Friday, August 11, 2006

Another Lady Blogger

Wah. August is my Lady-Bloggers month lah. Fantastic ones, they are too!

Apart of getting so retarded just to get to read Kak Dina's blog again, I found, ALSO from Kak Dina's blog, a new site which apparently have been there since 2003, by the name of Zetty's Life's Like This. Best lah dia. Like what Kak Dina's said, she's real funnee! I like her zesty ways of celebrating the downside of life, and at the same time putting emotions to her words whenever her feelings got the better of her.

The more I read of her, the more I felt 'attuned' to her... the feelings of despair, lonely (when I was single 'fcourse), ill, heartaches... man, I gotta tell you, reading her reminds me so much of myself pre-Abang times! And our paths (zetty + i)may have crossed one of those days... her dad is a Researcher in MARDI, and so is my mom! And her best mate, Paddle, just lives right infront of my parents' house in Bangi! Man, talk about pure coincidence.

And above all coincidences, Kak Dina yang aku suka banget tu, kawan baik Kak Arfa, who is kawan baik banget to Abang. Kak Arfa baru pindah kerja di Brunei, semalam. Aiseh, rasa sedih plak... Hope she'll have fun in her new adventure!

And Tok Rimau yang aku suka banget juga tu pula, peminat besar Abang, who apparently peminat besar aku!



Brilliant bloggers aside, Rudy my youngest bro would be lepaking at my office after solat Jumaat and terus balik Cheras wif us today later for the weekend. Yeay!!! Can't wait!!!


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Zetty said...

Hey F bebeh..
Terima kasihla makcik ucapkan sebab sudi visit blog makcik tu.

Terharu tau u suka baca cerita2 sadis tu *sengih* *sengih*


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