Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Labu is gone, Tuesday 25th Sept 2018, 6.11pm

After battling chronic renal failure since May this year, and having daily sub-cutaneous fluid therapy with other medications, Labu finally succumbed to the illness on 25th Sept 2018 at 6.11pm. He was holding on to his dear life for so long, waiting for his Abang Zul to get back from overseas. Unfortunately, he could not wait, just 7 hours before Abg Zul arrived home in Pt.Dalam. 😪😪😪

With that, I conclude the era of 'Biarkan Rotikacangmerah Dengan Labu Labinya', the first two cats that became iconic to this blog.

 Video I made for Labu on Sunday 23rd August 2018 😪
Audio: I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz, used without cancelling out the original audio of the clips

 The brief story of Labu in our lives...

 Kak Ayong, his 2nd Catsitter, visited him

 Kak Nana, his first Catsitter, visited him. Ever happy to be called out 'Si Emcem Hidung Mancung'. 3.5 hours later, at 6.11pm, Labu was gone...

 I could never get enough of kissing his body and tummy, even when he is gone... 😭

 I could not bear of lowering Labu into his final resting place beside Labi. He looked like he is just asleep like how he would've been with us, waiting to wag his tail whenever we call out his name...

 Bye Labu... we love you so much. I'm sorry that you could not wait for Abang Zul, 'Yang...

Labu's final resting place beside Labi... Thank you both, my Loves, for the unconditional love that we have had from the both of you...


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Testing tengok

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Test Labi

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Of An Idjeeotic Morning

I had a bad start today. Really idjeeotic morning, making me feel like a total idjeet.

First, I had to drive to work 'coz Dear Husband has an event in Kuala Selangor tonight. Driving to work means I'd have to go out earlier than usual in order to have a nice parking space which is quite a distance away from the office. Alah, jauh tak jauh la... around 5mins walk. But driving to work also means that after parking, I'd have to spend a bit in the car to put on my make-up first instead of putting them on while Dear Husband is doing the driving. Ya, aku tak cantik like that, have to smack something on to nampak macam mandi pagi, ok.

Ok, tak pe lah tu. Man-man oni, mah. Smoh matter.

Upon entering the car while still at home, the nose detected some unbearably familiar stench that could only belong to one of the anak bujang warna oren tiga ekoq kat dalam rumah nu.

Eh, bila masa depa masuk keta ni and wiwi? Orrrr, would it be possible that some stray cats climbed up into the engine and pee to mark their territory, hence the smell seems to be coming out from the aircond vent? Ish. Some effort by them, ey?

Ok, tak pa lah kan. I need to punch my card at 8.30am, no time to investigate. I drove like mad, beating the morning rush hour, while wrinkling my nose over the stench. I thought I’ll just deal with it later lah. This noon maybe, at lunch time. I have a meeting at 10am in Ampang. I can’t be late coz am going with the office car at 9.30am. And when I started the journey from home, it was already a quarter to 8.

Darn, tangki aku almost empty. Padanla Abang tinggaikan duit. Dia pinjam guna keta hari Ahad aritu, dia terlupa nak isi.

Ok, tak pa. Since I was late and didn’t have time to singgah mana-mana petrol station on the way to the office, I’ll just park the car by the kerb right infront of the office nanti, rush in to punch my card, then rush off to get the tank filled.

I did just that. Managed to punch at 8.26am, and rushed back to the nearest petrol station so that balik karang aku tak panic if caught in the after-hours traffic snarl. And I thought I could just grab a bite on the way back to the office as my breakfast.

At the petrol station, apart from paying for the petrol, I also bought a car freshener (for very obvious reason) and a packet of Oreos (melayan nafsu). As I was about to pay at the counter, I could STILL smell the stench right there and then. Pelik. I thought my nose was playing tricks on me. But when I bent down over to smell my skirt, HOLY COW! It was my skirt!!!


One of them definitely peed in my bakul baju gosok!!! SIUUUUUTTTTTTTTT!!!

Rasa nak sumpah dorang jadi, jadi, errr, oh I dunno, jadi kucing yang tak kencing dalam bakul baju I suppose? Padahal I have neutered them all, so there's NO REASON to be territorial apart from the fact that one them has a fetish over freshly washed laundry in an ironing basket, obviously!!!!



Apa lagi ahkak had to drive all the way back home to change my clothes, lah!

Fortunately enough, the road on the way back home was pretty clear since it was against the tidal rush into the city. I was grateful at that, until, in the midst of calling and texting everyone – my consultants, my building team, the office driver and The Husband who was still at home – I missed the exit down from Mahameru onto Syed Putra highway leading to Kerinchi, and had to do a u-turn at Hang Tuah which was clogged-up like mad! ARGGGGGHHHH! And I was SO running out of time!

That was the 3rd idjeeotic incident within one short span of just 1 hour! First, the empty tank. Second, the cat-pee-laden clothes. Third, the missed exit.

"Ok, this has GOT to be the last, Ya Allah…" I asked God. Help me, please. Grant me the world’s patience for more mad things you’re about to put me through today!

Finally, reached home at 9.05am, Dear Husband was out having breakfast at the nearby restaurant, so I rushed up into the room, tossed out the entire pile of MY clothes from the ironing basket, and true enough, there were hints of yellowish sticky dried-up liquid at the bottom of the basket.

ARGGGGGHHHH! All clothes need to be washed again!

