Thursday, August 24, 2006


Petang semalam hujan lebat betul! Abang and I decided to 'take shelter' at the nearby Kompleks Pertama, not to be trapped in the inevitable traffic snarl due to the heavy downpour.

In one of the bookshop downstairs at Pertama, I bought my normal monthly magz, Trend Magazine and Impiana. While paying at the counter, I saw from the corner of my eye, one familliar-looking book but still not quite familliar. I looked at it properly, it says... "Kenang-kenangan Seorang Geisha". Wh..? Hullo? Is that the real translation for the word "Memoir" from the infamous-book-now-a-film Memoirs Of A Geisha?

Abang's rationale is easy: "Kalau letak tajuk Memoir Seorang Geisha, nanti orang tak perasan yang buku tu dah diterjemah ke dalam B.M".

But for me, the translated-title of the book is as ignorant as movies with cheap translation and skewed subtitles. I wonder how lah the rest of the translation in the book would be like, eh?

Now. This reminds me so much of the Sharifah Amani's case "I sound stupid if I speak in Malay" on her acceptance speech for her winning role in Gubra. I've to admit though, it was a tasteless and crappy opening of a speech.

But the big hu-ha was, I reckon, due to our inept and clumsy and gelojoh translation of the "stupid" word into "bodoh", which subsequently turns the whole sentence into "Saya macam orang bodoh kalau saya bercakap dalam bahasa Melayu", which is okay actually, but then it got tafsir-ed as far as people would say "Ooo jadi kalau dia cakap dalam bahasa Melayu, dia jadi bodoh lah, ya? Habis, habis pandai lah tu kalau cakap dalam bahasa orang putih?".

Padahal, I am sure that what she meant was that she may sound clumsy and may fumbling with her words if she speaks Malay in a very limited time. See that? Aiyoh, touchy touchy lah all. How lah.

Tapi, in truth, culture kita di sini memang suka overblow a hell lot of things. Suka melatah. Suka leret-leretkan isu. Kenapa? Sebab aku rasa itu sahaja cara nak distract rakyat daripada isu-isu lain yang lebih penting yang kebanyakannya bersangkut-paut dengan kerajaan.

All in all, something reminds me of an 'ancient' joke, about our Datin Puan Siti on a plane one day and being served coffee by the hostess.

Hostess: How would you like to have your coffee, Miss Siti?
Siti: Err... in a cup, please.

hahahaha. I rest my case.

Do read, however, writings on Nani's (Sharifah Amani) issue, which I think yang lebih wholesome and open:-
1. Pak Rustam Sani's Kontroversi Sharifah Amani: Yang Bizzare Dan Yang Gubra;
2. Yasmin Ahmad's Why She Remains My Anak Emas.



rotidua said...

i saw the book too but hey at least it was adopted from good literature unlike some RM10 ripped off on how a celeb fell in love to a divorcee datuk.

people can get overly creative sometimes.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

omaigod rotidua... i saw THAT book (the one where a celeb fell in love to a divorcee datuk) too!

aiyoh. cheap thrills lah, these people.

kak yeen said...

kekek...saya sukalah baca penulisan kaka l*n nih..


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