Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Goodbye Mr. Pillai, Sir.

Went to Mr. Pillai's final farewell service at his family's place in Siewdor Villa, Brickfields, last Saturday morning.

According to his family and close friends, Mr. Pillai went unexpectedly that Friday morning. Nobody was with him at that time. Not his family, nor his friends. His family was on their way to see him that morning, while his friends were waiting the 12pm visiting hour to visit him.

I bet it was very very difficult for his family to say goodbye to him. Coz they didn't get to.

I saw the wife and the sons, heartbroken. Everyone around felt that too.

You know, it's so very different when someone you love is expected to go and hence you are all ready by his/her bedside till the end, as to not being able to be present by his/her bedside till the end. Don't know whether it's better to NOT see your loved one go, or NOT say the final goodbye at his/her final breath...

Whatever it is, the nation has lost a great man, a great writer, a great fighter. He deserves a place at Makam Pahlawan, to say the least.

Goodbye Sir, with love.


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