Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Talking Cats

I found this video, in search of something to laugh about after last night's tragedy with Labu.

Well, it did make me laugh crying alright..! Watch this..


Rindu Labu.



nyanya said...

My sleepless nite...Kesian Labu..was thinking 2 visit her last nite kat vet coz i really cant sleep..m soooo glad 2 hear dat she's doin fine...actually last few weeks i saw one kitten very similar with Labu kat lift block C(the block im stayin..kesian..i brought her upstair wif me...bagi dia makan 2 times..unfortunately i cant kip her bcos i oredi got one..Nyanya..n im renting out one of my rooms..not sure wether the person likes cat o not..so I sent the kitten downstairs with some bekal..feelin very sad..mintak2 nanti ada org jumpa n adapt her..was prayin hard..is Labu the one??...if yes then im sooooo happy..seems like God was listening 2 my prayers..n mayb dats y God made my fren who was actually stayin somewhere outside went to dat block to witness the incident n God made her 2 kol me...Labu so lucky to have 3 woman to cry over her..hope Labu will recover soon..

Roti Kacang Merah said...


Thank you ever ever so much for the presence of you guys...!!!

Thank you..!! :')


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