Apa lagi, makcik pun turun bawah and jerit to ALL THREE CATS (not sure which did the deed, but all deserved to be screamed at, haha), “NI SAPA KENCING DALAM BAKUL BAJU KAK LIN, NI??? HA?? HA?? HA??”, managed to jentik telinga Labi while Labu and Adi, upon seeing me kena rasuk hantu, scurried off helter skelter tah pi mana. HMPH!!!

Done with that, I hurried back up, gosok baju kurung, turun bawah, gulped down a warm mug of coffee for my usual morning boost, sempat jumpa Abang baru balik dari breakfast, salam Abang and ciao.

This time I took Syed Putra (rather than the usual Jln Bangsar in the morning) heading towards my office at the fringe of Jln Sultan Ismail. God indeed listened to my prayers ~ the road was smooth sailing, allowing me to play dare-devil on the road, serious kiasu cilok-ing biatch in the workings. Also, I managed to gobble down some Orios that I bought from the petrol station earlier on as my breakfast.

Alhamdulillah, it took me 30mins instead of the usual 45 to reach office, and terus lompat masuk dalam kereta ofis. Driver dah muram-muram even though I’ve texted him about my circumstances. Mujur aku kamcing dengan dia, aku minta maaf, terus dia ok.

I asked him to use the elevated highway and I’d pay the toll using my touch n’ go card. Dah lewat, and I wanted him to beat the jam on Jalan Ampang towards the meeting place at Dataran Palma.

I gave him the card, last used 2 days ago, and guess what happened ~ the machine decided to say “Kad Tamat Tempoh”. WTF??? There’s enough balance to go up and down the elevated highway 30 more times, and how could ANYBODY have guessed that TnG card has a time limit???

So there we were, being idiots, having to reverse our car and onto the Cash Lane. Mujur tak da kereta kat belakang masa tu. But malu lah akak dengan driver akak, kan? So, the lady behind the cash counter asked me to just drop-by at the TnG office nearby and let them resolve the problem.

So, off I went traipsing down to the nearby maintenance office, rushing for time mind you, coz it was already 5mins to 10am, and have my card checked.

“Kad ni dah tamat tempoh, sebab dah 10 tahun. Tamat tempoh semalam,” the officer told.

“What? Semalam??? Naper tak pernah ada warning ke apa? Kan dah menyusahkan orang!” I replied, in a pretty much higher tone than usual. Frustrated, really.

I mean, it HAD to be SEMALAM la kan. Not ESOK ka, PETANG KARANG ka, for it to Tamat Tempoh. Aiyoh.

“Tak pa, Cik isi aje borang, saya ganti baru,” she said again.

“That’s not the bleeding point!” I screamed, though that stayed just in my head and never got out of my mouth. Haha

I diligently filled in the form tah untuk hapa, and got my new card. Terlupa nak minta balik the old one – my first TnG card that I purchased when I started working after graduating. Imagine how old and seasoned the card was… memang patut tamat tempoh, but you know, why would they make the card like a credit card, siap nak ada tamat tempoh segala? Nyusahkan aje.

So I walked back up to the car, and continued the journey. Alhamdulillah, I was only less than 10 minutes late, and the meeting only started at half 10am for other late comers.


FOUR incidents in one morning, I tell ya.

After the meeting and upon reaching the office, there was a blood drive down at the lobby and I decided to donate my blood since it’s already been 12 weeks from the last I did.

When it was over and I was taking the 5 minutes rest before you’re allowed to get up, the organiser came up to me and asked me how many times I’ve donated. When I told him how many, he asked for my book. Jokingly I prodded, “Kenapa? Nak kasi hadiah ke? Hehehehehe”. And he said, apparently so, yes. “Nanti datang jumpa kita bila akak dah minum, ya?” he said. Waaaaaah!

After the light refreshment they provided you at the end of every donation, I went over to them organiser of which they asked me nak hadiah apa. Waaaah got many hadiah kaa? I asked.

“Ada water filter, kipas kotak, dengan DVD player,” they said.

Seriously??? I asked them back.

“Iyyyaaaa, tapi nak habis dah. Kami pakai pilih aje penderma, tapi ada minimum berapa kali dah menderma. Kebetulan akak layak,” they told me.

Aku pun pilih lah DVD player, and took a snapshot with the pegawai yang organize. Hehehehe

Yippppaaaaaa! Ritaaaaaddd!!!

OHHHHHH wot a GREAT END to a horrible morning, ey? That TOTALLY expunged (ceh ceh guna bahasa mahkamah plak kan) the ENTIRE hot episodes in the morning.

That said, by then it was already 1+ pm, and I didn’t have time to have lunch. Naik atas solat Dzuhur, and rushed down again by 1.45pm to join my ex-boss for a brief 2pm meeting at the HQ nearby with the Big Boss No.3.

Balik at 2.40pm, baru boleh makan proper.

Pant pant pant pant.

Tapi, taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak jugak kurus-kurus! Darn it.


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Virus M4L45

Ada ubatnya tak, ya?

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Mummy doakan agar Amir senantiasa diberkati dan dirahmati Allah, semoga dikurnia kesihatan yang bagus-bagus, kebijaksanaan dan keupayaan seorang pemimpin, dan sentiasa disayangi & menyayangi.

You may not be living with me at the moment, for whatever is being arranged right now, I believe, is the best for you. Mummy will always, always love you. Always.

Happy Birthday, Sayang. And here's to many more years to come, insyaAllah.

Love you much,


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