Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sighs of Relief

I just had a nice visit by Mak Ayah just now. They were both doing some shopping at a nearby shopping-mall, so they decided to drop-by for their monthly anak-belanja-makan thing. And so we all had lunch at the cafe outside the office.

Thing is, for the first time in my entire 8-year career, I actually saw myself this glimmer of pride in their eyes when they stepped into my office: they made themselves comfortable, salam with the staff, made a tour around the office I designed and built, belek itu belek ini, puji itu puji ini. 'Twas so unlike them before, actually. I've handled projects ten, hundred times bigger than this but back then they never said anything.

Maybe this time round it's different. 'Coz I'm actually doing pretty well in the sector that they've been wanting me to serve the most...the public sector.

I was so degil and adament back then, wanting to learn as much and working so darn hard for that 6 years in the private sector. They never wanted to understand why I sanggup bear all the pain, ill-health and heart-aches that came within that 6 years. For them, security for me and for them, would be me in the public sector. But at last, two years ago I decided that I've had enough toiling, and here I am now, ikut cakap depa. Alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulillah. I'm indeed very happy with how things work out in the end, though I remembered fighting so damn hard to stand by my choices in my course of life.

What's more, it's so darn nice in the end to see them visibly happy and proud of me.

Like it's a big huge sigh of relief for them. That I'm finally trailing the path they been wanting me to tread on all these while, and that they finally have an additional family member that they respect and adore who in return loves me with his life.

And in return too, it's a big huge sigh of relief to see them sighing big huge sigh of relief.


Allah says Yes and gives you what you want;
Allah says No and gives you something better;
Allah says Wait and gives you The Best in His own time.


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