Thursday, August 03, 2006

Deep Thots

I am the type who doesn't write poetries. Unless, when I am in really deep thots or deeply affected by something.

Like the time when I was in horrible pain of losing someone some 6 years ago, and Mak was there to hold me. So I wrote her a poetry for her birthday, the words flowed freely like my feelings and my tears. And yes, she cried reading them, terselit di celah bouquet of flowers that I sent to her office.

And like the time when I was deeply fond of someone. It took me a mere 10 minutes to 'idealize' a poetry, while in the shower!

And like the time when I was missing someone I was seeing back then way so so much, it took me 5 minutes to write one.

But last night, as I was about to doze off to sleep, some lines suddenly appeared in my thoughts like mendapat wahyu or ayat suci or something. I quickly memorised them so that I could put them on the blog.

Ada dua rangkap berlainan, but I couldn't recall the second one.


Something's missing, leaving a big huge hole.

From the deepest hollow of my soul.

"Kehilangan". "Kerinduan".

Of something that's used to be.

A big huge part of me.


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