (well, they have the op gown yang biasa tu… tapi, eii, kesian Abang nanti nampak bontot kat belakang hehehehehehe).

Around 12.40pm, the nurse called out, “Mr. Z*l’s family!!!”.

Aiyoh. ‘Geletar aku. Aku pun masuk, and aiseh, Abang tengah berbaring atas the operating table, the whole body covered by green operating sheet, mengeluh kesah, in pain over something. I asked Abang what he was in pain of, but he didn’t answer… lagi la aku tension.

Then the Doc came in from his office sebelah, and told me that apparently Abang’s case is worse than he thought… Abang not only has two sizeable batu karang, but also smaller ones and pasir-pasir, just waiting to be disposed through the urethra and pundi kencing. Doc said Abang needs to go under op quickly or else his urethra would luka-luka from the pasir and buah pinggang would fail and would eventually have to go through dialysis in the hospital. Doc mentioned that buah pinggang tak boleh di operate, so, with batu yang banyak dalam buah pinggang Abang, it’ll be almost difficult to remove them through normal conventional procedure.

Doc also tunjuk yang dia dah pasang a catheter and a pundi untuk Abang cuci buah pinggang through urine after the procedure. Sebab itu Abang was in discomfort and pain masa tu… coz the catheter was being inserted through his, urm, depan tu lah.

Doc told me not to worry, that Abang would be safe. I said InsyaAllah Allah will help us all through this. And Doc asked me to wait outside until being called again.

... to be continued.


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