Friday, April 28, 2006

G u b r a

"Gubra" is intended to examine one common phenomenon: The simple everyday fact that when we experience betrayal, it is more often than not committed unto us by people who love us; not people who hate us.

I guess in the end, "Gubra" will be about love (because, as John Cassavetes once said, "nothing else interests me"), it will be about betrayal, and in the end, the difficult but inevitable question of whether or not to forgive the people who betray us.

I watched Gubra last Sunday at Midvalley. Though it wasn’t my partner’s cuppa tea, it certainly was mine. This time, unlike Sepet, it was in lesser virtue of intellectual ramblings. Gubra was more emotional, more natural, and I could even put my money on the film being funnier than Sepet. Yup, definitely, funnier… AND sweeter!

The relationships potrayed in Gubra were highly inspiring… between Orked and the husband Arif; between the Pak Bilal & the wife Kak Maz; between the prostitute Temah and her son Shahrin; between Orked’s parents Mak Inom & Pak Atan… and oh yes, my favourite diva Kak Dib as Kak Yam was there too, and as sensational as she always is! And oh, oh, there's also my fav Adlin Ramlie aka Abg Adi as Arif. Best ah dia... BEST!

Hmm, rasa macam naaaaaak sangat tengok lagi sekali, but I doubt Dear Husband would want to do it the second time!

Tak pa, I’ll resort to VCD. Hopefully, DVD pun nanti ada!!

Anyway, I digressed.

Gubra conjured up that certain feelings I’ve long kept guardedly inside the closet. The sense of being betrayed; of losing someone you love to God’s hands; of the hurt and pain; of confusion; pining the things you don’t get to have; and at times, questioning the work of God.

That night after the movie, I cried in my husband’s arms. Of a hell lot of other things that swelled deep inside me and had resurfaced.

Gubra, in some ways, made me missed my old past that I treasure. But in a lot of ways, thankful that I’ve succeeded in treading my past and of becoming who I’ve become.

There, the power of Gubra to me.

Go watch the movie, people! Go! Don’t wait for it’s screening on the tube coz it ain’t the same. The crowd’s not the same. I promise, you won’t regret it. Unless you’re a Yusof Haslam or Rashid Mohyideen fan, of course.

Click here for the synopsis of Gubra.

I love Malay movies when they're done beautifully as this... I mean, just even look at the poster! Orked's looks just says everything! Go and see first, then you'll understand.

And oh, in the Gubra synopsis it says "Do not leave the theater until the credits have rolled. You will not regret it." I did leave before the credits ended, and man am I regretting it now!



yasmin said...

thank you for watching my little film. i'm glad it moved you as much as it moved me making it. alhamdulillah. :-)

Intan said...

Belum lagi tengok, betul ke best...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

..ish, betul ke Kak Min kat atas tu?? betul ke??? Ohhh!!! What an honour!!!

Hi Kak Min!!! *lambai-lambai tangan*


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